Xes.cx – Clubbing System mix

(sorry bout the picture i couldn’t find a better one LOL)
A couple of older tracks but i must say this is my favourite set so far and it just makes me wanna tap my foot and go on a clubbing frenzy even on a monday night. Set kicks off with mellow trance and then gradually pumps harder mid way.Your-typical-clubbing-in-KL-type of music and i hope you all like it as much as i do!
1)Aces Delight vs Baced – Destiny
2)Pervading Call – Two
3)m.i.k.e – Strange World
4)Blank and Jones – Catch (Martin Roth mix)
5)Starsplash – Eternity
6)Dumonde – Ich Will Raus
7)Tiesto – Magik Journey(old school mix)
8)Delirium – Silence (unreleased mix)
9)Artist and song name witheld for protection
10)Liquid Soill – Keep Turning Around(Empyre one remix)
11)Blank and Jones – Mind of the Wonderful(Martin Roth remix)
12)Tiesto – Love comes Again

United 93



Acclaimed filmmaker Paul Greengrass (“Bloody Sunday,” “The Bourne Supremacy”) writes and directs an unflinching drama that tells the story of the passengers and crew, their families on the ground and the flight controllers who watched in dawning horror as United Airlines Flight 93 became the fourth hijacked plane on the day of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil: September 11, 2001.

“United 93” recreates the doomed trip in actual time, from takeoff to hijacking to the realization by those onboard that their plane was part of a coordinated attack unfolding on the ground beneath them. The film attempts to understand the abject fear and courageous decisions of those who-over the course of just 90 minutes-transformed from a random assembly of disconnected strangers into bonded allies who confronted an unthinkable situation.

As 2006 marks the passing of five years since the epochal events of 9/11, the time has come for contemporary cinema’s leading filmmakers to dramatically investigate the events of that day, its causes and its consequences, and the everyday individuals whose fates were forever altered while simply going about their common workday rituals.
Greengrass, known for films such as “Resurrected” and “Bloody Sunday,” brings to “United 93” a history of compassionate filmmaking that has explored some of the most troubled incidents of recent world history-when politics turns to violence, when beliefs slip into zealotry. As there is no perfect record of the hijacking’s exact details and hostage retaliation, Greengrass takes a careful hand and partially improvises the events with an ensemble cast of unknown actors who were given studies of their Flight 93 counterparts.

“United 93” intends to dignify the memory of those on that flight, the men and women whose sacrifice remains one of the most heroic legacies of the incomprehensible tragedies that unfolded on that autumn morning.

Last week, I read an article in BBC news. It was about the last words of Cee Cee, a flight attendant in the doomed flight 93.

    Lorne Lyles, 35, was asleep when United Flight 93 was hijacked – with his wife Cee Cee, a flight attendant, on board.

    He did not wake in time to catch her first call, but she called again moments later.

    “Babe, I need for you to listen to me. My plane has been hijacked,” she said.

    “I heard the panic in her voice. I could hear nervous talking behind her,” he told the court.

    “Tell my kids I love them,” she said. “I need you to take care of my kids.”

    That was his last conversation with the woman he described to the court as “my Cee Cee”.

    But it was not the last time he was to hear from her.

    A week after 11 September, he realised she had left a message when she called the first time.

    “Tell my children I love them very much, and I’m so sorry, baby,” her voice played out across the courtroom.

    “I hope to be able to see your face again, baby. I love you.”

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/4904402.stm

DJ Cbell J – Xes Dancefloor Connection

DJ Cbell J aka puhyah is one of the regulars of this website. He’s been posting many of his mixes on this website, especially on the forum.
He just recorded a mix for everyone @ www.xes.cx.
It starts off with some dark progressive house to techno, to uk hard dance to some dark synthie trance. Track listing is as follows:-
1. The Drill – the drill
2. Laurent Pautrat – Talk about it
3. Anne Savage – Parasite
4. DeadBeat – Still Thinkin
5. Dave the Drummer – a side [ taken from Hydraulix 24 Vinyl ]
6. The Edison Factor – Halucination
7. Lisa Lashes – Temptaion
8. Umek – Gatex
9. Digitek – Kenkraft 400
10. Pink – God is a DJ
Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/16641852/Xes_Dancefloor_Connection.mp3.htm
Other mixes:-
Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€
P/S Melbourne Shuffle Competition Finals @ Station 3, Melaka tomorrow.Cya guys there!

