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At last we are back in business!!!

To celebrate this joyful occassion, let’s sing a song call Sanpomichi(Walking Path in Japanese)by Japanese Band Judy and Mary. Oooh ya, i must warn you guys that you might get addicted to the song once you listen to it. The damn tune is stuck in my head for days now.

Karaoke lyric

sonna fuu ni motomete bakkari ja tamashii mo karechau wa
muzukashii kotoba bakkari ja ano kotomo nakayoku narenai no
mukaikaze ni butsukatte dokkaan tte naite
asa ni natte zenbu wasureta [aa…]
fuwafuwa uiteru ano kumo ni noreru kurai
atama yawaraka ni shiyou
haru no sanpomichi ni wa kiiroi hanakanmuri ga
natsu no sanpomichi ni wa semi no koushin ga michi wo fusagu no
nani yori mo taisetsuna koto te wo tsunagou yawarakai kaze ga fuku
sukoshi dake yasashiku natte yuugure nimo hayaku kizuku
shiawase no katachi wa kawatteku kizukazu ni nonbiri to
atashi ga omou yori mo zutto atashi no sora wa hirogatterun da wa
aki no sanpomichi ni wa kasakasa ochiba no merodii
fuyu no sanpomichi ni wa koori no tuki ga mizu ni utsuru no
dare yori mo taisetsuna hito te wo tsunagou yawarakai kaze ga fuku
mae yori mo yasashiku natte mita koto nai kao de warau
ame no sanpomichi de wa nureta benchi wo yokome ni
hareta sanpomichi de wa futari no kage ga nagaku nobiru no
dare yori mo taisetsuna hito te wo tsunagou hokorashiku mae wo mite
tsukurareta chizu wa iranai watashitachi no michi wa tsuzuku
nani yori mo taisetsuna koto te wo tsunagou yawarakai kaze ga fuku
sukoshi dake yasashiku natte yuugure nimo hayaku kizuku


Always acting so greedy, your soul will wither
She only uses difficult words, I can’t become good friends with her
I crash into an opposing wind and start bawling my eyes out
In the morning I forget it all, “Aaah…”
Let’s lighten our heads
Until we can ride up in the fluffy clouds
My walking path in spring has a coronet of yellow flowers
My walking path in summer is covered with a march of cicadas
More important than anything else, let’s join hands in the softly blowing wind
It feels just a little bit nice, and we notice it’s already twilight
Without noticing, relaxed, our pattern of happiness gradually changes
My sky has grown far wider than I ever thought it would
My walking path in autumn plays a melody rustling through fallen leaves
My walking path in winter projects an icicle moon on water
More important than anyone else, let’s join hands in the softly blowing wind
It feels even nicer than before, let’s laugh with faces that haven’t seen a thing
On my walking path in rain, we make a sidelong glance at the soaking wet bench
On my walking path in sunshine our shadows stretch out long
More important than anyone else, let’s join hands and proudly look before
We continue along our path without using the map we made
More important than anything else, let’s join hands in the softly blowing wind
It feels just a little bit nice, and we notice it’s already twilight

Download: Sanpomich.wma

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gaaahhhh god damn admins didnt fix my script

Anyway, while enjoying the last of my holidays, I watched this Korean film by the name Taegukgi – The Brotherhood of War. Oh my god, it was so good. It’s better than Shaving Ryan’s Privates anytime. I mean Saving Private Ryan.

After independence, Korea is full of hope for a better future. Family of Jin-tae is none different. Jin-tae lives with his mother, younger brother Jin-seok, and fiancé Young-shin. His mother and Young-shin runs a noodle shop in a market and he shines shoes to send Jin-seok to university.
Although the living isn’t easy, they are working hard for their better future. Yet, the Korean War breaks out and Jin-tae and Jin-seok get drafted and are located at the battlefront immediately. With bullets flying and bombs going off a few inches away, Jin-tae realizes that he has to keep his brother alive and send him back home safe even if he hurts himself. Believing so, he learns that earning a Medal of Honor may send Jin-seok home, and now Jin-tae begins volunteering for dangerous missions.
Yet, Jin-seok is always uncertain about Jin-tae’s motivation. Midst of war, U.N. troops join the war and the war seems to end soon. Somehow, Jin-tae succeeds in many missions and ends up getting a Medal of Honor. By then, Jin-tae has driven war crazy with such hatred for North Koreans and Jin-seok refused to go home. Their tension grows between two and there is sudden attack of Chinese Army. With Chinese Army coming down ruthlessly two brothers get separated and Jin-tae believes that Jin-seok is killed during the battle.
Jin-tae is now running mad. Yet nobody can bring the dead brother back. It is here in this ruined country that these two beloved brothers are plunged into an unexpected turning moment of their fate. — Official Site
Bittorent download: 09.29.04.Taegukgi.REPACK.DVDrip.DivX-PosTX.torrent (1400mb)

Utada – Exodus

The queen of J-pop has released a English album recently, entitled Utada -Exodus. Here is the songlist(*Right click on the link to download sample*):-
01. Opening
02. Devil Inside
03. Exodus ’04
04. The Workout
05. Easy Breezy
06. Tippy Toe
07. Hotel Lobby
08. Animato
09. Crossover Interlude
10. Kremlin Dusk
11. You Make Me Want To Be A Man
12. Wonder ‘Bout
13. Let Me Give You My Love
14. About Me

This is an album that only diehard Utada fans will love. All the song did not strike an impression to me of becoming a billboard 100 hits. Most of them are not even karaoke friendly.

