Double Parking, My Ass

Damn frustrating when you see a vacant parking spot, but to have some idiot’s car double-parked, blocking the damn spot. Real idiots, I tell you.

On another note altogether, today’s my 100th post! Ya, man. Fancy that!!!!!! *does a dance*
My top 3 posts are:
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46 comments – who pays for the first date?
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[my cockroach trap post is actually 4th place!]
*muaks* thank you, I thought I’d never survive this guestblogging assignment. ;P

Club Med Cherating 15 – 17 September 2006

My firm had a 3 days 2 nights company trip to Club Med Cherating. It was great.

I was drunk for 2 nights. Uhh.. now my brain feels so dehydrated.
Company trip is one essential event for all companies. It is the time where the low ranking employees meet the top bosses and also the time where everyone is equal regardless of position in the company. One of the ultimate aims of company trip is to instil an ‘attachment’ to the company. This attachment would also strengthen the bond between the employees.
Our firm hired around 7 busses to transport 250 over people to Club Med Cherating.

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Hat Yai, Thailand

I was away in Club Med Cherating for 3 days for my company trip. And throughout the 3 days, I had no internet access and never had the chance to read any newspapers there.

Upon my arrival in Kuala Lumpur, I was sadden by the news that 4 people were killed by a series of bomb blast in Hat Yai. I stopped by Hat Yai on my trip to Krabi on March 2006.
I now present you some photographs of Hat Yai.

The Buildings

The Food

Sugar cane juice!

The Entertainment

The toilet

Hat Yai @ Night

It’s hard to believe that this tranquil and serene little town could be a victim of such atrocity.

Staying Faithful

A friend once asked if I would ever consider having an affair with a married man. Truthfully, I said I’d rather not, but if I’m already too old to ever find someone to marry, and if it happens, maybe. He asked me why later, why not now?

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Why should I?” I replied.

Surely I do still have some time and value (‘saham’) before it’s time for me to retire to the shelf as an old maid?

It is a scary thing to agree to holy matrimony and then realise later on that fidelity is something you cannot keep. You begin to wonder if s/he is the One you really want to spend your life with, the one you want to see first thing in the morning when you wake up.

My friend is married and for him to ask me this question, it frightens me. I pray he’s not found an eye candy he’d rather spend his money and time with, instead of his wife and kids.

Do you realise that the usual reasons given for having an affair are like these:
(i) I’m not happy;
(ii) S/He wasn’t the One, I felt obligated;
(iii) I deserve to be happy!

I know of someone who is in his 50’s and has a girlfriend almost half his age. His kids are half his age. I heard that all those years he considered divorcing his wife because he regretted marrying young and he thinks he won’t be able to stay with her for the rest of his life. Now that his kids are older and soon to be married off, he thinks that it is the right time to leave his wife for his own happiness.
“Before I die, I want to be truly happy.” He was quoted saying.

Back to my friend, he tells me that the hardest thing in marriage to remain faithful.

Even if it’s just a steady relationship, there are some out there who find it difficult to be faithful. What with the generation of FB’s (f*ck buddies) and the motto ‘never f*ck and tell’?
Go back to my post on ‘innOcent flirting‘ – the crush on the guy who has a girlfriend. He had the cheek to ask me if I’d consider ……………………… having fun with him behind his girlfriend’s back.

Inexperienced as I am, I never agreed to it. His philosophy is that they (he and his girlfriend) should get it out of their system before they should ever marry. They can sleep with everyone else but without the other partner finding out. “Better be restless now than when married.” he said.

What happened to true love forever and a lifetime?

Cross my fingers I don’t have to steal someone else’s husband or boyfriend in the future.

But I hear that the ratio of men to women is 1:3 or 1:4.


I was switching around the channels on astro randomly as there werent any interesting sports program on. Finally, one channel caught my attention and i decided to watch on. It was national geography. Really, this is quite abnormal in the household, especially for me. I dont usually watch tv, what more education-based channel (i dont know about you, but i always stereotype these as the boring channels). Anyway, it was a program regarding the possibility of finding life in the outer-universe. Yea, extraterrestrial. My good friend, Darren use to tell me abt all these ETs or lifeforms apart those on Earth. I was never interested. However, i recently notice myself that i’ve been quite curious. Of cause regarding those myths or mysterious unsolved stuff-lah. One afternoon i was googling around for lochness, next i was checking the tv schedule for “the triangle” which is currently playing on astro. U get the point.