Xes.cx – Dance Department mix

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its really hard to make a mix to cater to everyone’s liking so i’ve decided to hybrid this mix with the most popular genre. The mix kicks off with hardstyle, then mellow hardhouse, madness electro hardhouse, hardhouse,trance, hard trance and finally vocal trance.Since it only took me now to post this, im just remembering the tracklisting by memory. I might miss out a couple of tracks in the list but what the hell, the fengtau element is there.
citizen x – lonely
Groove Coverage – The Last Unicorn(Deepforces rmx)
Kindervater – ftp://013.07.974
Sa.Vee.Oh – Nohacker.exe
Sa.Vee.Oh – Global anthem
Kindervater – steinwenberg
Malec – Let me take you on a journey
Dave 202 – Moonlight
Dark by Design – Bitch
Sunblind – Believe (nunrg/p.h.a.t.t. rmx)
Dj Dean – Music is my life (Dave Joy rmx)
Heaven’s Cry – Till Death do us a apart (Yoji Biomehanika rmx)
Pet Shop Boys – Home and Dry(Blank and Jones rmx)
pump da bassline but don’t break anything while you’re blasting.LOL

Xes.cx Special Mix

This is meant to be released before christmas but i couldn’t made it in time for the special occasion. The playlist consists of mostly requests from friends and fans and personal favourites. Tracklisting as follow.

1.Dj X-Sonic and Nautilus – Hymen of the Nautilus (Megara vs Dj Lee rmx)
2.666 – Insanity (Megara vs Dj Lee rmx)
3.Nouky – When The Rain Begins to Fall (Megara vs Dj Lee rmx)
4.Kenny Takito – Connected
5.Starsplash – Rainbow in the Sky (Megara vs Dj Lee rmx)
6.Rock Ryders – Don’t You Know (Full on Vocal Edit)
7.Dj Tiesto – Traffic (Cosmic Gate rmx)
8.Vanessa Mae – White Bird (Cosmic Gate rmx)
9.Alphazone – Immortal (Ceylon rmx)
10.Dj Tiesto – Just Be (Antillas rmx)
11.Voodoo and Serano – Blood is Pumping 2005
12.Digitally Imported – sod (rych Vocal hard mix)
Yeah and lastly, happy new year people!
note:Link holds for 7 days only. Yousendit doesn’t support multi-downloading or resuming, so please use single download. File approximately 49.9mb coded in 128kbps
[EDIT] new link http://www.quickdump.com/files/433584179.html

Fearless – starring Jet Li

Starring: Jet Li, Nakamura Shido, Collin Chou, Shun Li, Michelle Yeoh

Opening Day: 26 January 2006 (Chinese New Year Blockbuster!)

Synopsis :

Based on the life of Martial Artsmaster Huo Yuanjia (1868-1910), this biopic is set during the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, a pivotal period in China’s history, when the whole country is shrouded under increasing internal turmoil and the imminent threat of foreign invasion.
Huo Yuanjia begins the story as a cocky, young Martial Arts practitioner with only one thing in his mind, to become the best at his craft at all costs. His quest eventually leads to a tragedy when he mistakenly kills an opponent whose disciples consequently slaughter Huo’s whole family for revenge. A distraught and heartbroken Huo flees to the countryside, determined to abandon everything he ever wanted and believed in. He then spends considerable time in a remote mountain village anonymously, where he relearned all the things that matter in life while taking refuge with an old lady and her half blind granddaughter. He returns to the city to make amends with his turbulent past, and gets swept up in a violent, fight to the death Martial Arts tournament to defend China’s honor against foreign aggressors.
Official Website: www.fearlessthemovie.com
Trailer: http://www.fearlessthemovie.com/video/index_hi.html
I used to love Jet Li’s movies, especially those movies where he played Wong Fei Hung (Once Upon a Time in China). But his recent movies were crap, stupid Hollywood spoiled his great kungfu moves. I notice that in Jet Li’s movies, there are loads of African American. As compared to Jacky Chan movies, there are more Caucasians!
Also, I recently watched this Chinese movie by the name SPL.

Source: http://www.karazen.com/reviews/movies/shapolang.php

Synopsis: A man that will do anything to keep his criminal empire, a man that walks the fine line between โ€˜protect and serve’ and the very element he stands against, and a man pushed to excel in the shadow of personal failure. None are left unscathed.
Chan’s [Simon Yam] sense of justice and self-imposed personal duty tests his adherence to the principles he upholds as a policeman.
The head of a specialty police unit, he is nearing retirement, yet his adopted daughter is a constant reminder of a crime boss that won’t go gently into that good night. Moreover, Po [Sammo Hung] has evolved since that time, becoming more and more of a kingpin and growing increasingly untouchable. Chan can’t walk away without setting things right, but they have nothing on him. Knowing Po was behind the murder and destruction of evidence that orphaned his adopted daughter, Chan is torn by doing what he knows is right, yet he manages to keep his actions within the law despite temptation.
Ma [Donnie Yen] will take Chan’s place as head of the unit, and joins shortly before Chan’s retirement. Ma might be seen as a by the books cop, but he wasn’t always like that and the escalating confrontation between Chan and Po tests his resolve to stay out of the shadow that haunts him. It’s that same resolve that causes Chan and Ma to not see eye to eye on things when they manage to grab Po, but they won’t be able to keep him. With time sifting through the proverbial hour glass both men’s integrity is tried as Po’s patience wears thin- the result has bloody consequences.
Simon Yam, Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen along with Wu Jing star in this new dark, gritty actioner directed by Wilson Yip.
Official site with trailer: http://www.shapolangthemovie.com/
BRILLIANT SHOW albeit a little violent. It’s so violent till my pirated DVD censored some violent parts.
But fuuuuuhhh…Donnie Yen is damn bloody yau ying (COOL)!
siffuuu!!!!!!!!!! Please teach me martial arts!!!

