WALK FOR JUSTICE – 26.9.2007

Despite being informed that the government had set up an independent commission to probe the controversial video clip allegedly showing a senior lawyer talking to a senior judge about appointments of judges and into the state of the Judiciary in general, the Bar Council decided to proceed with the march. In this march, the Bar Council will gather at the Palace of Justice and walk towards the Prime Ministers Office to present 2 memorandums namely to call for the establishment of a royal commission of inquiry to probe the controversial video and also a judicial appointments commission for the appointment and promotion of judges.

My colleagues and I arrived at the Palace of Justice at around 1030AM after taking a huge detour from our normal route. The police have blocked some of the entrances to Putrajaya forcing us to take a longer route. The 7 buses that were chartered by the Bar Council to ferry members of the Bar to the Palace of Justice were denied entry to Putrajaya. This resulted in a 5KM walk by the bus passengers from the entrance to the Palace of Justice. Some of the members of the Bar took their vehicles to pick up these people. But all this was not in vain, as soon as the passengers arrived at the Palace of Justice, the crowd greeted them with a thunderous applause.

It was estimated that around 2000 people were present. Other than fellow lawyers, politicians from the opposition and bloggers such as JeffOoi, Rockybru, Raja Petra Kamarudin and politikus were present.

Jeff Ooi

At the entrance of the Palace of Justice

The crowd at 11AM

Some members of the crowd were spotted with all sorts of banners including one banner calling for the sacking of the Chief Justice – with a worn out Doraemon soft toy on top of the banner.

The Press

The crowd swelling!

The police were there to monitor the situation and they did not interfere with the crowd in Putrajaya.

By 12PM, the crowd started marching towards the Prime Minister’s Office. For the second time in the Bar Council’s 60 years of history, such progression occurred.

The Walk Begins

Banner saying, “Honk if you’re Horny”.

Reporters from Channel News Asia (Singapore)

As soon as the crowd arrived at the entrance of the Prime Minister’s Office, it started pouring heavily. Some members took refuge under some shades but some braved the rain. We stood there for an hour waiting for something to happen. I was soaked from bottom to top.

Polytikus (to tikus, will send the pictures to you soon!)

At around 1:30PM, the Bar Council office bearers announced that the memorandums have been submitted. The crowd disperse thereafter.
I rushed back to the office, grabbed my file to attend a meeting at 3PM – smelling like a fish. My pants, socks, shoes and shirt were wet! I had to apologize to my clients that I smelled like a fish.

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  1. Bravo!!
    But do u know that u guys indirectly get into politic/election war? it is just a trick created by opposition party. video dated 2002, and 5 years later only reveal to the public. hhmmm…
    well.. “siapa yang makan cili, dialah yang merasa pedas”.

  2. Visitor: you’re an idiot who can’t get the point. go screw yourself. i hope you rot in hell for being stupid.
    xes: where’s my picture??!! by the way the reporter from Channel News Asia looks hot

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