“undress me…”


…….. or is it “dress me”?
positive or negative?
i was in the hair salon waiting for the stylist to finish up with another customer before my turn. i stared at the figure, wondering what others (would) see in it. when i was younger, the figure’s perky boobs would attract me and i’d wonder……. why boobs are/were shown appreciation through art? ;PpPPp
does the figure make you think naughty thoughts? hehe. i thought maybe it’s provocative enough to enhance …. erm…… seductive surroundings…

15 thoughts on ““undress me…””

  1. hmm..besides the boob thing..that figure doesnt make any sense at all..i mean where got people undress like that one? imagine the gravity of the clothes if you dont hang on to it with ur hands. if you step back and look at tht figure again it shows more like a SM or bondage kind of figure LOL! haha..bimbo yeah naughty thoughts for me.hehe

  2. pokai: ya… i also dun get it. but mebbe becos we don’t understand art? hehe. shhhhh on the naughty thoughts 😉
    boob_omatic: terrible. =\
    david: rude? hehehe. ppl will argue it’s art! ;P

  3. yeah man, up another 30 cents. this week has been terrible. heavy floods, water smells of shit and now 30 cents increase in petrol. whats next??

  4. she’s not supporting her clothes and yet it’s defying gravity only because its spose to seem as though someone else is undressing her

  5. rych: show!! ;P
    wk: i dunno la. like chaliz says, as if the figure cannot breathe, stuck un/dressing… well, i’d freak out if i got stuck in that position. ;P
    last time i tried on a dress in a shop in sunway pyramid, den as i tried to get it off, i couldn’t! it got stuck… i didn’t know whether to be rough and tear the dress apart or… heh. took me 20mins to get out of it. wah, panicked, man!

  6. bimbo: lol….reminds me of a friend who got into a pair of jeans and couldn’t get off it. Then she had to cut it to get out of it. LOL!

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