The year 2013 at a glance

2013 had been a good year. My practice was doing well. My book got published. I don’t remember any bad thing that happened that is worth a mention here.

The Firm

I had more work than last year. I don’t have many litigation cases but I managed to defend a patent infringement case in the High Court and successfully defended it in the Court of Appeal.

I also managed to get some large corporations as my clients. I think my ability is win work is not due to my media features but based on my reliability and likability. I always return calls, emails and messages within 24 hours. I am contactable 24/7. I am easy with my clients and not calculative. I will do what I promised. I think these are the keys of winning clients. Media features and articles are just a method to increase leads and educate potential clients and clients of my skills.

This year also marks the departure of my partner, Dymphna, to greener pastures. My previous intern, Chia Ann, rejoined me as an intern after her return from UK for her studies.


This year also marks the first time I went on a reading rampage. I’ve never enjoyed reading books until last year. I always thought I don’t need to read any books since I read case laws and contracts everyday. However, this year I read more than 20 books.

Karpal Singh’s book made the biggest impact on me. It made me rethink of the death sentence. His description of a mother dressed in black outside the prison waiting for her son to be executed was a sad thought.

Former High Court’s Judge, Ian Chin’s autobiography, “Justice Encounters”, was a good read too. This book comes with a CD of few hundred judgements written by him. The late PG Lim’s autobiography, “Kaleidoscope“, was also a good read. I love how she described her life was in the 1920s and 1930s.

I also bought some old antique books. I have a copy of a 1942 copy of Frank Swettenham’s Footprints in Malaya. His description of old Malaya is intriguing. He met Yap Ah Loy (third Kapitan of Kuala Lumpur) for a meal and he knows the guy who discovered Cameron Highlands!

The Last Eunuch of China – Life of Sun Yaoting has great insight of the Forbidden City during the Ching Dynasty. Sun’s story begun with him castrated by his own father. He was there was the last Emperor was kicked out from the Forbidden City. Of course, I read the Puyi’s, the Last Emperor of China, autobiography as well.


Visited Beijing, China. It’s my first time in motherland. Finally got to touch and climb the Great Wall of China.

I was elected as a Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee member. I was appointed to chair the Kuala Lumpur Bar Information Technology Committee.

Visited Singapore to give a talk on Malaysian data protection. I also attended the Startup Asia Conference. The conference was a great eye opener. It was great to see innovation at its best.

13th General Election. Disappointing results. But great build-up before election. It was my first time attending rallies in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu.

My wife and I ran the Borneo Marathon. We both clocked 1:22. 

June was busy month for me. I was networking around.

I attended tech startup conference Echelon @ Singapore.

I went to Melaka to speak on “Marketing for Young Lawyers“. Got to meet some awesome Melaka lawyers.

I also gave a talk in Kota Kinabalu on data protection to the lawyers there on the invitation of the Sabah Bar.





Brastilava, Slovakia

Vienna, Austria.

I quite like our visit to Williamson Tunnels.


Celebrated my 32nd birthday with good friends and great food!

My first book, Compendium of Malaysian Intellectual Property Cases – Trade Marks, Volume 1, was published. I am told that we sold 50 books in December!

Wife and I visited Umeng in Macau!

I am happy to announce that we will be expecting a new member of our family. Our daughter estimated to arrive in April 2014!

We caught our little one yawning at 24 weeks.

Fatherhood here I come!

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  1. Hi, I’d like to find out on where you’ve managed to purchase Former High Court’s Judge, Ian Chin’s autobiography, “Justice Encounters”.

    It’s quite difficult to find it anywhere. I’d much appreciate some info from you in regards to this.

    Thank you 🙂

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