this site is rated X!!!

muAHAHahhahAaaa… apparently Tayl0r’s College has banned any of its students from accessing this site!! My sis tried accessing while she was at the library and after 3 tries; the librarian approached her, took her library card and told her to follow her to the office. My sis was like wtf…… Apparently, this site is blacklisted by the college and the librarian gave my sis hell, like as if she entered a porn site or something! hahAHahAHa… she even show my sis the list of sites which were blacklisted and there it was – 😀 Now my sis is blacklisted. This was at the ADP/TBS library so I dunno abt the main building one. I wonder why they ban this site… we are a bunch of drug-free, porn-free, vulgar-free bloggers, no?

Went for some long awaited retail therapy today and didn’t manage to buy anything besides a suit. This season’s collection is so mundane and hardly inspiring. Wonder if KLCC will have a better collection of clothes and such. Also treated myself to a beauty therapy a few days back and had a pedicure done for the first time. And probably the last. I couldn’t stop laughing!!! And yes, it’s horrible to be so godawfully ticklish… I was laughing so hard when she was handling my toes and feet and probably made a total idiot of myself in the parlour. I wonder if I can opt for the pedicure without the rubbing, massaging or any contact whatsoever with the feet… just the nails lady, just the nails…

And yes, before I forget – TUCKS!! Remember you asked me to save some mooncake for you till you get back? I was disappointed when I discovered that my mum gave away all our mooncakes but she surprised me today by buying 2 mooncakes – a lotus and a pandan, both with double yolks, JUST for you, Oon and Meng!! My mum is cool, huh? She was like “When they come back, ask them to come over to eat, ok??” Let’s hope the mooncakes can tahan in the chiller, waiting for you guys to be back in November. It would be kinda surreal to eat mooncake that old, huh? See, MORE reasons for you guys to come back faster!!!! FASTERRR!!!!! 😉

siew lee leaves :( :( :(

Siew Lee left for London today. :'( I feel damn sad-lar… Miss you lots lots lots already, girl!!! You take care in that big city, ok… don’t let those horny boys pok-mong you, don’t watch too many of them chinese series, don’t itchy-butt go jogging at night-ar (it ain’t sheffield no more, yah?), don’t be opening any random logfiles either yah 😀 and don’t let Alex and Chuo Ming talk you into playing PS2 or Utopia with them, k? And babe, while I can’t be downstairs in the basement to be there for you anymore, I will always be here for you, k? 😉 Faster come back!!!!!!!!!!!

Been getting damn sentimental thinking of how things were in Watson 16. I miss every single one of the housemates. All the quirks and fancies of each of them. The strange ones, the amusing ones or the just plain confusing ones. The things we used to do like cook together, eat dinner together squashed in the kitchen, sitting around the tv watching them play ps2, sitting around the computer watching porn (:D okay, just once) or just hanging around talking all night long. Those were pretty good times.. 🙂 and I miss them so much!!!!!

Moving on… the green-eye monster in me has risen yet again. I hate myself for it. While this may be just one of the many arguments we will have.. I wonder if there may be one big BOOM tat ends it all. Don’t believe it when a person tells you that he/she is jealous coz he/she loves you. I tell you now, that’s bullshit. I’m jealous coz that’s the way I am. Could be envy, why couldn’t you be out with me instead? but I’m just goddamn green all over. I am unreasonable, I wanna be unreasonable, just let me BE unreasonable.. *sits in the corner and cries*

I definitely need retail therapy… anybody up for shopping? Just give me a ring…



My neighbor complained of how all his shoes were stolen and he would just go to Uptown to find them and buy them all back. And have them stolen again and the trip to Uptown once again. Seems senseless to pay for the same pair of shoes so many times over. 🙂

There seems to be a wave of crime in my neighborhood these days. Some of you may know my neighbor, Hans and thanks to him, my ?chances of going out? leeway has narrowed substantially coz of him religiously reporting to my mum of all the crime that has been happening in our area. Thanks maannnn? *kicks Hans* Looking at it in the big picture, it?s a pretty noble thing to do but it only gives her more reasons to not let me out. Now all the amount of keychain alarms, pepper sprays, sharp weapons and people in numbers will be redundant to the eyes of my mum. BAH!

