Mr. Thong, we shall meet again

Last week, Sharon & I visited David Thong, also known as SkyWalker on IRCnet, at Selayang Hospital. He was hospitalized due to liver cancer. I heard it was due to excessive alcohol consumption.
David lost a lot of weight and his face is pale. At that time, his mum was making a drink for him. He gulped it reluctantly and complained that it was too sour.
Sharon & I stood by the side of the bed for quite some time before he noticed us. He turned around and said, “hey..”.
And thats all he said to us the entire visit.
His mother was doing all she could to take care of him. She placed a lot of pillows on his bed, on ever corner and on his back.
Every second, David complained that his body hurts. Every time his mum adjusts the bed, he moaned in pain. Even though we were not close friends, I almost teared to see him in that stage.
He then went to sleep. We sat beside his bed, looking at him.
His Mum seems very confident that his child will be healed. She said something about administering herbal medicine for him.
Then today, David passed away this morning at 7:25AM.
He is only 29 years old.
Funeral Service at Tues,wed(11th,12th) 8pm @ St Ignatious ( along LDP Highway) Thur (13th)- morning 10am at St Ignatious , leaving for cremation
Mr. Thong, we shall meet again, next life or in Heaven…

Sheffield University Alumni Dinner @ Shangri-la Hotel, 25.9.2005

The venue

The Food

The Gang
Most of the participants were young members of the Sheffield University Alumni.
It was great catching up with old classmates such as Chuo Ming, Jon, Janet, Mitchie, Cynthia, Su San, Aik Keong, Alex Ng, Allen, Siew Lee, Lee Chin, Janet, and many others. Also, of course, Sam who just came back from UK. The gang didn’t change much, they were the same old people I met in Sheffield University 5 years back.
I was expecting huge ballroom with tables and chairs provided and people divided according to tables. However, it was a lounge party where people get to mingle around freely.
I had a chat with Peter Fleming, the Vice Chancellor of Sheffield Uni.
Me: I kinda miss our Sheffield University email. I wish I could use it again .
Peter: That is a good idea. I should bring this up to the committee!
Then a friend proceeded to talk about how the email benefited her. I added
“On a sentimental part, it would be great if I could use the email and use it to keep in contact with those former students of Sheffield University”
Peter: GREAT GREAT IDEA (and gave me two thumbs up!)
He even said that I’ll be the first person to get my old Sheffield uni email!
3 weeks later… no news about the email till now. doh!

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Football and me

I came to know and learn how to watch football when i was 16. My uncle introduced me to the game. Before that, i was quite pissed off when every channel was showing football. I couldn’t understand why the 22 men on the field have to chase after a stupid ball.

It all started in 1996 when England hosted the Euro 96, my favourite uncle came to visit us from HK. Educated and trained in England as a solicitor, my uncle support England and Manchester United. Hence, i would sit with him watching every single match. He would patiently explained to me all the match rules and regulations. Suddenly, i found myself shouting and cheering for England, even at 3am in the morning.

I got a lot of complains from my mother then.

Then, i saw this English player who played on the left flank of England. He was Steve Mcmanaman, a Liverpool player at that time. He impressed me with his speed and deadly crosses. I asked my uncle…
me: Uncle, who is that guy?
uncle: Oooh..Steve Mcmanaman.
me: Play for which club one?
uncle: Man Utd.

From that day onward, i had choosen Man Utd as my team in English Premier League. But, when i watched the first Man Utd match. I don’t see Steve Mcmananaman but instead there was the a even more impressive left winger. The No.11 of Man Utd, Ryan Giggs. My all time hero Ryan Giggs!!! Ever since then, i supported Man Utd and there was no turning back. Nevermind that, my uncle conned me into choosing Man Utd.

I developed a habit to pray for Man Utd before they kick off and chant a little prayer for them when they were behind. There was even once where the fan almost got my finger cuts off by the fan because i jumped up too high when Man Utd scored. When i sat down, i broke the chair…=P

Whenever, i bet on football ( i bet for fun sometime but not a gambler. =P), i will never bet any game that Man Utd or England is playing because i feel like i am selling off my loved one for money.

