Clubbing in Ho Chi Minh City

According to Jeff, most of the night life entertainment outlets (partying, drinking etc) in Ho Chi Minh City are located in hotels. He brought us to a place called Level 23 at Sheraton Hotel. As suggested by its name, it’s located at level 23. Great view of Ho Chi Minh City.

Prior to that, I was pretty excited with the outing with Jeff, June and their furniture entrepreneur friends. My first impression of Ho Chi Minh City’s nightlife – a city of 8 million people, awesome music and happening crowd with hand up in the air screaming their lungs out!

Instead, they were listening to Backstreetboys and dancing to Savage Garden. WHAT THE FISH!!!

I knew I love you beforee i met you~~~ omggg someone please! please shooott me!!

Fortunately, Level 23 had a live band performing at that night. It wasn’t so bad after all.

However, the crowd mainly consist of foreigners. There were not many locals around. Probably that explains why they play such music.

On another note, we used to dread that all night spots or events in Kuala Lumpur must be closed by 3AM. Those were the days where we partied till 6AM (some till the next afternoon!). But if you think 3AM is bad, try living in Vietnam. They end by 1230AM!!!

Voodoo presents Fono and the Bass Agents @ Zouk 13.5.2006

Just like the previous one, it was awesome! The hard pumping music, the friends around and the atmosphere were just right. We had about 4 – 5 bottles of Black Label and by the end of the night, everyone was drunk. In a good way of course.

Also, I must record my sincere appreciation to Sharon Dilirius for bringing us in without going through the mad guest list queue. So mad till Tay stood on the same spot for 15 minutes and in the end decided to fork out RM380 for a bottle of Black Label to skip the queue!
As soon as the Bass Agents took over the decks, we were screaming our lungs out with out hands up in the air ala fascist salute. And that was what we did for the rest of the night. Bass Agent events in ZOUK is one event everyone who attend to experience the madness.

We also went on a photography spree, taking pictures of each other. Unfortunately, while in the midst of doing so, I accidentally dropped Ivn and Kelynn’s camera and cracked the camera’s LCD screen. Ops…MANY APOLOGIES!!!


ivN, Kelynn, Sharon and Red Lobster Me.. (p/s i get red after 1 drink, typical Chinaman)

I have no idea what they were doing..


Tay..ivN & Aaron who looks like he just got run over by a lorry. HAHAHAHHA

Master Sow!

Jin Wye.. ivN again..!

Jac & eraine 😛

the Bass Agents!

KinkyBlueFairy Joyce & KamSauToTheMax Melvin

Licia and winkris!

Ryan…sei fei chaiii ahhahahaha

Heineken Music Lab: Analog Girl @ ZOUK KL 28.4.2006


Initially it was just Sui Lin and I. Both of us were interested to see a Singaporean girl perform with a laptop and singing with it. What made it more intriguing is that she has performed in places like Japan, France and UK.

Then Sharon Dilirius and Angeline joined us.

Since it’s a Heineken organized party, beer was cheap. RM65 for a bucket of Heineken it and it comes with a free gift.

Admission was free but non-members of Heineken Music Lab would have to register themselves before getting in. I thought it was going to be packed, but it wasn’t so. We managed to find a place to sit.

Further, I had the privilege of the company of 3 gorgeous ladies. 😀 But the problem is that the 3 of them does not drink beer… ARGH. NO BUCKET OF BEER FOR ME! Fortunately, the Hardsequance crew was there as well, Jovi spared me a bottle 😀


Analog Girl was dressed in a black 1 piece dress, and sneakers O_O. She didn’t say much during her performance but she sang throughout her 45 minutes performance. I find her music a bit morbid. It has a little tinge of Bjork in it. Further, her equipment wasn’t limited to a Mac laptop, she had some sort of mixer as well.

Overall performance was fairly alright. The first few minutes were interesting but my fascination sort of die down after few songs.
There was another event in ZOUK as well. It was the Cleo’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor party. The queue to get in to ZOUK was crazy, the line wasn’t that long when Eddie Halliwell was here. It was all the way till the roadside !

Further, no way I was going to attend that event. But definitely Gavin Tan would love to since he loves checking guys out. wahahHAha

The Finals of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition @ Station 3, Melaka 31 March 2006

This time round, there were only 10 contestants left from the 17 contestants in the Semi Finals. Gurmit, Johnson and I judged this competition again.

