body surfing!

COWABANGGA!!!..I wanted to post this picture along with the other one but I was scared to hog leong’s website with all these beach pictures..but hehe..I couldn’t resist it: i HAD to put this one up too! 😀 Okay, so this is body surfing. You don’t necessarily need a board, you can body surf without a board. It’s really simple, all you have to do is have your back facing the water, wait for the waves to come..and *tadaa* you’re up on the air!! Totally awesome! Well, I’m sure there’s no way you can do it in Malaysian waters rite? what are you waiting for?..COME TO HAWAII!..

7 thoughts on “body surfing!”

  1. Kim, real nice pic there. So, which one is you? *studying the photo under magnifying glass* Anyway if the Bar Council recognises Hawaii’s Uni, i could have choosen Hawaii. Look at the SEA! So NICE! Look at our PD! So DIRTY!

  2. but the prob about hawaii is beach beach beach girls in bikini beach beach beach sea and stuffnothing else but that. unless u like surfing, that’s probably not the place to go..

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