The International Sign

The other day, I had to queue at the highway exit to Damansara from the NKVE to pay toll charges by cash, as I hadn’t had time to reload my Touch N Go card. I heard a car behind me honk but I ignored, as I thought the driver must have mistakenly honked.
As I drove off, looking on my left and ride sides, wanting to change lanes, again I heard someone honk at me. The driver honked 3 times and I continuously ignored, as I thought the driver was just being an idiot.
Finally, as the driver honked AGAIN, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I thrust my hand to the back and showed the driver the international sign. Meaning, the middle finger.
Did the driver stop honking me? Noooooooo.
The driver then decided to drive on my right, and honked again, and I was so ANNOYED already. I showed him/her the damn sign with my right hand this time, and refused to even glance at the annoying driver!
Don’t ask me why I didn’t make eye contact. I must have been afraid to see the driver showing ME the international sign as well!
My phone rang, and I saw that it was my aunt.
“Hello??” I answered, sounding a bit agitated.
“Wei …… why are you showing me the middle finger?” I heard her say.
I quickly looked out the window and indeed, it was my aunt!


“OH, SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!” was all I could say, as she waved at me.

“SORRY!! Don’t tell my parents, can…..?” I timidly asked her on the phone.

21 thoughts on “The International Sign”

  1. Hey Foong, would you agree with me that bimbobum has committed an offence under the Minor Offences Act by showing a widely recognised (on a global scale) hand gesture that is perceived by all and sundry to be offensive and obscene in nature?
    I think minimum penalty is RM50 fine šŸ˜›

  2. Applegal: ya, silly me!
    karheng & KhinKo: why guys can do it, girls cannot?
    iv’N: becos you broke my heart, i’ve been waiting for you to ask me out, but all you did was said, “come pick me up laaaa!!”
    Mama Bok, Devilishaz & rych: i am a bimbo =( no doubt about it.
    electronicfly: no! but she told my uncle, and they laughed at me. hehe
    Low: so …… “Datuk” Low! got discount? ;P
    cnigel: one of those eventful days! hehehe ….. sobs, i’m a bimbo, what to do!

  3. I probably owe it to y’all, proud to be locked by the force
    Tryin to hustle some things, that go with the Porsche
    Feelin no remorse, feelin like my hand was forced
    Middle finger to the Lord, nigga grippin my balls
    dirt off my shoulder – jay z
    shit just give em yo middle finger, honking like some bitch ass punk.

  4. booby: i think i would not have gone home that day ….. but never mind, parents are back in hometown, not here!
    blah: who is the nigga gripping my balls wei!

  5. HAHAHA…
    This is actually quite funny. Another thing i hate is the strong headlights, especially if some F*cker with very bright white beams!!!

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