Anyway, back to the program i watched. It was about some moon/planet light years away from earth that scientist discovered. They then named it Blue Moon (not the cocktail la dude). Scientists believe Blue Moon is suitable for habitation. With all the data they collected of blue moon, they move on to predict how is it like on blue moon, its atmosphere, its ecology, everything. They even go as far as designing the probable form of creatures and animals residing on Blue Moon using state-of-the-art computer equipments.

The program kept me thinking a little. Was the stuff i just watched on tv merely science fiction? Far-fetched illusion and mythology? I dont know but im sure curious now. Do you believe in outer-space life? Sorry if this geeky entry bored you 😛 Check this site if you want to know more.

Pulling Ranks

I got irritated with someone the other day, supposedly my “superior”. You know how some people enjoying bossing everyone around just by saying, “I’m the Boss here!” or
“I’m Team Leader, so listen to me!” or
“Who is supposed to head this project, you tell me?”
If you’re just giving a suggestion, as a leader or superior, you should always consider its value, instead of closing your ears and refusing to listen.
I was merely asking a simple question the other day, and I was shot down with a “Who’s the boss here? I’m the Boss!”
Which technically meant, “Shut the f*ck up, you’re not entitled to ask me this.”
He just didn’t want to answer the question. I was angry at his response because he obviously forgot my contribution to the whole thing.
I hate people like this. It’s not easy to work with people like this or even be friends!
Being a good boss or team leader is a demanding task, you must know how to lead your team as well as be apart of a team as a team player. If you fail to pull your weight around, i.e., you do not contribute to the project at hand, nobody will like you using the phrase, “I’m the Boss here!”.
Phrases like these to remind who’s the boss should only be used when there’s a rebellious team mate who does not contribute at all.
One day, I will tell you the whole story. Politics, I tell you, you can never escape – office politics, school politics, family politics, blogging politics, etc.

Caught in the act?

Well guess what, i have internet connection at my new place now. Finally after 2 months but the internet connection kinda sucks and seems unstable. Maybe because of area is new and maybe because my account is new. God know…
Anyway, i came across this incident today. I have this client. She used to run a pub. She is kinda pretty and sexy for a woman in her late 30s. I called her this morning at about 11am, asking her come over my office to sign her document.
me: Hello.Good morning, Ms. X
Ms X: uuuuh….arggh…aaaaah
me: …… ( WTF!! i thought to myself)
(after 1 sec)
me: hello?
Ms. X: aaaah…huh, hello (in a very weak voice)
me: eeer, Ms. X maybe i should call you back later in the afternoon. Sorry for disturbing you.
doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh…i hung up the phone
WTF, is she eeer….she can’t be right?

Easy Peasy

It was extremely easy for my friend, MIndy to have a guy give her his number the other night. According to Mindy, the guy, Chan is one helluva hunk. w00t!
Mindy: Hey, when do you want to play tennis? You’ve been meaning to, right?
Chan: Yes. Hehe.
Mindy: *handed over her phone to Chan* There, key in your number for me and I’ll call you the next time I’m playing tennis.
*Chan keyed in his number….*
Lesson #1 – It’s easier to make friends with strangers AND HIT ON GUYS by using a hobby as an ulterior motive. ;P
*Chan keyed in his number and handed the phone back to Mindy*
*Mindy took her phone back*
Mindy: *looked at his number* And your name is Choong right? *Mindy keyed his name into her phone*
Lesson #2 – It is also very easy to insult the guy by forgetting his name.
Before Chan left, Mindy wanted to say goodbye to him. In her drunken state:
“Bye CHOONG!!!! Hope to play tennis with you soon!!!!”
She giggled and waved at him, as he turned to stare at her.
Lesson #3 – Please impress guys when you’re not so drunk.