Today is a real ?painful? day. First, I was playing with my dog on the sofa when she suddenly felt like biting her own tail (why dogs do that anyway?) and she miss-cue, she bit my hand instead. Then while cleaning my room today, I dropped a bunch of bottles of nail polish on my left foot. After that, while taking my shower, I dropped my shaver on my other foot and now it won?t stop bleeding. Wah-LUN-neeehhhhh? really not my day today, man. Besides all these aches and sorts, I am still nursing a flu which has rendered my voice partially cataleptic. BAH!

This is a day for BAH!s

Here is a mini part of a conversation with YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE:

Dee: Tell me, do you love me?
YKWYA: Yeah, I do
Dee: How much?
YKWYA: Like flies to shit
Dee: (did I hear right?) What?
YKWYA: Flies to shit 🙂
Dee: ?.. wtf?..

Did he just imply that I am a piece of shit? Grrr?. BAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! But I love you anyway, you piece of shiiiiiiittttttttt 😛 😛 😛 😉

Yup, definitely a day for BAH!s?


mama, i wanna learn how to do tat too!

It has been a while, hasn?t it? 😀 Hellooo again and I wonder if Leong has totally forgotten he had any guest bloggers at all. I blame the damn connection back home; I have been spoilt by broadband in the UK!!

Been stuck at home by mama Chan while she tries to talk me into exercising by cleaning the house (but what for? we pay someone to do that for us, no?) and occasionally going out with the blogging community. Also been pmsing to a point of being psychotic and hehe, many apologies and love out to Chen for being the receiving end of the wrath and being so nice about it too! 😀

Went shopping with mama and I dunno hoowwwww the hellllllllllllllll she did it but somehow she managed to explain why she deserved to get a diamond ring coz I graduated. And it actually kinda made sense too. *stones for a while* Left me feeling bewildered and slightly baffled but wth, she got the rock. Damnit! Even I didn?t get a gift for graduating! Some kickass skills I gotta learn from mama dearest! Skills, I tell you, SKILLS!!!

Wanted to drive myself crazy (it?s a complex) by keeping my nails as long as I could but after injuring myself one too many times and tired of explaining that those aren?t lovebites (and I swear they aren?t!), I finally cut the nails on my riGht hand! Looking at my laptop?s keyboard now. Somehow I managed to scratch out letters E, R, T, A, S, D, G, C and N. I guess that means I really have to cut my left fingernails a little bit too, huh? I wonder if anywhere sells those letter buttons so I can replace them or something. Or I have to resort to sticking tiny letters on my keyboard and ooOHhh the tackiness.

Attempted to clean my room but after opening one side of my cupboard, I found a box? and ended up sitting on the floor, reading through old letters, looking at photos and smelling certain scents that left lingering memories of a time not so far back. Baby powder, Adidas perfume, Johnson&Johnson body soap. So much has happened and changed since those times when I thought I had it altogether, all figured out. Boy, was I wrong!

My first love was as divine as anyone?s first love, if not better. I thought we were perfect for each other and we probably were. But such flawlessness could only exist at that age when I believe that I have already discovered ?true love!!!? ? such a young age, the only rationale for being fooled so easily. Thinking about it, such foolishness (cynic, I may be) seems to reiterate itself over the years till it somehow becomes a sort of addiction for me. I crave the ?discovery? and sometimes I wonder if it is the craving that I am yearning for at the end of the day. With such satisfaction comes the consequence of the sometimes inevitable break-up. But like any drug that leaves you with a memory of a bad trip, you sometimes find yourself wanting it even more.

I wonder… have I overcome that certain addiction yet? 😉


Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Wingardium Leviosa…….*PoOooF* ( Hermoine casts her wand ) Stumbelina magically appears out of thin air. Muahahaha..I’m back to bloggin’!! Many reasons explain my absence. Since the exams, I have not actually settled down. Been to Lake District, London, packing and moving, ‘deprived’ of internet connection…yada yada yada…the list goes on and on…O.k. sum it all up, it’s pure laziness, folks!!!

