WALK FOR JUSTICE – 26.9.2007

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I haven’t had the time to reply to everyone’s comments. My sincere apology.

As some of you may know, the Bar Council has organised a gathering at the Palace of Justice (I just realised that the Court canceled the word “Palace of Justice” and replaced it with “Istana Kehakiman”) on 26.9.2007. The purpose of the gathering is to present a memorandum to the Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister calling for the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry into a video clip allegedly showing a senior lawyer talking to a senior judge about appointments of judges and into the state of the Judiciary in general.

The said video clip can be seen below – courtesy of Malaysiakini.com

The government controlled local dailies have taken the position not to reveal the names of senior lawyer and judge. I too will not name the senior lawyer and judge but I am sure everyone would know by reading the links below.

Members will gather at the entrance to the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya at 10.30am on 26.9.2007 then walk from the Palace of Justice to the Prime Minister’s Office to hand over the memorandum.
The Bar Council’s aim is to gather at least 1000 lawyers. However, I foresee that the amount would exceed 1000. Further, other parties like members of the opposition parties and non governmental organisation will join the peaceful walk.

The Bar Council has arranged for 7 buses to ferry members to the Palace of Justice tomorrow morning. Please note that the buses are for members of the Bar Council and not for the public.

I too will join the walk with my fellow colleagues despite going against my personal belief on the justification of this walk. I am a member of the Bar Council and if the Bar Council calls upon their members to support, I will no doubt lend my hand to support them.

Stay tuned for updates tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “WALK FOR JUSTICE – 26.9.2007”

  1. 3 words for you…. I will support!
    Even today when I was in the mamak stall, DBKL came and asked for “Duit Raya” if not they will issue summons to the restaurant.

  2. indeed. as we, the youngsters are the only hope to change the environment. coz the old ones, you willing to see them inside? so xes, ganbateh kudasai !

  3. Amos: hehe file complaint to BPR la!
    insomnia: thank u!
    tengkulana: thanks for the link 😀
    suanie: ehehhe my colleague said that we were marching like penguins 😀 well, i believe that the decision to hold the walk is too drastic, we should have gone through the proper mechanics of law and exhaust all means before we proceed with the walk.
    Cenni: yup!

  4. xes: we have ALREADY exhausted all mechanisms, maybe not in this particular case, but in our long fight against corruption of the judiciary since 1988. i think drastic would encompass something like sending our minister of law to a merit based law school for re-education. that’s necessary though

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