Dear Diary,
Yesterday, I walked into my boss’ room to speak to him about something. He looked up and immediately bent his head low, refusing to look me in the eye.
Only after a while did I realise I had dried booger on my nose. Ugh. I blew my nose before I entered his room, you see. Yuck.
Today, I realised I had dried booger on my nose again, when my colleague stared at me in disgust as I continued chatting to her animatedly.
Why am I so pathetic? I can’t even blow my nose properly!
I am embarrassed. I should have been born a boy. ;D

3 thoughts on “Booger”

  1. In order to avoid boogers being stuck on the nose,
    first: get a piece of tissue paper
    second: curl the corner of a tissue paper into a sharp object
    third: bend the sharp object into a pen size rod
    fourth: insert rod into nose and twirl the rod clockwise and anti clockwise.

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