My tenant’s dog

My tenant has been keeping a dog for more than a year. He kept it subtly without my Mum’s knowledge. Sometimes he brings his dog into his room and keeps it in his room for the entire night. This is of course, not acceptable in my house. Few times he was threaten by my Mum saying that she will kick him out from the house.
The dog was cute initially but when I found that it bitten off my one and only durable slippers, I develop hatred towards it.
As a result, the dog will run whenever it sees me. Nevertheless, my tenant’s love towards the dog is unconditional. Although that bloody dog has caused him numerous headache and troubles, he feeds the dog well and cleans it like his own child.
Other than my tenant’s dog, there are 2 more other dogs belonging to my neighbours, one opposite my house and another one next to my house. The first dog’s owner has abandoned him and left it in care of his housemate. But this housemate neglects the first dog. Mum and I always had to tahpao leftover food for the first dog.
As for the second dog, it came from no where, probably a stray. However, my kind hearted neighbour adopted the second dog and cared for it like their own. They feed it and even bought a tag for it.
With the power of these 3 dogs combined, they form, the ultimate rubbish bin dissecting squad. (This sentence reminds me of Captain Planet. By our power combine, I am captain planet1 *background music – captain planet he’s a hero, gonna bring pollution down to zero.*)
Every day I see rubbish strewed on the streets due to those 3 dogs. Mum and I had to take turns to clean the street outside our house. Sometimes we find bags of rubbish in our house brought over by my tenant’s dog. Despite repeated scolding and verbal abuse on my tenant, my tenant’s love to his dog was nevertheless unconditional.
However, 2 days back, my tenant couldn’t find his dog. After searching high and low, he found his dog. Dead in the drain. Poisoned.
My tenant said that his dog was poisoned by some biscuits left outside our compound.
The 2 other dogs survived. However, the second dog was hospitalized and the first dog is suffering from side effects of the poison. I wonder if they could make it.
Recently, local authorities came to my area to catch stray dogs. I heard that dogs which strayed from their compound will be caught. Nevertheless, those 3 dogs managed to escape the dog catcher’s noose. Unfortunately, one dog belonging to one man on another street happened to pass by my house. That dog was caught and was never to be seen again.
Although I cannot say that it was the local authorities who left those poisonous biscuits outside my house. Nevertheless, circumstances show that they are the culprit.
How inhumane. How can they leave poison on the streets for dogs to eat? These dogs are not rats or cockroaches. In fact, they were treated like human beings by their owners.
So far, no news on what my tenant will do. At the moment, my tenant is grieving over the loss of his dog.

Sow’s Age

Halfway through the OHM event, Sow and I went to a grocery shop nearby to buy beer. The lady shop keeper thought Sow was a foreigner.

FYI: Sow is 25 years old.
Lady Shop Keeper: Where are you from?
Sow: Er. KL?
Me: Guess how old is he!!!!
Sow: O_O|||
Lady Shop Keeper: Oh, ummm around 25 – 26 years old?
Me: /(*O*)\ How did you know!!??
Lady Shop Keeper: I can see from his hands.
Sow: O_O! YEAH for the first time, someone got it right. Most people think I’m 30 over years old.
I’ve always thought that the only way to tell Sow’s age is to ask him or maybe carbon date him. But now, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU CAN TELL SOMEONE’S AGE BY THE LOOKS OF HIS/HER HAND!

Pick-Up Lines

1. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
2. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
3. Aren’t your legs tired, because you’ve been running through my mind the whole day?
4. Are your parents thieves? Because they stole the stars and sparkles in the sky and put them in your eyes.
5. Help the homeless. Take me home with you!
6. I’m lost. Can you show me the way to my heart?
7. My name is Justin. Justincredible.
8. You remind me of Pokemon. I just wanna piccachu. (OMG!)
9. Somebody better call God, cos he’s missing an angel!
10. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.
11. You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy.
We’ve either heard it all before or we’ve read it through forwarded emails and on websites.
How about geeky pick-up lines?
1. You can put a Trojan on my Hard Drive anytime.
2. Resistance is futile.
3. What’s a nice girl like you doing in a chatroom like this?
4. You compute me.
5. You make my software turn to hardware!
Why don’t pick up lines work?
1. They can be insulting. Most smart people find classic pick up lines too lame. Those who response sometimes do so out of the goodness of their hearts.
2. They don’t show off your personality. It doesn’t show your wit or intelligence by ripping off these classic pick up lines.

