www.xes.cx statistics

There are 1526 entries with more than 16078 comments.
xes posted 1031 entries, followed by frank_omatic with 204 posts and bimbobum with 124 posts! bimbobum is catching up with frank!
There are 6 posts about toilets
Out of the 1526 entries, only 1 entry was made in Chinese (or rather Romanji Chinese)
There are 5 Dear bimbobum posts, please send her your problems/fan mails or so on at bimbobum at gmail
There are more than 6 mixes produced by DJ rych (one of the guestbloggers of this website) for www.xes.cx. Unfortunately, only 1 song is still available on the net – xes.cx clubbing system.mp3
1 is the number where xes.cx has only been featured in a local magazine how sad.
I love reading all my 2003 entries. Those were the days..

11 thoughts on “www.xes.cx statistics”

  1. this site love toilet! =X
    one post by a guestblogger who blogged abt bah kut teh which recieve heavy critism from blurfcuk =D

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