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix is selling like chicken in the market now!!..I’m no Harry Potter fan, but I do like the movie. It often leaves me with some sort of magical bliss after watching the movie. I prefer Harry Potter to The Two Towers ( I’m still a kid 😛 ), no one will believe that I slept through the two towers and Fred had to get me up when the movie comes to the climax…(wipes saliva before Fred continues from where I dozed off ..keke). It’s really sweet of him though.

I am and never was a fan- fiction fan. I am glued to the gloomy boring fictions. And they all share the same theme. I just realized that my favourite novels have some sort of melancholic insight. They are THE HOURS written by Virginia Woolf – who apparently committed suicide, THE BELL JAR by Sylvia Plath- and yes, she committed suicide by shafting her head in the oven, and THE VIRGIN SUICIDES ,PROZAC NATION..yucks yucks yuckss…my little morbid obsessions.
I guess it’s time for some fan-fictions! Kisumassa ligoof (magic words) fairies, hobbits, and dwarfs will rule my world now 😀

I have developed an itch. (God save me!! Not another depressing interest?!!) I have always been interested in the life of the famous legends, Kurt Cobain, Madonna and Marilyn Monroe. I’m curious on how people like them who considered to have-it-all , money, fame, sex, what more can they ask for, yet, sill ain’t contented with life. Last year I read on Kurt Cobain’s biography. It was said that he suffered from a childhood trauma and drugs been his sole dependent of happiness. I don’t know if that actually made him pull the trigger and blew his head off? In fact, Courtney Love recorded a suicide note of Kurt. To me, it sounds really fake. I guess for the information that I gathered, they are merely media sources, how valid are they, we will never know. Sometimes it makes me wonder, among all the pretty things in life, they gotta pay it off with suicide. Depressing!! I’m actually looking forward to getting a biography of Marilyn Monroe in Fopp at Cavendish Street for 3 pounds ;p

Talking about Marilyn Monroe, I have these photos uploaded for you guys. It was taken in Madame Tussaud in Amsterdam. Girlz, we’re the Marilyn wannabes.. HrMm..Boys…that picture didn’t turn out too rigt huh..?!! notty notty!! [sorry folks, I can’t get the pics uploaded because i couldn’t transfer the files to my friend’s laptop, shitty technical probs..driving me up the wall!!!]

WoaHh.. There was this earsplitting-loud thunder a few seconds ago. This was the first time I heard such loud thunder in UK. HMmmM..a sign from the above trying to tell me something??

On a different note, I have eventually found a flat in central London. Neat neat!!. I have a double bed!! WeEe!!.No more squeezing everyone in 1 single bed..Wahahha..This time I’ll have the whole double bed to myself…and I’m gonna hog all four corners of the bed. 😛 hehe…Anyone wants to come visit me ? Free bed and breakfast..(Cook YOURSELF!)

Fuck, I still can’t sleep. Insomnia is really killing me. Someone help me pls!!


i wanna fuck the british system up the arse

hOOoWaaAhhHh I am back blogging and I am confused as hell. Ok yesterday we got our results and I was in a state of euphoria for a mo to see that I graduated with a second class upper degree. But I was like nO WAy I could have gotten that and furthermore I had no marks for my Corporate Insolvency paper, so itchy butt, I called the university and asked them to check for me. Then after being passed to half a dozen people and listening to the tuneless muzak tinkling in the background as I was put on hold, I was told that there has been a series of result statements sent out in error and mine must have been one of them. They told me that the correct results has been sent out along with a letter of apology from the university. Ok, no problem there, second class lower degree is swell too! 😀

Then today I received the “corrected” result statement which still had nO marks for my Corporate Insolvency paper, nO apology letter and my degree classification is still a second class upper. wtf…. but I am suppose and I aM graduating with a second class lower!!! Quit playing around with my emotions goddamnit… 😛 Altogether now, the british system SUCKS!

