The Haze 2006

To my Indonesian friends,


Why can’t you foggers stop burning the forest for once????

Because of you foggers I am suffering from flu, headache and cough.
Last night, I took antihistamine to sort out my nose. Unknown to me, the pill has already expired a year ago. I woke up with headache, aching kidney and stiff muscles.
And I can’t believe your Minister would say such thing:-

“It is natural they complain,”
“We have forests producing oxygen and bringing clean air to them but they don’t thank us. Now there’s smoke and they complain. There must be a balance.”


My Bitch For The Day

… is none other than fantastic drivers who don’t know how to park their cars!

Be it a guy or a girl driver, can’t they take the time to adjust the position of their car? (My car is the properly parked one, of course!) I was so tempted to open my car door hard, just to dent the stupid Perodua Kelisa.
I don’t know which is worse, big or small cars which aren’t parked properly?
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Fasting month

As most of you may know, it’s fasting month for the Muslim. Our Muslim friends have to abstain from food and drinks throughout the day.
I bumped into a Muslim friend at Court . Right after our matter at court, my friend suggested that we go for drinks. I agreed without hesitation as it’s been a while since I saw her and we have loads of catching up to do. But wait, isn’t it still fasting month? However, I heard that girls who are having their period are exempted from fasting. So…
Me: is it time of the month?
Friend: Hehe..
Then I found out that this friend of mine doesn’t fast during the fasting month. Nevertheless, we wanted to go for drinks. Then we had another problem. You see, the court was located a predominantly Muslim area and as such, most restaurants nearby are not open. Fortunately, there was a McD nearby and hence we decided to drink there.
And then another problem aroused, McD does not serve Muslim customers during the fasting period. I heard that McD will get fined if they were caught serving Muslims during the fasting period.
But no problem, my friend could pretend to be non Muslim as she has sort of an exotic look. Unfortunately, she was wearing baju kurung (Malay traditional dress) O______O As such, from her dressing, it is obvious that she is Malay.
Nevertheless, we somehow managed to get our drinks.
And thennnn, another problem.. we have no place to sit to enjoy our drinks. @_@
We ended up sitting inside her tinted Mercedes. It wasn’t heavily tinted though. And to cover for it, my friend wore her sunglasses in the car.
Things people do just to get a drink…

First Time

Dear bimbobum,
I had sex for the first time a few months ago. It was painful and not very pleasurable. One thing that worried both my boyfriend and I was that I didn’t bleed.
Since then, my boyfriend has been distant. That night, he asked me if I had lied to him about being a virgin. I said that I was, but ah beng that he is, he accused me of lying. Just because I didn’t bleed. Sigh.
I have been trying to tell him that based on available information on the internet, not all girls will bleed for the first time. Due to active sports, some girls’ hymen will be torn or loose, therefore … no bleeding for the first time.
Anyway, I’m fed up of my boyfriend’s treatment towards me. I’m wondering if this is a good ground for a break up? If he insists that I lie and mope about it, it’s just ridiculous!
Dear blood-less,
Most importantly, WAS IT SAFE SEX?

Last Hardsequence @ Ruums 14.10.2006

RotiFish in the house!

The nightlife industry in KL is one cruel game. It is very common for clubs in KL to close down after few months in operation. And this time round, it’s Ruums turn. It has only been around 4 months since they revamped from Chanel to Ruums. Now they are closing for renovation and a new management will take over. No idea what the new club name will be, maybe Brooms or Vrooms. Heh.

Throughout the past 4 months, the old management has done a good job turning the place around. When the club was still know as Warp, I heard many stories about how people got so turned off when they saw middle aged men and women shaking their heads left and right to hard Chinese house music. Yao ah yao ah, wu chiew fun ah wu chiew fun,

But now, uncle and aunties were not that many. I heard that practised quality control at one point.

Anyway, Sow, Sharon Dilirius and I made a trip to Ruums. It was pretty rare for Sharon to join us but since Hardsequence is having their last night at Ruums, we decided to give them some support.

Mr. Sow

Ms Sow

Jac and Brisbane Sharon were there as well. They came with their cousins.

Sow & Brisbane Sharon

Sow & Jac

The club was packed with hardcore supporters of Hardsequence. The usual faces.

And It was a good night. As Sow put it, “Quite a good night huh. We had a table of 3 hot chicks. And the chicks bought drinks!”. Sharon and Jac brought a bottle of whisky to share.

At one point we had a competition on who can put his hands up the longest. Sow won.

We left the place as soon as it closed. The Hardsequence crew thanked everyone for their support and will update everyone on their new venue. will keep you informed of the newest development!

Xes, Superstar

While, i was surfing randomly on the web. I kinda key in in google for fun and also to see who is the most popular blogger on la. So the result is me in the third place, Wen dee, second (wah….3 years never blog and people still mention about her posts. She is a legend!!!) and of cos the no. 1 is our dai lou…XES.
The readers and fellow bloggers not only think that he is the guru of melbourne shuffle but ONE OF THEM THINK THAT HE IS CUTE…=p Don’t believe? Read this…
” Anyway, I found a blog while randomly surfing the blog’s net and came across to and his blog is attractive and so is he. lol. Okay, okay.. I was just admiring his looks, u know.. Can’t blame a girl like me. =) ”
Hey xes, i didn’t frame you,kay. Go read arainking’s Blog

What Do You Do In a Traffic Jam?

Klang Valley is notoriously jammed up with traffic during the peak hours.
You know that Sprint Highway in front of Eastin Hotel? Imagine during a downpour, you pay the toll and to find yourself stuck in a jam.
Subang Jaya nd USJ? Stupid traffic barely moves that you think you’d be able to crawl on your knees faster instead of drive.
Trying to get out of KL city to go on the Federal Highway? It’s a long wait.

