this is between us, got it?

Ok I can’t bear to leave what I posted earlier for long… and I am sorry if any of you guys managed to read it before I took it down.

And one thing I have got to mention, throughout all the hard times I have faced, a bunch of great friends have been there listening to me grumble aimlessly the hours away and make me laugh once again. All the love in the world right out to you guys – ryan ryan ryan, wee kiat (you west, me north!), frederick, poh oon, tucks, chuo ming, keong, siew lee, wei chen dear and leeeoooonnngg! What will I do without you guys…


13 thoughts on “this is between us, got it?”

  1. ahh friendss can’t live without them.. can live with them.. u know that watever happens, they will still be right beside you through your thick thin muddy and wet days

  2. hi future lawyers,need some advise here.A baby died in the babysitter’s house. Parent want to sue the babysitter. Why baby died? This is unknown at the moment.What do u think? Can give some comments?

  3. wendee: 😀 orlander: the death of the baby might be due to the babysister’s negligence. 😀 therefore the parents could sue the babysister 😛

  4. cris: ahh.. doesn’t that just make you feel fuzzy alllll over :Dwee kiat: yeaps, very much so.. thankkkssss… 😉

  5. as for tort, usually you get sued for might be liable for criminal negligence too 😀

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