Moving on, I was randomly reading a book when I chanced upon an article regarding stone circles. I am sure Leong remember us climbing and walking for miles in Lake District before reaching on top of a hill in Keswick where the Castlerigg stone circle lay. Leong and I even took a picture there sitting on one of the stones with Shane. For most of us it was a disappointment, coz how interesting were a bunch of stones anyway? But reading the article made me regret not bothering too much about it coz that circle of stones have long been a topic of discussion regarding the mystery that surrounded it. That site has shown anomalies of magnetism, gravity and radioactivity that accounts for many psychic experiences that have been reported by people who have visited the circle. The westernmost stone of the 38 stones has shown unusually powerful magnetic properties by twisting a compass needle out of kilter. Weird lights have also been seen and reported throughout the years. There also has been claimed that the stones emit a strange sound at dawn each day. Wah, it would be damn shiok to experience all this kinda stuff while we were there… but they were just a bunch of boring stones really… 😉

And yes, tonite is Irene’s birthday bash 😉 and YES, this time I will bring my camera WITH batteries!!! 😉 Laters all!


loo la la loo la la loo la loo la ley~

Many thanks to Leong for the tiny info page :D… after the goddamn exams, I will see if I can find any guidelines of some sort that I can follow by to add in more useless info about myself.

You make me feel like dancing, I wanna dance the night away… It sucks to the core to be sitting in my room all day, doing my assignment (slowly but surely!) and going through past years papers (and wondering how the hell I am gonna pass this one) when all I wanna do is dance dance dance! Like Irene, I am also looking for a latin dance partner when I go back to KL for good in July… anybody willing and interested? 😉

Can’t wait for the Watson 16 roadtrip to Lake District and some other towns which we haven’t decided on yet… the last roadtrip in February was great and sooooo very memorable – we went to Birmingham for food, Bath for the night and the Isle of Wight where we experienced UK’s cold-ass beaches, saw the loveliest cliffs and also where Chuo Ming had his first taste of lobster (eventhough they were PUNY!!). I uploaded these 2 pics for fun…

SL&iWight (19k image)
Siew Lee and I at some cliffs on the Isle of Wight. The cliffs were simply beautiful but this picture doesn’t do the cliffs much justice!

seafood (21k image)
Not the clearest of pics, but here are the 9 of us (Hun Chong, Alex, Frank, Shane, Fred, Mike, Siew Lee, Chuo Ming and I) at a seafood pub/restaurant at the Isle – where Frank did the seemingly impossible by finishing everything on the biggest platter of seafood I have ever seen. You GO, Frank! 😀

Also can’t wait to go for the week-long trip to Europe – Greek Islands? Spanish Islands? IBIZA?? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Its gonna be fine fine fine…. Taking some time off to go to some beaches where seafood, drinks, beautiful people and clubs are aplenty has gotta be good shit, yessss? 😉 I feel as if I haven’t gone to enough places around Europe before I head back home to Malaysia. So many places! So little time!!!

“Young man’s slave, older man’s sweetheart” – how true is that statement anyway? Basically that sentence has been drilled into my head since the beginning of the dee-dee by my mum and to suddenly hear her say that she doesn’t mind that I go out with guys my age or just a mere 1-2 years older anymore – I really wonder if the accident affected my hearing senses. To those who know me long enough, would know that my mum’s only (yeah rite!) prerequisite for the guys I date, is to be at least 5 years older or more. Yeah, I know I should be rejoicing and all but heh, am still in shock. Give me a mo..

~Snooty Bubblepants… just found out that you visit this site too 😉 Dj Jason in da hooouuse…! BE GOOD!


perilous plot of the underground chinks!

hOoowAaahh.. latest craze would be the name-changing thingy – yours truly would be Tootie Wafflechunks, Siew Lee would be Crustie Girdletush (and how vulgar is that, babe? :D), Frank would be Poopsie Bubblepants and Leong would be Goober Girdlechunks! That obviously made no flying sense to most, but those who do understand – c’mon! hOw COoL aRe wE, mANnn!! Spread the lurve!!

