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Tai Lou Leong : Lan ciaw lah mah hai sei coolio ah! All of your hair are going to drop off.(translation : “cock pussy die coolio” doesnt make much sense in english but it does in chinese. Sort off)

Dyed hair today. Wouldn’t say it was good or bad but in a way quite satisfying. I couldn’t bleach my hair cream white with chestnut colour strands though. Hair stylist wanted to charge me fucking 50 Aust per round of bleach. And in order for me to obtain the white i wanted she said i need to go at least 3 rounds of bleaching which would cost me a total of 150 Aust (approximate) not including the short trim i wanted. Not forgetting 5 to 6 hours of stoning on the damn chair.

Couldn’t be bothered i just told her to dye whatever colour that she thought suited me. Wanted to give my parents a shock next week but looks like i have to settle for comments like “OH MY GOD! what in hell’s name have you done to your hair?!” instead of “You’re fucked big time boy, pass me the chainsaw”.

On the other hand, Wei Chen’s scalp is totally rainbowlised. Lost count on the amount of tone he has now. His hair is totally yellowlised, brownised, chestnutlised, blondised, etc. His head looks as though it represents the blardee sun. But it’s cool ‘Respect’.

There’s been tones of good movies out in the cinema lately. Red Dragon was awesome in ways it was really gruesome and thrilling at the same time. Road to Perdition would interest the slow action type movie fans. The Two Towers looks really promising and not forgetting Chambers of Secrets as well which is already out in Malaysia! Gawwdd Austalia is really slow.

Look what i found! look what i found! *faints*

Avril6 (26k image)
Avril Lavigne is teh sexxe!!


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