The Green Tank

To those who live around OUG might have seen an old green Ford roaming around the streets. It’s so old that you can see its paint peeling. This green old Ford, also fondly known as the ‘Tank’, belongs to my high school friend, Jia Lin.
The Tank is one powerful car. I heard that few years back, the Tank got involved in an accident with another car. The Tank was fine but other car went turtle!

Last week, the poor Tanker got stuck in the mud. It happened after the Tank slipped off its position after it was parked on wet grass.

Couldn’t work


Even the driver’s seat is…
We were supposed to go for lunch together but since the Tank got stuck, we decided to help out. Although the Tank is a small car, the 6 of us couldn’t push there car off the mud! Then we realised that the Tank’s chassis had planted itself on to the ground O_O

At that juncture, the easiest way to get the car out is to get a tow truck. However, Jia Lin was reluctant to do so. Soon I lost my patient and said,
“Woi, lets just push the car into the drain and leave la”
“Jia Lin, it’s time to buy a new car la, leave the car here and we ask the scrap metal guys to come over la”
Then a friend called his brother to help us out. He used his Four Wheel Drive to pull the car out.

Belakang mari..
We tried pulling the car from the back but it failed as there was a pole blocking the path. Further, one of its tyres went off course and fell in to the drain.

We had to do it the other way round, pull it front the front. However, we had a problem. There was a tree blocking its path. And the tree is about few inches away from the car!

Not touching the ground… O__O

Going through the other way

Nevertheless, we managed to pull the car out using a rope and a four wheel drive. The tree was not badly damaged and the Tank of course, remains unscratched.
Buy a Ford today!

38 thoughts on “The Green Tank”

  1. picture speaks a thousand word.
    one of it is brotherhood.”yi hei”
    so good to see all frens get together to make it possible for the ford to feel the ground/road again.

  2. My fren used to have a red Tank…now in scrapyard cos gt involved in an accident…imagine what happened to the other car an Isawara…

  3. aiya… the victim is what car?
    if that tank crash with mercedez i think both also will have same damage… but if with proton, no need say la…

  4. u know what’s surprising..the kembara can actually TOW the tank! I always tot the kembara had no pulling powers whatsoever because it’s the bloody K3-VE 1.3 engine found in the MyVi! Ok maybe differently tuned but go so much torque meh? 0-0″

  5. HAHAHA…i was about to ask the same thing, adrian. Maybe they’ll call it “REMP-IT KRETA KU” hosted by ASTRO.
    Then they’ll have that Shaolin Ah Pek guy to host the show. THen some Ahbeng workshop will REMPIT it with turbo engine, neon lights, subwoofers, etc.

  6. pokai: ur wrong la. The tank is a ford. U know how many mpgs u get out of it? I can’t think of any ford which would get you more mpgs than a kembara…

  7. but first of all, must send the car for chassis strengthening… before putting in a B8 (if thats the plan). However, you can buy another similar car in good running condition with that money.

  8. cnigel: YEAH! yihei! something girls taht doesnt have whahaha
    endroo: forgot to buy number 🙁
    flint: ahhahah same model?
    wickedghost: those guys came to msia!
    insomnia: umm not sure whats the other car
    avlon: ahhah thanks why we call it the green tank!
    iamdumb: hahah
    adrian: they brought those guys in !
    wolfx: O___O”
    frank: i think local workshops will use it as scrap metal la
    Jenny: keke. thanks 😛
    endroo: whats a B8?

  9. xes: B8 is the model of a turbo engine used by Fords and Mazdas when they want to convert. Can easily generate 200bhp. You see modified Mazda Familias and the like or Fords TX3 or Lynxs modified with these engines. Another option is the B6, but for this old tank, need at least the B8.

  10. endroo it is…DVVT are fully silver while the normal 1.3s are dual tone..
    Endroo: By the way, the B8 is actually N/A. The B8 Turbo is known by another name but it’s easier to say B8 i guess.

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