Guess where this is?
How do you past time?
1. Blast the radio and sing your lungs out.
2. Wind down the window and start chain smoking.
3. Start sending text messages to 20 people and hope they’d all reply.
4. Phone a friend to chat.
5. Scratch your balls til they bleed [Because it’s a bloody long jam].
6. Read the newspaper or magazine.
7. Start swearing at every single driver and car stuck in the jam with you, “Bloody f*ckers! You guys can’t f*cking drive! Get off the road and home to your mommy’s bosom!! #@&*$^@(#*@”
8. Scream in frustration because no one can hear you [Except the motorist that just drove by].
9. Honk for the next 2 hours, just to irritate the hell out of everyone.
10. Medidate – you believe that peace and harmony is good for the soul.

October events

As some may know, Ruums club will be closing for renovation. A new club will be opened soon. At the moment, it is unclear whether Hardsequance will be held there again.

A message from winrkis

    Due to the new management deciding to do some renovations to Ruums, HS has decided it would be great timing for us to take a break [for how long, we’re not sure]. That is NOT to say that HS is gone for good, i assure you we are definitely aren’t goin anywhere! We’re just resting momentarily.
    So it would be great to see all our loyal HS supporters at Ruums this Saturday, 14 October night and let’s show the club what HS is made up of!

Flyer courtesy of joenajib
DJs: Naughty by Nature, Christian Smith, King Unique, Bass Agents & SOUL-T
Available from 12th – 27th October 2006 at the following locations:
Zouk KL
113 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2171 1997
Radioactive Outlets
Klang Valley
One Utama Tel: +603 7724 2578
Sg Wang Tel: +603 2145 1069 or +603 2145 3968
Genting Hotel Tel: +603 6101 1623
Sunway Pyramid Tel: +603 5638 3080
The Mines Shopping Fair Tel: +603 8943 5812
Ruffey Outlets
Klang Valley
Mid Valley Tel: +603 2287 0239
Ipoh Parade Tel: +605 243 3215
Mahkota Parade Tel: +606 286 7035
City Square Cyber Zone Tel: +607 222 6276
Available on the event day (28 Oct) from 2pm onwards at the event site only.
If you decide to stay over, here are some hotels that are recommended by Recharge.
A’Famosa Resort
06-552 0888
Plaza Inn / Agora
06-284 0881
City Bayview Hotel
06-283 9888
The Emperor Hotel
06-284 0777
Renaissance Melaka
06-284 8888
Orkid Hotel
06-282 5555
Riviera Bay Resort
06-315 1111
Garden City Service Apartments
06-283 3111
Hotel Seri Costa
06-281 6666
Hotel Tropicaville
06-281 6137
Tanjung Bidara Beach Resort
06-384 2990
More info
Older events

Continue reading October events

Remembering those who have passed on..

It’s been one year since friend and fellow blogger, David Thong passed away. He died of cancer last year.
Time flies. Nevertheless, no one has forgotten him yet. He’ll be missed.
On another note,

After 4 years and 4 months of suffering, my high school teacher Puan Lim Hwee Nee has finally passed away. She has been in a vegetative state for the past 4 years after giving birth to her youngest child.
Puan Lim taught me history when I was in Form 2. She was an excellent and patient teacher. Never once I’ve seen her raise her voice. Also, most of us remember her because she was the prettiest teacher in school.
I am sure many of us who came across Puan Lim would have at least a pleasant memory of her. I always remember the time when Puan Lim was teaching in class, she was talking about a sword and as soon as she wants to name the sword, I blurted out, “Cura Si Manja Kini!”. She immediately responded, “Pandai anak murid cikgu!”.
Hyong, Foo Tuck, Ping and I paid our final respect to her at a funeral parlour at Jalan Gasing. It was around 11PM, the place was almost empty.
We were greeted by a man of 30s. After chipping in to the donation box, we grabbed couple of joss sticks and paid our respect to her. We didn’t want to see her body as we want to remember Puan Lim as she is in our memory.
As usual, there were peanuts and drinks served. Rather than leaving immediately after paying our respect, we hung out for a while. The man of 30s joined our table. The man of 30s is Mr. Ong, Puan Lim’s husband. From there, he told us of the heart wrenching story.
After Puan Lim gave birth to a baby boy, she was fine. However, hours later, she collapsed and her heart stopped beating. But after efforts by doctors, they managed to revive her heart but it was too late, her brain was already damaged due to lack of oxygen. She has lost almost all her senses and was permanantly disabled. Puan Lim was eventually discharged as the doctors couldn’t do anything to save her.
Ever since Puan Lim collapsed, Mr. Ong has been taking care of her, day and night, selling his business, his car and whatever he could sell. He had seeked the help of all sorts of medical practioner, from Chinese traditional medicine to Western. None of them could cure Puan Lim. Puan Lim couldn’t remember anybody and couldn’t speak.
Also, Mr Ong had tried to seek financial assistant from the government. For reasons that are revealable to the public, all of Mr. Ong’s pleas were unheard from the government.
Puan Lim’s birthday is coming up in 2 weeks time. Mr. Ong and family had planned to celebrate it with her. Unfortunately, Puan Lim passed away last week.
Mr. Ong and Puan Lim’s sufferings have finally ended. Nevertheless, it is sad to see a union of 2 childhood sweetheart ended up in such a manner.
I never had the chance to thank her for sacrificing her time to teach us. To date I regret not doing so. Rest in peace Puan Lim.