Aman Suria 7-11

Since most pubs and clubs closes at 3AM, alcoholics like the likes of Umeng, Tay, Kok Wing and Big Ben had to find new places to quench their thirst. Aman Suria 7-11 is our new hangout place. The place is quiet and beer is readily available.

The rivalry between Old Klang Road and PJ is getting tense lately. Both camps claim that they could drink better than each other. So this time round, it’s Tay, Umeng and I against Big Ben and Kok Wing. Sitting by the road side, with DJ Kutski’s music blaring out from my car and tons of beer to compete, we started off sip by sip. Then some one went overboard by suggesting that we shotgun our beers.

Shotgunning is a means of consuming a canned beverage, especially beer, very quickly by a particular technique involving punching a hole in the side of the can near the bottom.[Will explain the shotgun process on my next post]


The first and second cans were alright. But by the third can, I passed out in the car.

Big Ben & PassedOutXes

F*cker Ben..revenge, I SHALL SEEK!!

Umeng and Tay had to fight the battle for me.

So after 2 or 3 more shot guns,

Kok Wing surrendered.

Big Ben vomited. HAHA!!

Tay managed to dig out a piece of fuchuk from Ben’s vomit. It was a WHOLE BLOODY PIECE OF FUCHUK!! Looks like Big Ben swallows his food directly more than chewing it 😀


Tay’s car grew another tyre. HAHA!!


Old Klang Road won of course!

Disclaimer: We are currently not accepting anymore challenges or new participants in the Old Klang Road v PJ competition.