Some Links:
Pick-Up Lines That Work (Not that Complete, don’t bother)
The Most Complete and Useless Collection of Pick-Up Lines
Tell me what pick-up line you’ve used, worked or failed; and what you’ve received before. And I’ll tell you mine! ;P

OHM Sessions present Bass Agents – DJ Xtacid – & Friends, DJ Drive & Poison Violet @ Ruums


Sow thought it would be funny if only both of us went for this event. And so we did.

When I was in England, my friends and I would drink at a pub before heading to the club. We save a lot by doing this.

Sow and I, being cheapskates, started drinking at home and bought some beers from grocery shops before entering the club. By the time we reach Ruums, we were quite drunk already.

Then we met Big Ben and Kok Wing (DJ Niekon), they too stuffed us with beer.


Big Ben (RotiFish) & Kok Wing (Niekon, catch him live next week @ Ruums!)

And towards the end of the night, I was so drunk that I hardly remember anything. Just bits and pieces everywhere.

Anyway, if my memory served me well, the event was great. PACKED!

New way to avoid people stealing your drinks. Cover it with tissue paper.

DJ Poison Violet is one of the rare female DJs in Malaysia that spins hard stuff. Not to mention that she’s hot. I heard she’s a former Miss Malaysia. SURE BO??

Dj Poison Violet on stage – Oozing HotnEss.

Sow also dragged me to Passion. Zing and gang were there to celebrate Eevon’s birthday. There was some sort of HBO event going on as well. They were giving out free Tshirts and also a pair of boxers. During that time, Sow was screaming my name. I had no idea why he was screaming. If i’m not mistaken, Serena C (MC) chided Sow for being noisy.

Serena C: yo! Bald Dude! shut the F up.

Then it was announced that the recipient of that pair of boxers had to take off his pants in front of everyone. The atmosphere was silent. Everyone was eager to see the white dude bare his ass. Just as he was about to take his pants off, Sow screamed, “XES WILL DO IT!! XES!!! EVERYBODY! XES WILL TAKE HIS PANTS OFF FOR YOU!!”. O_O|||

Then the camera man turned his camera on us. /(*O*)\

I hope nobody sees us on TV.

All things Japanese

Doraemon anime series! In Cantonese though 😀

More @
If you have noticed, Nobita’s Dad gives all his monthly income to his wife. Thereafter, his wife would distribute it accordingly. I’ve seen in couple of episodes where Nobita’s Dad argues with Nobita’s mum over the former’s allowance. I know this is a common practice in the Japanese society, but I don’t think it’s acceptable for me la. My money is my money, your money is YOUR MONEY and my money is not yours!
The Wackiest World of Japanese Ice Cream
If you think durian ice cream is weird? think again..
On another hand, check this out BBC: In pictures: Food for thought


