Malaysian Police Station

My work had an interesting twist last week. I had to head to one of the IPDs (Ibu Pejabat Daerah, District Headquarters) in Kuala Lumpur today. I had to meet a certain officer at one building with a few floors. The building is not exactly in good shape, I can almost term it as ‘dilapidating’.
The stairs were badly lit.
The paints were peeling.
Fungus was growing all over the wall.
Rubbish was everywhere.
The offices have no aircon, bloody hot. I almost dozed off.
Ants were running all over the place, too.
But they have cable TV. O____O||
The sight wasn’t pretty, too. I saw a few men in pink “Lock up T-shirts” in handcuffs walking around barefoot.

Pink Lock up T-shirt. I wonder where can I buy one.
One elderly man had his family with him. His family bought him curry rice. The police had to uncuff him so that he could eat his curry rice with his bare hands. Poor guy.
Good news is that some departments of the IPD are moving to one building by the name of Perdana something.
I was told by a Chief Inspector that the new office is hard to find.
Chief Inspector: “One day I sent my boys to find the new office, to see whether they could find the place easily. None of them came back except for 1 who took 3 hours to find the place! And that person told me that it’s hard to find that building.”
The first thing that came up to my mind was, “tiu.. I bet they were happily sitting at the mamak la.”
Of course, this is merely speculation. I heard that our force is underpaid and overworked.

My plans for this Saturday – 20.1.2007

Uncle Maverick’s set @ Club Ohana

More info below
REINFORCE [CLUB SERIES] 20 January 2007 – 3 February 2007 @ Club Ohana
Returning for the third year running, Reinforce is back and will be hosting club event at Ohana on every Saturday of the month starting from January 2007 onwards. It will features mostly renowned home grown DJs with optional monthly international guest DJs. Ohana will be transformed into a massive sound & light playground broadcasting our latest 3D animation effects creating a visual extravaganza for the party-goers. And for our first Reinforce series, Ben Katana and Bryan Burger reprise their role as popcon to craft the arsenal of twisted techno, electro, acid house, tribal house and tech house. This duo will take you on the kind of builds and phenomenon that you’ll remember on the journey home. So come join us and discover yourself how we will take your breath away with this upcoming event.
Club Ohana
Block C-LG 1&2, Megan Avenue II, 12, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. (Next to Ambank)
Contact No : 603-21668733
DJ Line-ups
20th Jan – Maverick / Drive (Darkraverz)
27th Jan – Joey G / WillyThKd
3rd – Feb – Bass Agents (TBC) / Desire
Tel +6016-3243665 / +6012-3236642
Pricing RM 25 + 1D
Grinder Sow’s ‘steal water’, ‘suck oil’ and ‘grind with unknown chicks’s Post-Birthday Bash @ Velvet
Since we did not manage to celebrate Sow’s birthday in a crazy manner last week. We’re going to do a belated one @ Velvet this Saturday.

p/s yes, my flyer is

Old Klang Road gang drunken night out @ Breakers 6.1.2007

Him is back from Singapore again hence Yong Lin, Ping, Brisbane James, Hen and I meet up with him at Breakers Hartamas. Him’s girlfriend from Singapore was there as well. Initially Hen and I didn’t want to drink at all. Our plan was to be sober all night. But our plan didn’t materialise. After a bottle of Corona, our night turned in a beer festival.
We then ordered 2 Beer towers, which consist around 2 jugs of beer, for RM104 per piece. We played drinking games and within less than an hour, the 2 beer towers were depleted. However, on the table next to us, lies an unattended beer tower.

The unattended beer tower belongs to one group of people who had a commotion few minutes earlier. One of the guys held a mug of beer and let it fall on to the floor and started scolding profanities to another guy on the same table. It stopped after 2 huge bouncers came to talk to those guys.
My back was facing those guys when the commotion happened.
Him: be careful, those guys are just behind you!
With a Singaporean and an Australian on the table, I said,
“Welcome to Malaysia!”
Anyway, the group left after a while. I conveniently took their unfinished beer tower and transferred it on to our table. Free beer!!
There were 2 girls opposite our table, one quite attractive and another one, not so attractive. One of my friends, L then got hold of the waiter and asked the waiter to ask the girls whether they wanted more drinks, L is buying.

The girls ordered green tea O___o. L then invited them over to our table. Of course, our attention was all on the hot girl. Poor unattractive girl was almost invisible to us.
L was fortunate to bear such low cost. If I were the girl, I would say, “ONE BOTTLE OF BLACK LABEL PLEASE”.
We continued playing drinking games until everyone couldn’t drink anymore. As the 2 girls were leaving, I notice that the hot one had a ring on her fourth finger. I then said to her, “Are you married???”.
She replied, “If I’m married, would I be here?”.

