Flirting & Dating Online

During the good old mIRC days (IRC = internet relay chat), couples formed as quickly as the bees are drawn by honey. One day you’ll be chatting to someone who is single, and a few weeks later, you see the ‘welcome’ and ‘quit’ messages declaring their status:

“bimbobum loves fatsoboy forever and eternity!”

Without putting a face to a name, it is hard to judge the person for who he or she is. Everything is typed out and everything is just a play of words. If the person happens to be born a casanova with a sweet mouth, there are always people who fall for the sweet talk.

Someone tried to woo me in mIRC once, suddenly coming up with some flowery poem that melted my heart. It was a fantastic one, I must admit. I really liked it, though I doubt the authenticity of it – I’m sure he didn’t write it. Nevertheless, his wooing didn’t work because I got “attached”.

It sounds stupid, when I think of it now. I had never met the person, but he started calling me, and who wouldn’t be flattered? I was studying in England during that time and he was working in KL. So yeah. ;P But after a while, I felt awkward and silly, and I lost interest. I asked to “break it off” and he almost died of a broken heart.
That was ages ago. In this time and age, everything seems to be workable. You read testimonies of love found on the internet, how they felt that he or she “was the one” after 3 years of emailing and chatting online. And when one of them finally makes a move to visit the person, they realise they have to get married – can’t live without each other!

How does it work? Good for them that the person didn’t turn out to be a psycho!

Can you actually call yourself a couple when you haven’t met the person? You don’t really know how the person is, although you’ve seen pictures. You’ve never spoken on the phone before, you don’t know he sounds like. All the both of you do is chat.

What do you think?

Compounding your traffic offences

As some may know, I was issued a summon for a traffic offence last month. I beat the red light in the presence of a police officer.
read post for background!
Since my offence is compoundable, I can head to the police station at Jalan Tun H.S. Lee (I’m not sure whether if one can pay their summons at their nearest police station). I dont really like heading to the police station at Jalan Tun H.S. Lee as it is troublesome.
However, with the advent of internet technology, we can pay our summons online using our online bank account!
One of the websites that we may use is It’s quite user friendly and the procedure to do so is simple.
After registering as a user, login into the main menu and click on ‘Polis Diraja Malaysia’ and click on its submenu.

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What’s The Story?

I was visiting a friend the other night, we had dinner together and watched TV. I offered to throw out the rubbish. I went to the rubbish room and came across this:

I don’t know much about golf, except that it’s a rich man’s game (that’s what they say) and it involves a lot of walking, bunkers and lakes and buying golf balls from fellas who collect lost balls and sell them in plastic bags.

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Mini forum gathering

As childish as it may sound, yes, this blog had a gathering.
Some of the regular forum members of met up at Murni SS2 Mamak. Many thanks to those who organised it (you know who you are). If I were to be given this task, the gathering wouldn’t happen at all.
Those who attended were Amos, Mrs. Amos, Kian, Derek, insomnia, Khinko, zions, kar heng, Cheez and friend Kevin and not forgetting myself and Mr and Mrs. Amos’s dog, Tammy. Although Amos has denied it numerous times, I still think that Tammy’s name derived its name from Tammy NYP (the famous Singaporean girl whose home made porn video was circulated on the net)!!

Kian, Mrs Amos & Amos (sorry bro, you moved!)

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It’s Not the Security Guards’ Job

Some residential areas provide for security services (i.e. security guards or guard patrols) to deter suspicious activities. Security is tighter in apartments/condominiums as it is one of the services provided for by the management.

A few months ago, I accompanied a friend to view an apartment unit he intended to buy. While waiting in the office of the management, we came across a newspaper article highlighting burglaries in apartments/condominiums. It highlighted a decision of the Consumer Claims Tribunal which rejected a resident’s claim for RM46,000+. He took a claim against the management and the security services.

Why do you think he lost?

The chairman of the tribunal decided that the duty of the security guard was not to prevent burglaries from happening – it is merely their obligation to call the police should they suspect something amiss. The guards are not required to deliberately make a chase and whack the robbers.


Based on the agreement or arrangement with the management, the security service provided for by the management is for the care of common area and not for each individual unit. Extra precaution such as grilled doors and insurance cover for the apartment should be taken by the resident.