We all know that after a break up, it’s wise to move on. Obviously those who don’t read my posts don’t know this. ;P (Just joking! I’m no guru and we all know that.)
Nevertheless, some of us busybodies would like to be updated about the ex-es’ lives, through friends or by other means, but not directly from the horse’s mouth. I admit, I’m actually reaaaally curious about my ex, how he’s doing and all. (I called him once and I broke out in sweat, and I don’t know whether i was more upset or relieved when he never picked up the call. No, I wasn’t using my handphone when I called him, so he wouldn’t have known it was me!)
There are some ex-es who
They are obsessed.
They don’t want to LET GO.
I know of a guy who is currently doing just that. His girlfriend called for a break up a few months ago, citing different interests as one of the grounds. He acted like a broken man the first month of the break up, but gradually got a hold of himself.
He started dating again. Extremely fast, I should say.
His ex-girlfriend was duly informed, and she was shocked. Shocked because …….. it was fast!
“Didn’t I mean anything to him?” went through her mind.
Because even after they broke up, they were still in touch, and were going out as friends.
But never mind, she decided to move on anyway. She didn’t give a damn about him.
However, the guy kept tabs on her. Any updates on her blog or her friendster profile, he’d be the first to comment and tell her what he thought. And when she posted picture of her and her friends having a whale of a time, he got jealous.
He ‘confronted’ her online and demanded to know who was the guy who had his arm around her, why were they sitting so close, etc. When she told him that the guy was just someone she got to know recently, and they have been on several dates, her ex-boyfriend went berserk.
He slagged off the guy in the picture that he wasn’t the right one for her, how could she do this to him… repeatedly breaking his heart into pieces. She was confused. She reminded him that they were over, so get a grip of himself.
A few days later, he called her up, sobbing on the phone. He told her that he dreamt of them together last night, and he felt betrayed that she was going out with someone else.
WAKE UP, BOY, smell the poo.
Aren’t both of you seeing different people now?
I totally don’t get the idiot.
Even if you want to be updated about your ex’s life, you don’t come barging in and scream betrayal!
And she has now abandoned her blog since the ex is eagerly checking up on her via her blog. So sad.
He too blogs about her. Hello? You’re in a new relationship, why are you blogging about your ex? He goes on and on, moping and feeling sorry for himself and wondering what went wrong with their relationship.
I wish I could slap him. ;D
Anyway, I bet it’s his ego that is bruised because she was the one who asked for the break up. AHAHAHAHA he’s a piece of sad shit, I’m sorry to say. His current girlfriend should dump him since he has emotional baggage he’s still dealing with.

Muar – Chicken Rice Ball & Otak-otak

Chicken Rice Bollocks

Other than Melaka’s chicken rice ball, Muar’s chicken rice ball is excellent as well. Whenever I attend court in Muar, I would drop by this particular chicken rice ball shop in Muar town. It’s just a street away from the Store Departmental Store.

The shop (It’s in the middle of a row of shops) Email me if you need directions.

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No “Undesirable” Names, Please

Ah Kow
Ah Gong
Chai Too
Kai Chai
Sum Seng
Tua Pui
Batu Malai
Zero Zero Seven
Adolf Hitler
On 30 July 2006, local newspapers have highlighted that the National Registration Department have come up with a list of “undesirable” names for Malays, Chinese and Indians.

“Among the no-no names for Malays are Zaniah (female adulterer) and Woti (sexual intercourse). Zani is a male adulterer.
While it is crass to name your son, Ah Kow (dog), the department has also Ah Gong (unsound mind), Chai Too (pig), Kai Chai(chick) and Sum Seng (gangster) on its “undesirable list”.
Besides Karruppan (black fellow), other Indian names which are quite “colourful” are in the undesirable list, like Sivappi and Vellayan (both meaning fair), and Amma-kannu (mother’s eye).”
“…. parents are not allowed to name their babies after animals, insects, fruits, vegetables or colours…..”
[source – The New Straits Times]

Reading NRD has no right to dictate to parents and What if your name sounds like ‘waiting to use toilet’? [A prominent figure with a peculiar name, but he doesn’t mind it!], you will realise that the public are well versed with meaning of names and have no qualms in choosing distinctively unique names. So what if their old parents who may not have known how to read and write named them something which gave their children a hard time in school?
A person grows up being comfortable with his name. If you’re not, then fine, go ahead and have your name in your MyKad changed, and you’d have to go through a process of filing documents in court and the NRD. And they make it difficult for you.
I still have people having difficulties in pronouncing my name, but i’ll just smile and correct them, secretly thinking they’re just stupid fools. hehehe. So easy also cannot pronounce! ;P

How, now? I can’t name my children Velvet Zoukifli or Ruumi Haksikuens because they’re related to night spots and events? ;P
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