I would recommend all martial arts lovers to watch this movie!

Memoirs of a Geisha

Watch the trailer @ http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/memoirsofageisha/trailer/
More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memoirs_Of_A_Geisha

Zhang Ziyi..her parents must be terrorists…cause she is tEh bOmb!

Watch a parody of the Memoirs of a Geisha http://www.youtube.com/w/Memoirs-of-a-Geisha–Mad-TV?v=_AQvqsZFgDY&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fsatkuru%2Ecom%2Fmemoirs%2Ehtm

Sharing is Caring, yes?

Its been a long time i’ve posted anything here. Partially due to the absence of any new remix by DJ Rych. Recently, I’ve found a great remix across the net. Hence, I decide to share it here with everyone. Fortunately, I was permitted to distribute the track by the producer, DJ Doboy. Please visit his site for more kick-ass tracks. For the meantime, enjoy this one first.
Get the torrent here
Info regarding the torrent can be found here
Remix Info
DJ Doboy – Trancequility Vol.30 (1:19:50), 109mb
01. fire and ice – samoa
02. firewall – kilimanjaro
03. mk-s – illuminate (mind one remix)
04. airscape – sosei (original mix)
05. voi – journey to paradise (mind one remix)
06. lasgo – surrender (ronald van gelderen remix)
07. alphazone – immortal (ceylon remix)
08. jx – restless
09. michael woods – solex (close to the edge) (vocal mix)
10. filo and peri – i 95
11. eric lidstroem – lightfields
12. solid globe – sahara
13. questia – crystal clouds (vincent de moor original mix)
Please leave the torrent on to seed the distribution. Its totally all about free-sharing and generousity ๐Ÿ™‚ I did my part in sharing it here, you should also do yours by at least providing some bandwitdh alright? Enjoy the music! I know I did!

Russell Peters – Comedy now!

Russell Peters‘s stand up comedy.
The older white folks looks confused right now.
Punani is a Jamaican slang for a woman’s *phewwwitt*
My dad thought it was a tropical fruit
One time when I was a kid I was sick and I was messing with my daddy.
He said, “Oh my god son you’re sick, what can I get you?”
I go Dad…I love Punani..
My dad went to the Jamaican store..
“Hey lady where is your Punani??”
“My son is at home sick and he needs punani right now!”
“Give me two!”
“Is it ripe? Let me squeeze it”
“No No No.. No seeeds”
Download now!
comedy now! – russell peters – complete.mpg.torrent

All day long, i dream about sex

To Derek,

Thanks for all your free passes. Due to your effort and hardwork, all day long, i dream about sex. LONG LIVE, DEREK. This song is dedicated to you.

All day long, i dream about sex

by JC Chasez

So you wanna be a rockstar
Keep it going, don’t stop
Work it while you’re on top, call the cops
Rollercoaster riding, baby
Up and down
I love to watch you do it
I just want to get close to you
Find out what it takes to move you
Feel the rhythm, hit the spot, getting hot
All night long
All day long I dream about sex
And all night long I think about sex
And all the time I think about sex with you, with you
All day long I dream about sex
And all night long I think about sex
And all the time I think about sex with you, with you
Keep in mind, I’m a love machine
Get it twenty four seven, call me any time you need
Some extra attention, did I forget to mention
School’s back in session, get ready for a lesson
I just want to feel alive
And do what it takes to satisfy you
Hour after hour baby
All night long with you
All day long I dream about sex
And all night long I think about sex
And all the time I think about sex with you, with you
All day long I dream about sex
And all night long I think about sex
And all the time I think about sex with you, with you
All day long I dream about sex
And all night long I think about sex
And all the time I think about sex with you, with you
All day long I dream about sex
And all night long I think about sex
And all the time I think about sex with you, with you
All day long I dream about sex
And all night long I think about sex
And all the time I think about sex with you, with you
All day long I dream about sex
And all night long I think about sex
And all the time I think about sex with you, with you
All day long I dream about sex
And all night long I think about sex
And all the time I think about sex with you, with you
All day long I dream about sex
And all night long I think about sex
And all the time I think about sex with you, with you

Note: The copyright of this song belongs to the artist and his respectable record label. The music that you are above to download is a sample and hence it is in low quality. Please remove it after 24 hours. www.xes.cx shall not be liable to lawsuit whatsoever trouble that you may run into with the authority.