Mr. Thong, we shall meet again

Last week, Sharon & I visited David Thong, also known as SkyWalker on IRCnet, at Selayang Hospital. He was hospitalized due to liver cancer. I heard it was due to excessive alcohol consumption.
David lost a lot of weight and his face is pale. At that time, his mum was making a drink for him. He gulped it reluctantly and complained that it was too sour.
Sharon & I stood by the side of the bed for quite some time before he noticed us. He turned around and said, “hey..”.
And thats all he said to us the entire visit.
His mother was doing all she could to take care of him. She placed a lot of pillows on his bed, on ever corner and on his back.
Every second, David complained that his body hurts. Every time his mum adjusts the bed, he moaned in pain. Even though we were not close friends, I almost teared to see him in that stage.
He then went to sleep. We sat beside his bed, looking at him.
His Mum seems very confident that his child will be healed. She said something about administering herbal medicine for him.
Then today, David passed away this morning at 7:25AM.
He is only 29 years old.
Funeral Service at Tues,wed(11th,12th) 8pm @ St Ignatious ( along LDP Highway) Thur (13th)- morning 10am at St Ignatious , leaving for cremation
Mr. Thong, we shall meet again, next life or in Heaven…

7 thoughts on “Mr. Thong, we shall meet again”

  1. god bless his soul… at such a young age..
    my sister’s friend.. died of cancer of the uterus i think.. at only 24 years old…
    scary… it seems our generation don’t live that long eh.. :S

  2. it’s sad to know that someone I know although not close has left. i shook his hands many times, got wasted each time before there was a chance to say more to him, his contact on my msn now never coming online. a few weeks ago, i perceived he made it through. just yesterday, the news is very much not expected.

  3. i’ve logged back in here many times for the past hour in an attempt to write something with remembrance to david, but to no avail, because there’s really so much about him that makes him a legend – one that everyone can relate to due to his genuine popularity.
    the truth is, no amount of expression in any form will make us comprehend how life could be so unfair to him, nor will we feel any more better with his body’s decision to stop fighting for his mind and soul’s perseverance to overcome his challenge on that rainy morning.
    like many, he has been my pillar of strength, for better or worse, on countless ocassions. i love him, and will miss him, always and forever.
    he will be watching us from above from now on.
    til we meet again, rock on and be good, sky!

  4. yeahh life is like that..
    my ex passed away when he is 26 yrs from lung cancer..=(
    nowadays,alot of young pple have cancer too. So eat well and live healthy.

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