We had the opportunity to be introduced to Freddy, the boss of Station 3. He treated us with some drinks though not as much as last week. Last week was crazy, the manager fed us with too much beer.
Since Swedish Daniel Norstom wanted to check out the scene in Melaka, we brought him along. I hope he had a great time there 😀

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The Semifinals of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition @ Station 3, Melaka

Just right after work, Johnson and I rushed to Melaka to judge the semifinals of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition at Station 3, Melaka.
Many thanks to DJ Reeve for picking us up from Pure Bar, getting us a room at Fenix Inn and organizing the event.
Fenix Inn is one unique inn. It consist 3 adjoining shops. The ground floors of each shop consist of a cybercafe, the lobby and a BLOODY CAR PARK respectively. The car park can only fit about 6 cars though. We had to hand in our car keys so that the guards can park and repark the car.

Left, the car park.
Station 3 used to be one of the most happening clubs in Melaka. But it’s been around for almost 6 years and as such, just like many other old clubs, their patronage lately has been dwindling. Therefore, they organized an event to attract the crowd back.

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Renault F1 Team Pit Party @ Sepang

Since world No. 1 DJ, DJ Tiesto is spinning, Johnson, Cris, Melvin, Ivn and I made a trip to Sepang to see Tiesto spin. This time round, we had no girls in our group. Yeah, it was a sausage crew.
Parking was a breeze. And it was free too. There were few trucks of Luk-luk stalls on the car park as well. Reminds me of my neighbour’s party where he hired Fatman LukLuk to cater for his party.
Everything was smooth sailing. We reached about 10PM, just when Tiesto started.
Tiesto’s opening was superb. He had a lion dance troupe on stage welcoming his arriving. As soon as he pumped the music, fire works lit up.
Video of DJ Tiesto’s opening set

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DJ Anatta @ Club Pure, Melaka 11 March 2006

DJ Anatta was hired to spin at Club Pure @ Melaka. So Cris, Florence and I decided to accompany her. We were given a free room at Aldy Hotel, 3 stars! 😀

Frankly, I am not familiar with the clubbing scene in Melaka. But recently I have been approached by a club in Melaka to judge a Melbourne Shuffle competition (which will be held @ Station 3 @ Melaka, 24 and 31 March 2006, more details soon!) for them. Hence, it would be interesting to see how the scene is like beforehand.

DJ Ashvin of Club Pure picked us up from our hotel. The club is located somewhere around Melaka’s business district centre.
As we were brought to the club, my first impression was that the club is made from adjoining few shop house together. Well, in fact, it was a corner lot with brilliant interior and design!


The street where the club is located is theme as the mini-Bangsar of Melaka. There are other clubs and pubs there as well.

Club Pure is made up of 2 rooms, 1st room being the R&B room on the ground floor and the other room is for dance music, which is on the first floor. The R&B floor was packed to the max. Pack as a can of sardines I would say.

But the other room was pretty deserted, probably because dance music hasn’t really picked up in Melaka. We were given two buckets of beer while waiting for DJ Anatta to finish. Cris and I went on a photography spree. I heard Cris took about 1 gig of photos O_O

Florence & DJ Anatta

Men’s toilet – a small strip of one way mirror to see whether any guys are hitting on your girlfriend.

There are two weird things in Club Pure. The first is that male patrons cannot wear caps. I had this bouncer poking my waist and thereafter grabbed my cap from my head. I stared at him in disbelief and immediately grabbed my cap from him. He then pointed his head and said, “No Caps”. I was told that the reason behind it is that caps obstruct the view of CCTVs in the club. So there I was, clubbing with a head of flatten hair. I felt like a bloody schoolboy.

As for the second weird thing, I would have to start by explaining how the dance room is like in Pure Club. The DJ console is built on an elevated stage, which overlooks a small cemented dance floor. And on that dance floor, there were couple of young shufflers. Yes, the Melbourne Shuffle has invaded Melaka! I even saw someone wearing phat pants there too “=_=

While the young shufflers were tearing the dance floor with DJ Anatta’s progressive house and breakbeats, a group of kids came. Immediately thereafter, the kids were break dancing….


Those Bboys were doing their helicopter shits and flips.

It was culture shock I tell you.

Of course, many thanks to our beloved DJ Anatta, whose music can influence clubbers to break dance to her progressive house and breakbeats. Looks like the crowd loved her music 😀

Immediately at 230AM, the music ended and lights were turned on. Club Pure closes half an hour earlier than clubs in Kuala Lumpur.
We met DJ Ashvin, DJ Raymond and DJ Alex for supper thereafter. They brought us to Hajjah Mona Asam Pedas @ Taman Kota Laksamana. Each of us had a place of Assam Pari (Sour Stringray). It was bloody excellent. My mouth waters as I type this man!