Sexual Harrasment

The Government released a Sexual Harrasment Guideline for their staff.
Government servent are not allowed to :-
1. ogle ( if i stare at you, how do you know that i am staring at you flirtatiously)
2. hug colleagues without their consent (not even your colleagues who are of the same gender? oh yeah, i forgot there are gays and lesbians in this world).
3. lewd hand signs. (oooh, showing middle finger izzit?)
4. dirty SMS messages.
5. asking for sexual bribes.
6. cracking off-colour jokes. (off-colour joke means indencent joke. hmmm…)
I wonder if the same guideline applies to the public because i sometime flirt with the ladies in the Government Department. That’s the only way to get my thing done fast without having to “buy them coffee”. Of cause, i don’t tell them off-colour jokes but i did show them the middle finger when they turn around (especially when no one else is there).
Note: This guideline was published in NST once upon a time but i can’t find the softcopy of it, online.

Being called to the Malaysian Bar

My childhood ambition has been fulfilled. After years of support, guidance and encouragement from my parents, I am finally called to the Malaysian Bar. Hence now, I am a fully fledged Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.

There were some minor obstacles prior to my call. The judge who was supposed to hear my petition was on MC. I was only told of it yesterday.

I received the shocking phone call yesterday afternoon. It was a lady from the Court and she said, “Encik xes, long call awak akan dibatalkan esok…” (your long call will be cancelled tomorrow)
I freaked out! But..

tapi akan dibawa kepada 230 petang pada hari yang sama”. (but will be brought forward to 230PM on the same day)

My petition to be admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya was then transferred to be heard by Yang Arif Dato’ Wan Afrah.

Here’s a brief explanation on the ‘long call’ process (final procedure to be admitted to the Bar) by my Learned friend Lee Shih

All the Call ceremonies are held at the High Court, at the Appellate and Special Powers Division. (We know it as RKKK – Rayuan dan Kuasa-Kuasa Khas).

A judge will grant the Order admitting a person as an Advocate and Solicitor. Prior to the granting of the Order, a “mover”, being a lawyer of at least 7 years standing and not being from the same firm, will read a short speech introducing the Petitioner (that’s me). The speech is normally an opportunity to briefly elaborate on the education and family of the Petitioner, and most importantly I feel, to thank the Petitioner’s parents, master or other special individuals.
After the grant of the Order, you would normally get your pupil-master to then robe you.

Unfortunately, many of my friends couldn’t make it due to the sudden change of time. My parents didn’t attend as well. Dad’s in Bangkok, Mum didn’t want to attend cause she said she didn’t have anything nice to wear. WTF

But fortunately, due to the change of time, my master, Mr. Tai was able to attend. Big Boss No.2 Yvonne and my colleague Sheryl attended as well. Further, old friends, Linn, Cynthia Chan, Chuo Ming and Siew Lee managed to spare their time. Thank you very much!

Big Boss No.2 Me & Big Boss

Chuo Ming & I

Alan Teoh, me & Anuska

Cynthia & I

I was number 9 on the list, which was also the last person. It was pretty stressful to be the last as many things came into my mind i.e. someone objects to my call.

Former Sheffield University classmate Alan Teoh and former colleague Kay Mi were called on the same day as well. Kay Mi’s speech was quite funny as her mover kept on calling her “KAI MI”.


My mover, Mr Eow of Messrs Skrine moved my call. Many thanks to him as well.

Right after Mr. Eow finishes my speech, representatives from Attorney General Chambers, Bar Council and KL Bar each stood up to say, “Tiada bantahan” (no objection to my admission as an Advocate and Solicitor)

Yang Arif Dato’ Wan Afrah, then immediately said, “Dengan Kuasa yang diberikan kepada saya, saya dengan ini memerintah bahawa Encik xes dimasukkan, disenaraikan dan dimeteraikan sebagai Peguamcara and Peguambela Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya”.