In the event that you think you should take legal action against the security firm, you will need to prove a strong case. Was the security guard derelict in his duty – was he asleep, not covering the CCTV, failed to patrol around the area at its designated hours, etc.

In legal jargon, this means that you have to prove that the security firm or management was negligent (meaning careless) in carrying out its duty.

So don’t go screaming at the management office or security guards if you get robbed. It’s not their fault!

Judging the scope of security
Gated community residents upset over suit rejection

Maybe our 2 lawyers can help us shed some light on this.

So Guys, you wanna be sexy…

I was checking out today and i come across this banner that says :-

“Sex and Perfume”

Out of curiousity and ham-supness, i go and click on it to check it out. According to the website, the perfume can
“Increase your sex appeal by 100 X ! ”

fuaaah…..100 X u know. That’s like SUPERMAN lar!!!

Other benefit includes:-

-More eye contacts and smiles from the opposite sex
Wah in another work, you make the girls go crazy…WAH!!!!

-You will be found more sexually attractive
WAH!!!! Can get FREE SEX
-More dates and sexual intercourse

-More passionate lovemaking

-Same sex will intuitively respect you

-A rejuvenation of your current relationship
Does that mean Sex too?

-The opposite sex will feel more relaxed and at ease with you
Save money for your girlfriend and wife on Spa and probably as a result, you get to have SEX

-Increase your self confidence
what is that suppose to mean? Does it has something to do with Sex also?

-Better business / employment relationships
WAH..even your boss wanna SEX YOU UP


If you don’t understand English, they have Bahasa Malaysia version complete with FAQ.

Disclaimer: or its member is not affliated with and this article is merely meant for pleasure reading for its blog reader and does not represent our views on the product.

The Green Tank

To those who live around OUG might have seen an old green Ford roaming around the streets. It’s so old that you can see its paint peeling. This green old Ford, also fondly known as the ‘Tank’, belongs to my high school friend, Jia Lin.
The Tank is one powerful car. I heard that few years back, the Tank got involved in an accident with another car. The Tank was fine but other car went turtle!

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Do You Rate Your Ex?

Do any of you actually have a list of how you rate you ex-es? So that when they contact you out of the blue, asking,
“How was I as a girlfriend, tell me,”
you’d have your answer in hand:
“You are the WORST GIRLFRIEND I ever had!!!”
I mean, she asked for it, didn’t she? ;P Would she be persistent enough to enquire further, “How???? How am I the worst one ever?”
Subconsciously, some will compare their current partners to the past ones for the good or the bad. Admit it. Of course, you’d better not be stupid enough to actually tell your current partner if he or she is worse than the previous ones, right? That’s a BIG NO NO.
Neither does:
“You should be more like my ex, she was really nice. She knew how to blah blah blah blah etc…”
Keep it to yourself, damn you!
I must admit that I am one of them. No no, don’t get me wrong, I don’t tell my current beau that s/he should learn some good tricks from my ex-es. I meant that, I do have one whom I rate as the best partner I have ever had. S/he made me feel how it was like to be on cloud nine and being in love was – the good stuff, basically. Every relationship after him was stagnant and downhill, occasionally – they made me unhappy more than i was ever happy.
Perhaps it’s the psychological effect of putting someone on a pedestal for so long.
It doesn’t mean that I’m secretly waiting for that ex to fall in love with me all over again, does it?

Beautiful People Can Get Away With Everything

So I accompanied my hot chick of a friend to a function the other day, which required a cover charge. She feigned ignorance and pleaded with the bouncer to let her in, just because she was just 5 minutes past the designated hour. She smiled coyly, eyes wide open and rested her hand on the bouncer’s arm, cajolled him.
The bouncer let out a sigh, and let her in.
I followed suit, but to be stopped by the bouncer.
“No, you must pay the cover charge.”
“But… but…. I’m with her!” I protested, pointing to Hot Chick who glided in, as graceful as a swan.
She turned to see if I was right behind her, and saw Mr. Bouncer blocking my way. She sashayed towards us and told him, “Come on, let her in. Please?”
In that soft, baby voice, and she batted her eyelashes.
Mr. Bouncer sighed, surrendered to her feminine wiles and reluctantly let me in, the Ugly Baboon. I muttered a Thank You but Mr. Bouncer ignored me.