woOo hOo! surfing time!

WooOO HOoOOo..ain’t this DA BOMB?? This is Sandies Beach and it’s one of the best beaches in Honolulu, Hawai’i. I was thrown around like a ragged doll when the huge waves (almost 5ft!) came crashing down on me, picked me up and brought me further away from where I was standing. *help*
warning: People who are interested to learn surfing SHOULD NOT come here. Beginners should go to Waikiki Beach because the waves there are calmer and less threatening. However, if you wanna learn how to body surf (it’s like gliding through the waves- totally awesome), Sandies Beach is the best place to learn!
So..anybody interested? 😉

17 thoughts on “woOo hOo! surfing time!”

  1. uh oh? damn..cannot be so vulgar already 😀 so does she knows the word ‘blog’? its one of the newest words around 😀

  2. leong: she pretends to understand when i babble on about blogging, websites, greymatter and all but i tink she is just pretending to listen to me :Pshe knows my sis blogs here but she dunno how to get into the site

  3. WOw …. syoknya … becky .. dont compare the Beach in Honolulu with Malaysia beach ok … totally tak boleh fight ~

  4. *hyUk hYUk*..life is good here.. ;)..can anybody come? It gets boring over here.. no m’sians..:(dee: chee ah, COOL HOR??..i have some other pics too.. but i don’t wanna flood leong’s website with too many beach pics..eh chee, when are u coming down lah?leong: come here wehhhh..;) but since i will be here for the next 2 years.. you can come anytime you want.. i can take u around! 😛

  5. malaysian beaches got alot of jellyfish and trigger fish, and also no big waves. so if u can surf in malaysia u’re the champion.

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