Wall’s Mini Hazelnut

I craved ice-cream, but am on a diet.

I bought Wall’s Mini Hazelnut because it’s:

a) affordable
b) maybe i would be able to control my consumption by eating just that small piece
c) and still satisfy my craving for ice-cream.
However, to my dismay:-

i) IT’S SMALL!!!!
ii) I AM NOT A KID. one piece of that isn’t enough for me!
iii) i did not like the taste.

F*CK! I should have just bought a Magnum instead if I didn’t want to stick to my diet.

26 thoughts on “Wall’s Mini Hazelnut”

  1. bottom left looks like a female palm and the right looks like male’s. I wonder which hand belongs to bimbobum.

  2. Aiyor, too late, I’ll just have to make do with being 12th πŸ˜›
    I thought your hand looked different the last time. What happened to your pretty nails?!?

  3. bimbobum: I checked through the archive again, oops, my mistake ^___^;; I thought you had pretty pink shiny nails πŸ˜› Must have been xiaxue or somebody

  4. hahahahahahaha
    judging from RM4.99…how good can it taste?
    lol….better stick to ur diet and not eating any milky ice-cream..instead..eat sorbet lar woman..lol…hehehe

  5. peggy: yes! instant regret for such a horrible tasting ice-cream.
    pokai: the simpsons are cooooool
    frank_omatic: omg i cannot stand the tv commercials on that! encourage children to eat ice-cream for calsium
    Apple: -_- hahaha xx hasn’t been updating much lately. she likes that silver glitter on her nails.
    rych: really? i thought quite macho hands, since he does rock climbing hehehe ;P

  6. bimbobum: Even if she’s lost at sea in the dark the search team can find her by all the shiny stuff she puts on EVERYTHING – laptop, camera, handphone. . . Can open shop selling diamantes.

  7. OOHHH! I haven’t seen those before πŸ˜› Looks quite yum though, but then again, the packaging and all can be damn deceiving! Hehehehe.

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