Work Work Part 2

I am so damn tired. I didn’t sleep last night and ran around the court for fucks. I bumped into Siew Lee and her colleagues,Cynthia, this other guy (sorry, i forgot what is your name), and a CLP coursemate, Ricky. It was fun running around the Masjib Jamek Court with them, filling our petition papers. Although, we didn’t manage to finish filling them today.
Anyway,Hey, anyone wanna go for Putrajaya Court visit? I am going there soon to serve one of my paper to the Attorney General. Let me know, cause i don’t wanna go there alone.
Ok, story time! Today, I took a taxi to the Masjid Jamek Court in the afternoon. My taxi driver was an indian man. Like any other taximan, at first he talk to me about the traffic jam and the Arab Tourist who can’t differentiate RM5 and RM50.
Then he changed topic and said “Brader, you lawyer kan,”
“Yes but not yet. I am training to be one now,”
“So, u chambering student lar.”
“ya ya how u know ar (note:not many taxi driver know what is chambering student) ”
“I used to work for LC & co as a dispatch.”
“Huh! LC & co? U know my friend, CM or not.” i asked the taxi man.
“No lar. Is he fat ar?”
“No but he is not very tall about 170m and he is a chinese,”
“Don’t know him lar. I left in 2000.”
“Why u leave lar, brader? LC & Co not good?”
“No lar, LC is damn good. She is a kind boss and even send my family to Australia. All expenses paid by company. Then this chairman (i think he meant partner) joined. He wanted me to come in and work after 6pm. Crazy lar!”
“so, u quit lar”
“ya, i tell him to fuck off and became a taxi driver!”
Then, he went on and on about LC for… i don’t know …about 5 to 8 mins cos we were stuck in the lunch hour jam. After that, he asked me for legal advice on his credit card debt.
“eh, brader i got this matter lar. Can ask you ar?”
“Can can but if it doesn’t help. Plz don’t charge me extra for the taxi fare.”
“hahahaha…ok” (note:he must be thinking i am lame then…hahahahha)
Then when i reached my destination.
“Holy! I only have RM3 (the fare was RM4). U got change for RM50 ar?”
“Aiya brader, we are friend now. I give u RM1 discount lar”
“Ok ok, next time u pass by my office taxi stand and if i am waiting for taxi,You don’t go fetch anyone else but me, okay?”
“ok ok” (note: I doubt he can remember me tommorow lar..hehehehe)
P.s. if the sentence is fragmented or grammatically unsound, don’t get upset. okay? Just read it as if you are reading a mangrish book.

9 thoughts on “Work Work Part 2”

  1. foevy: I know..i was too lazy to change.
    galFeRari: maybe…=)
    iHafnObaLLz: nvm lar…helping and advising people about the law that protects their right is what i love doing.
    xes: No lar, he left the firm way before we entered law school.

  2. Hee… tat guy seems to be a nice taxi guy. My frens didn’t dare to take taxi in KL cause their image on taxi drivers there mostly cunning. Open price high high. If only they meet more taxi people like this.

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