I bowed with relieved in my heart. Finally, after so many years, an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya”

What do I want to be when I grow up.
Peguam = Lawyer

Mr Eow then invited Mr. Tai to robe me. As Mr. Tai puts on my robe on me, he patted my shoulders and we both bowed towards Yang Arif Wan Afrah.

Yang Arif then gave a short note of advice to the new Advocate and Solicitors. It was basically telling us that we are officers of the Court and should assist the judge when making decision.

We bowed as she leaves the court room.

We hurried with the final procedures before heading to the judge’s room for photo session. The rest of the day was spent on taking photos. Thank you Cynthia for being the photographer of the day.

A new chapter of my life has begun!

The SK2 Moment

I once had a colleague, Ms. Jo who look older than her age and she was extremely sensitive about it. One day, another of my colleague recommended SK2 to her. She bought every single SK2 product available in the market.
She applied all of it and the next day, she came to office…
Jo: eh, do you see any difference in me today ar?
me: ……
Jo: Aiya, useless lar. why i ask a small boy.
The few days later,
Jo: Seh (die) looooooh… come it doesn’t work?
Later during lunch time, Ms. K and me were waiting for the lift
Ms. K: You heard about Ms. Jo and her SK2 kah?
me: Ya.
Ms. K: She think SK2 is some magic portion meh. Ugly mean Ugly lar, cannot save already.
me: Maybe she should drink the SK2 lar. hahahahhahahha….
when i was saying that,Ding…the lift arrived. The door opened. FUCK!!! MS. JO WAS IN IT!!!
ARRRRRGH…./me pull hair

korewa denki nai!!

I had to go to the Japanese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon.
The queue was quite long when I arrived. Some of us had to stand under the sun. After 15 minutes of waiting, a guard told us that they are having some security problem and asked us to wait. We waited and waited..and suddenly..
An Indian man screamed at the guard, “How long do you want us to wait?? You told us 2PM! We have woman and children here waiting under the sun!!”
Then he shouted at the guard inside the guard house, “You come here when I talk to you!!”.
But thank god, he cooled down after that.
Another guard announced that police is on their way. My first impression was that there might be a terrorist attack.
Few minutes later, 3 Japanese Embassy staffs came out to greet us. They explained that they were having technical problem and all visa applications will be postponed. I was clearly disappointed but not as disappointed as the Indian man.
He screamed at the Japanese Embassy staff in FLUENT JAPANESE!!
The staffs were shocked. They didn’t know what to say. He said something about he waited from this and that time. Seeing an Indian man scolding a group of Japanese in Japanese is something unique. It’s like seeing a White man scolding a Chinese guy in Mandarin.
His last words were, “Kore wa den ki nai!!!!” (directly translated as this cannot!!)
The Indian guy then left with his wife and children. His wife is Japanese. That explains.

I later found out that the closure was due to a suspicious CD which was sent to the Japanese Embassy. According to Japanese news, the sender is unknown. I personally saw one of the staff removing a package with a CD and left it outside the embassy. I also witness Japanese Embassy staffs in Diplomat cars rushing into the Embassy. I guess they were on high alert due to the recent Bali bombing.
More news & video @
8 other embassies received suspicious parcels as well.

Boy and Girl

I met up with HC for dinner in Subang Jaya. After dinner, we went for a drink in Darulsalam to catch up and also because HC wanna check out college girls (ok lar, i wanna check them out also). While we were catching up, one of his friend and a girl came over. The girl was the one HC tried to introduce to me in the “Huh?” post. If my lousy memory serve me right, her name is Sabrina. =P
Anyway, HC’s friend asked HC whether or not he can keep Sabrina company for awhile because he was gonna go for a meeting. HC refused to do that. When HC came to sit down…
me: Eh, that is the girl that you tried to introduce to me right?
HC: Ya, but u act sohai-ly (stupidly). You want her to come over or not?
me: eeer…ok.
HC smsed his friend. He told his friend that the girl can come over and join him if she is bored (i think). A few mins later, the friend messaged him back. The sms went like this…
“She is mine!!! If your friend is interested in her, ask him to go ham 7 (suck cock) lar”
Wah!!! So damn protective even before the girl become his girlfriend. =\