Siew Lee, Mindy (Tootie Crazytushie) and Chuo Ming (Goober Cootiepants) have already finished with their exams and are finally done with their uni-years! I got one more paper to go (10 freaking days later) and then we will all be GRADUATING!!! *throws confetti into the air, yelling merry christmas* Watch out, watch out – they have just unleashed another bunch of palms-rubbing lawyers into this infested world! We all have good things ahead of us – be it the BAR, CLP, Masters or the first day at work. Get married, make them juniors, Labradors, cribs by the sea, BMWs, Ferraris, private jet, other fine fine pleasures in life, yada yada yada… (and yes, I would be joking about the last few parts)

Which brings to mind… I have always been one who would get all sOFt in out and “awwww!” when it comes to things along the lines of getting married, a gorgeous wedding, a HUBBY, the whole “Guess what! I am pregnant!!” hoohaa and BABIES. Then suddenly I have been hearing wayyyy too many news of friends and people around me getting engaged – mind you, these people are around the same age group as me, plus 1-2 years maybe. Early? Maybe… Serious? It better be… Lovely? Definitely ;)… And now, I am very nervous. I got so nervous while talking to my mummy about it, I hyperventilated. I really dunno why… just some emotions (fear even?) which I never thought I had in me, I guess? I mean, I was sooo looking forward to all these but look at me now, all I wanna do is get them out of my head.

Chances are, it is probably just a phase… :D…. if Leong continues to have this site up and if I continue to blog here – stay tuned coz a few years down the road I might just be telling you guys how my future hubby proposed to me :D… I would have gone on to say that I will even give you guys a blow-by-blow account of me giving birth but muAHhahaha I don’t really see how many people visiting this site would be interested in that anyway! 😛

Chin-chin Bubblepants… I know how you hate the new nick and even more so that I made you change it to entertain me 😀 but thanks for standing all my nonsense, quirks and fancies throughout the time we have known each other. *hugs*


I am sooo tired…

I don’t know how to even begin to explain (and I probably choose not to) how hard the last few days have been for me and many of us. Truth, lies, misunderstanding, too many people getting involved and way too much unnecessary hurt inflicted on one another. Every ounce of strength that I ever had in me has been taken away from me and I dunno how long I can take this anymore…

Everything will be alrite” seems to be my mantra for the past few weeks. Once something gets alrite, something new pops up unexpectedly to agonize about. If someone up there is listening to me, please please please I never wanted a break as badly as I want one now.

I don?t think I am the only one who notices that all my posts lately seem to have something paranormal in them ;)? so not to break the trend, here is something I have been meaning to tell you guys about but I kept forgetting. The third day of my hospital stay, when the nurses moved me to another ward to be closer to my doctors, beside me, was a lady – Sasha, who was very kind. She would nag me to drink more water, to eat and always checked on me. When I woke up the next morning, she came over to me and told me not to worry coz I was going to be okay. I looked at her questioningly and she told me that she saw angels all around my bed while I slept that night, so I was going to be alrite? I dunno if it was really true, but it felt like the most beautiful thing to hear in the morning? 😀

Like Leong’s post says… we are pretty much busy with exams (which I am not tooo bothered about-la) so wish us lotsa LUCK LUCK LUCK!!! 😀 Good Luck to everyone else taking exams these few weeks too! See you guys again soon after… *muAks** *MUaks*


this is between us, got it?

Ok I can’t bear to leave what I posted earlier for long… and I am sorry if any of you guys managed to read it before I took it down.

And one thing I have got to mention, throughout all the hard times I have faced, a bunch of great friends have been there listening to me grumble aimlessly the hours away and make me laugh once again. All the love in the world right out to you guys – ryan ryan ryan, wee kiat (you west, me north!), frederick, poh oon, tucks, chuo ming, keong, siew lee, wei chen dear and leeeoooonnngg! What will I do without you guys…