the ring

IT was fucking freaky! Everyone in the cinema was like loosing their damn mind. Screaming, squirming, closing eyes/ears, some even left the damn theater half way through the show. That was the situation in Crown cinema tonight.

Was really dead bored. Catch the next tram down to catch a movie alone. All that was left screening was The Ring. I thought to myself why not? Big mistake. My fingers are over-strained from covering my ears and eyes. Pussy i know, Fuck off. Just that these movies really scare the shit out of me but i do enjoy the adrenaline rush or i wouldn’t be even considering to watch the show.

It was a good show overall, scary-wise. Was told that the Jap version is much scarier though. Not planning to indulge in that just yet. The english one was bad enough. I don even dare to lay eyes on my tv now since i got home. Oh well….

4:45 AM (Aust)

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