Times The Bookshop Warehouse Sale

“Mari Kita Amalkan Sifat Suka Membaca!” – now that’s positive!
(translated as, “Let us Practice the Love of Reading as a Habit” ….. I THINK!)

I accompanied a nerd friend to the sale today. The amount of cars parked by the roadside was incredible, you’d think it was a weekday and not the weekend.

There. If you happened to get lost in Section 13, PJ, look out for the banner and you know you’re at the right place. It’s on the 2nd floor of Dataran Hamodal, right beside Colgate-Palmolive.

The place was packed with nerds avid readers! Obviously, a lot of people wanted to find good bargains i.e. cheap books.
Do you see yourself in the picture? Did you see me sneaking a shot? You probably stepped on my toe, too, you big fat …… alright, it may not have been you.
(I was wearing green. And was also looking a bit bored.)***

I wondered if this book would help elevate me to stardom. I contemplated buying it, for the fun of it. ;D
I didn’t buy it.
Date: 12th January – 21st January 2007 (12th January – TPC Member Special Preview)
Time: 12pm – 8pm (preview & weekday)
10am – 8pm (weekend)
Address: 2nd Floor, Dataran Hamodal, Block A, (behind Colgate), Jln Bersatu 13/4, Seksyen 13, 46200, PJ

*** NO, that’s not ME in the picture.

10 thoughts on “Times The Bookshop Warehouse Sale”

  1. you should go and check it out, you may get cheap books! RM8 is the average price for some novels. self-help books average at RM15 ……. i think. i can’t remember lahh

  2. anything interesting or not? or issit just all the crappy stuff that they couldnt sell in their stores (oh wait, isnt that the whole concept behind warehouse sales?) hehe

  3. hehe. i saw calvin and hobbes comics ;P
    it’s rather disorganised, so you have to go through every single table if you want to find good stuff. i’m sure there are a lot of people who buy because it’s cheap, RM8 isn’t too bad. and you may find obscure authors who aren’t that bad.

  4. bimbobum: calvin and hobbes?? how much, did u see? they’re so cute la…
    btw, did u know that the Big Book Shop were having their warehouse sale in Atria, and they were selling some chic lit books (quite recent ones too) at about RM18… (cheap!) dunno now still got or not.

  5. haze: calvin and hobbes, about RM33 to RM51 … my friend was tempted to buy it but didn’t.
    oh, Big Book Shop is having its sale, too huh. gosh, money on books = investment? ;D

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