The Turing Test

Ever think that the person whom you chat on the internet is actually a computer programme? Read about it here –> Has Text-porn finally made computers ‘human’?

Just in case you are too lazy to read, here is a summary:-

According to the report, a programme known as Natachata has the capability of remembering the age, and names of the person that it chats with. This programme is widely used by Porn Merchant.

How does the computer conceal it true identity?
Once the computer receives a message, it will compare with its database and works work what is being said. It will then generate a message completed with slang, spelling mistake and even deliberately delaying for a few minutes before sending out the message. Most perverted suckers do not realise the hot chics they are chatting with is actually a computer.

You cannot fool me, I am a computer geek

Now you might think that nobody will be fooled by this but a geek called Barry fall for it. Barry believes that Julia, a Bot from an online game is a real person.

Barry says: “Hello how are you”
Julia says: “Hello, Barry”
Barry says: “Are you a virgin”
Julia says: “As far as you’re concerned, Barry, I always will be”

He even tried to ask Julia for a date! LOSER!

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  1. There was a massively multiplayer game once with such a cool concept. Its a conspiracy theory game. You give the game your handphone, housephone, email , fax, IM (like ICQ) and it will send messages to them, as if actual people are interacting with you about the conspiracy. You also chat with human players and stuff, but you’ll never know if they are a bot or a human.

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