DJs of Club Pure, Raymond, Ashvin & Alex.

Hardsequance @ Saxophone 11.2.2006

Awesome and Pack!!

DJ Rotifish & Damien K in the house!

On a normal night, Saxophone Club is as empty as my high school library. But tonight, it was packed like a can of sardines.

Tons of shufflers, non shufflers were rare.

Spot Sow & Amos..

Didjital warmed up but his set was as if he was ending the night. Pure Hard style I tell you. DJ Damien K vs DJ RotiFish (Big Ben) was next. Big Ben had so many supported until his non raving friends came over to support him.

Damien K & Big Ben

Sow, HHH, Umeng, Tay and I took a break after Damien and Rotifish’s set. Although I’m a huge fan of hard stuff, I had to take a break from the hard music. During the break, we planned for another round of the PJ v Old Klang Road drinking competition. But Saxophone’s alcohol was taking a toll on our wallets. RM58 for a bucket (4 bottles) of lousy Skol beer! Then Sow came up with a brilliant idea.

Sow: You know what, I got a good idea on how to get drunk quickly. Let’s buy a jug of long island tea and drink it with straws!!!
After 2 Jugs…



Callie & Niekon (Catch DJ Niekon in action in the next HS!)

Me, TwinkyBlueFairy & Guy

Ithinkhe’sSober Kit, Don & Umeng

Confirm.ComNotSober Gavin & Sze Wei

Umeng’s sister & Huei Lan?

Big Ben thinks he’s in the 60s , as for Tay… no comment 😛
GanGaGuGu’s set was the last. One of the enjoyable parts of Ganjaguru’s set is his performance. His twists, facial expressions and swings made the songs more enjoyable.

Umeng: (while looking @ Ganjaguru): Damn ying weiii
Me: Yeah man…… damn drama

Cant wait for the next HS on 25.2.2006!


HARDSEQUENCE @ SAXOPHONE, KL – Saturday, 11 Feb 06

Bass Agents (”Best New Local Dj” – JUICE Readers Choice Award (2005), and DarkRaverz reunite with Hardsequence (”Best New Local Night” & “Most up for it crowd” – JUICE Readers Choice Award (2005), to bring you an arsenal of hard hitting beats to stimulate your mind, body and soul.

February also brings in a special treat all the way from Australia for all you Hard Dance fanatics. Bass Agent, Ganjaguru from Melbourne will attempt to seduce and intoxicate your senses with his hard driving bass lines and a dash of Hardstyle. Ganjaguru is known for his residencies at ‘Elevation’ at Altitude (Melbourne), ‘Tuned’ at the Tunnel (Melbourne) as well as being a regular guest at PHD and the rest of the Asian collective.

And to all Hardsequence supporters, the 3rd edition T-shirts will be on sale for RM40 that night in various sizes. Alternatively, you can contact one our promoters for more details.

VENUE: SAXOPHONE Club @ Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur (Next to Bar IBIZA)
TIME: 10PM till 3AM
ADMISSION: RM25 + 1D (presale) RM35 + 1D (door sales)
Presale admission is BEFORE 11.30pm.
DRESSCODE: Funky wear, dress to EXPRESS not to impress.
NO attitudes. ONLY happy people! NO rest for the wicked.
PRESALES: Please confirm your bookings with your HardSequence Promoter BEFORE 3pm on the 11th February. Thank you.
**FIRST 50 get a FREE 3rd Edition HARDSEQUENCE CD!**
and LIVE VISUAL EFFECTS by Didjital & Drive
CHRISTINA 012.622.7856
EDDY 017.578.2017
JON 012.382.0173
BEN 012.303.0622
KOK WING 012.663.4560

Shotgunning procedure

Text Source: Wikipedia

Shotgunning is a means of consuming a canned beverage, especially beer, very quickly by a particular technique involving punching a hole in the side of the can near the bottom.

Punching a hole

To shotgun a beverage, place the can on a flat surface (very important!) and then punch a hole on the side of the beer can. Make sure it’s parallel to the mouthpiece. This is usually done using a key or other sharp instruments.

Hole punched

The drinker then places this hole to his or her lips, tilts the can right-side-up, and pulls the tab in the usual manner. The combined effects of gravity and the pressure change that follow when the tab is pulled cause the beverage to be forced out of the can, and into the drinker’s mouth, very rapidly. Unless one is skilled in this technique, it is easy to become soaked as the drink rushes out of the can.


Warning! Excessive shotgunning would lead to this..