The Bitch and her car

Yesterday i was in DJ for lunch and when I came back to my car, a Kancil blocked my car. So i sound my car honk to alert the Kancil’s owner. I honked and honked but no one came. Celaka betul!!! Hence, i got down from my car and went to check whether or not that kind driver left any phone number on his/her car. Nope, no contact number of whatsoever but the car got damn a lot of soft toys.

“FUCKING WOMAN DRIVER!” i shouted out loud. I am not sexist but cars with lot of soft toys are normally woman’s. You will notice this if you are observant enough.

I stood by my car and pressed my car honk for another 2 minutes straight. Everyone around that area was irritated by my noisy car honk. But alas, no stupid woman came to claim that bloody Kancil. Out of anger, i sat in car and tried to read my Newspaper while pressing my car honk occasionally. Thank God, i was on leave yesterday or else i would be late for work, VERY LATE.

Finally 10 minutes later, a stupid aunty came out from the post office, she walked toward me, really slowly, shaking her ass as if she was Jennifer Lopez.

“Could it be the stupid kancil’s owner” I asked myself.

When she walked past my car, I stared at her and pressed my car honk again.


She didn’t apologise at all when she walked past my car. THE WORST THING was she did not drove off straight away, she had to arrange the soft toys in her car!!!

FUCK, I made me even angry.


FUCKING BITCH!!! If it is not for my profession, I would go down and break her windscreen with my steering lock.

AAAAARGH…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Punch the Wall* I hate inconsiderate aunty driver!!!

Upcoming year end events 2006

Just a little recap on the upcoming year end events

More info @
Fellow reader knickx commented that many of the year end parties are held outside Kuala Lumpur. Well, Ping found one that is not held outside KL.

Wahlao, Buffet, Free Flow and then Swimming. Sure vomit like waterfall.
More info @
Buy tickets @

VELOCITY will consist of two (2) rooms for all you party goers
ROOM 1 (Dance)
DJ Love
Kyau vs Albert
Ron van den Beuken
Judge Jules
DJ Biggie
Jake Man
RM45 (Presale – starting 27 November 2006)
RM60 (Door Sale)
More info @
HIGH-SPEED DRIFT party! TRANSIT – Sound of Smoke – 31/12/06

For decades, this is what our local DRIFT enthusiasts are waiting for! After the success of Merdeka Speedway Drift Battle!! which was held in conjunction with 50th Merdeka Day celebration, Angle D5 again brings you the first ever HIGH-SPEED DRIFT event in Sepang International Circuit! Come and celebrate this coming new year with our biggest HIGH-SPEED DRIFT party of the year, brought to you by Angle D5!
Spectator Charges:
Drift Only
RM15 with 1 soft drink (*Early Birds)
RM25 with 1 soft drink (Upon Entrance)
Drift + Rave Party
RM45 with 2 drinks with LIMITED TRANSIT GIFT (*Early Birds)
RM60 with 2 drinks (Upon Entrance)
For drifters who wish to participate:
Registration Day: Every Thursday and Saturday, from 8pm to 10pm at PLUS Speedway Circuit
Entry Fees: RM60 per drifter + 2 tickets to the Rave Party worth RM120
Briefing Day: TBA
Please register as soon as possible before the closing date, 23rd of December 2006
For more info, you may contact ALEX a.k.a. monsterv6 at 016-998 1289, 012-285 8121
*Early Birds final date will be confirmed later.
More info @
To warm up for the parties, proudly presents the following mixes for your hearing pleasure.
DJ Damien K – Hardstyle Renaissance 003
More info @
DJ Dontana – digit3ch
More info @

blame me, blame you, blame, blame…

Sunday night, i happened to surf to channel 19 on Astro. A talk show on current issue called “Talking Issues” was on. They were discussing about corruption in Malaysia. I couldn’t really remember the name of three guest appearing on the show but i did remember one of them was MCA youth chief.

He was there not to give his neutral view on the Government policy in combatting corruption in Malaysia but to defend the Government’s policy and effort in doing so. Ok, fine. However, when he was cornered by the 2 other guests, he said “The Rakyat gave kopi-o money to the Government Officer to “solve” their problem and to “expediate” the matter.”

But hello…if the Government Officer rejected the offer, none of this would happen, right? What about those times that the Policeman stopped a car and told the driver “You were driving while talking on the handphone? The summon is RM300.00 but if you need help, i can help you.” or that time when PUSPAKOM officer told the lorry driver “Your lorry a lot of problems but i can help you.” When Rakyat ask them how can they help the Rakyat. They said, “We “HELP” la. ”

So, who should be blame for all this? You, me or your neighbour’s dog?

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