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Sorry for the infrequent update since xes left for Korea. I had been busy attending interviews as a chambering student. There is nothing interesting about my interviews. The first one was the hardest. The partner interrogated me for one and half hour, and I never heard from him ever since. The rest was just normal. However, the interview I attended earlier today was so far the best. 3 senior lawyers (A, B, C) of the firm interviewed me. I thought to myself “Oh shit, I am so gonna die”. They took turns looking at my CV and cover letter. Then A studied me up and down.
“Do you know that you can only dress black and white in Court?” A asked
“Yes sir, I will take note of that,” I answered
“B, you want to ask him anything?” A turned to B
“Aiya, no need lar. All the interviewees surely say they are hardworking and determined learner…blah blah, all those usual answers. Boring lar. We test him on his knowledge,” B said
I started to get a bit nervous here because I did not remember much of what I had done in CLP. Die die die…
“I think we should ask him something harder than that,” C told his colleague.
So, C asked me a few trick questions. Luckily, i did a thorough research on the firm so i was able to answered all of it.
“He is okay. I like him,” C said with a smile on his face.
“Okay, my turn now,” B said while leaning forward. Suddenly, A showed my CV to B, pointing something to him.
“Eh, look at this. Ask him about that”, A said to B
All of them started to laugh, altogether, at the same time, with their eyes glued to my CV. Now, that seriously made me worries.
“Relax lar, don’t get too nervous,” B said to me
“Ok, Sir,” I adjusted my sitting position.
B paused for awhile then said “what is your favourite football team?”
Again, A and C started to laugh.
Now, i know they are laughing at the paragraph in my CV that reads “keen on participating and watching football” My friends had the same reaction when they saw that.But, none of my last interviewers asked me about that. They were only interested in the books that i had read and the music that i listened to. Shit!!! Okay, look like i couldn’t get the job so i decided to just play along with them.
โ€œManchester United fan for life, sir,” I answered shakily.
“Ask him about his football skill,” C said to B
Now,that question is the hardest question i ever have to answer in an interview because i have not really play football for a long time. In addition to that, although i like to play football, i sucks big time in it.
“Ok, just tell him the truth”, I told myself
So i said “Sir, i am not a very good player. I play football for fun. I only play football on weekdays where there is no live matches on TV, to shake off my football addiction”
“Nevermind, we shall see later. We like you and we are offering you the job. Congratulation,” B said while holding out his hand
“Thank you, sir,” I shaked his hand firmly.
YES! I am no longer an unemployed graduate. I accepted the job straightaway because of the friendly working environment and the training that they provide. I will start next Wednesday. Before then, I have to go shopping for more white shirts and black pants…maybe new underwears as well.

24 thoughts on “Work Work”

  1. Saphiryn: thank you thank you, wanna go shopping together or not?
    e-LyN: What if they ask me to play footie? Cos i have no stamina nowadays, n i forgot how to tackle already. *sob sob*

  2. Congratulations Frank! good stuff!!!
    Funny enough, I got my first job offer today ๐Ÿ˜€ I will be working as an auditor for the Govt.

  3. congrats!! heheh they always love abit of humour dont they.. thats what happened to my cousin in law. He got his job apparently because he stated his favourite movie which coincided with the interviewer. That led to a long conversation about the movie and later.. he was hired!

  4. iv’N: hehehe, i dun even know whether i have my own computer in the office or not.
    David: Congratulation to u also, Dav. All the best!!!
    Sharon: So did they became movie kaki?
    pikey: Thanks, Pikey =)
    Wen dee: Thanks Dee. Haven’t seen you in loooooooong time. Is your office in Bangunan Am Bank? If it is then we can meet up for lunch one day cos Alex works there as well.

  5. Heh… its ok wat… at least u told them u’re juz playing for fun, not a pro in it… so they’d probably be happy u played and stuff… well, u dun exactly SUX big time rite? Just not a pro? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Im sure u’d do well… =)

  6. fish fish: white shirt, black pants, black tie, n white undies. Good combo
    e-LyN: nvm lar, i can be asistant manager of the team. My Championship manager(that’s a game) team is so GOOD that no one can beat me even if i put youngster in it. I am a tactical genius.

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