As conclusion, don’t waste your money on original for this album.

This is a Bittorent seed for Utada – Exodus. The size of the file is 72MB and there are currenly 20 seeds.

Dim Sum Girl..

I got this from Frank..
My Dim Sum Girl… by Notorious MSG
Turn up ur speakers and Sing-a-Long

[Edit: 6.2.2007]
Yo, this song goes out to all you sexy girls who push the dim sum carts all
over the world…you know who you are, babies…you work so hard and we love
you so much….check it out yo

It’s been so long since I’ve seen you smile
looking so good coming down that aisle
with that sexy dress and a little dim sum
makes me crazy when I order chow fun

people – they’re telling me
that i shouldn?t bother with a lady
like you – you rock my world
yes you – my dim sum girl

watching…waiting…waiting for you baby
to tell me that I’m the guy for you and that you wanna be my lady
one day yes you will see – that I will always be
the one who will make fried rice for you for all eternity

Dim sum girl
you really rock my world
my dim sum girl
I never thought i’d find a
girl from northern china
who make me feel so good

Dim sum girl
in such a crazy world
my dim sum girl
I’m going to make it all right
we can party all night
so beautiful and pure

My dim sum girl

Why you gotta tease me, baby…
you’re driving me crazy
don’t you see…
don’t play me like that, baby – please
just give me one chance

In the morning – at noon, at night
I think about you and it feels so right
so happy – when you look my way
when i talk to you you make my day
I see the tears in your eyes
please my baby don?t you cry
tomorrow is a whole new day
let’s me and you sing karaoke

Together…forever…that?s the way it?s got to be
please make my dream come true so I can live my fantasy
oh say that you’ll be mine – you know it’s a matter of time
come eat my rice with your chopsticks and leave the spoon behind

Dim sum girl
you really rock my world
my dim sum girl
I never thought I’d find a
girl from northern china
who make me feel so good

Dim sum girl
in such a crazy world
my dim sum girl
I’m going to make it all right
we can party all night
so beautiful and pure

My dim sum girl

I don’t wanna live without you dim sum girl
take me away to your dim sum world
I want to hold you
I want to squeeze you
please say you will be mine – all mine

Hey baby you wear that dress for me?
you look great…what time you get off work, huh?
you must be so tired….let’s say you and me go get some boba tea –
what’s wrong, baby?
what’s wrong?
did I say something?
don’t leave me this way baby, no – don’t go….
you are the only one for me…please don’t break my heart like this!
no more fooling around….
I’m not a player anymore!
come back to me, baby….
come back to me…..
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Memoirs of a Geisha

frontcover (8k image)

Aloha everybody! wOwee..I can’t remember the last time I blogged here..hehe, a thousand apologies Leong 😉 Anyway, *update! update!* life here in Hawaii is nice and relaxing. Another 49 more days before I go back to Malaysia. Yey 🙂 Anyway, I’m currently on my Spring Break and it’s nice to have the entire room, floor and toilet to yourself for a week cuz everybody sudah balik kampung to the mainland (my room mate is in Arizona). Heh. But sadly, the Cafeteria is closed for the week so I’ve been surviving on maggi mee, frozen pizza and maggi mee for the past 8 days..*help* I can’t wait go back to school. I need proper fOod!

Anyway, since I was SO DEAD BORED during the Spring Break, I took my Theatre Professor’s advice and went for the casting call for the lead role for “Memoirs of a Geisha”. Yups, the up-coming Hollywood movie directed by Rob Marshall (the director of Chicago) and produced by Steven Spielberg. Production is scheduled to start in September 2004 in Japan and Hawaii.

Well, I actually went for the first casting 2 weeks ago and they called a few days after to go for a second round. To be honest, when i reached the agency, I had no idea what was going on. I’ve never read the book so i was almost peeing in my pants when they gave me the script to memorize. I mean, I had no clue what the character wants- and lead role somemore! But luckily, they allowed me to bring it back home to memorize the first section of the script. *phew*

When i came back home, the first thing I did was to call my sister up cuz I had a hunch my sister already read the book…and true enough: she did. 🙂 So for the next 1 hour, i kept bombarding her with questions about the book…who in world is Sayuri..what happened to her…why this..why that.. Man, chee: you’re a life saver!! Super Duper thanks! 😉

About this show, well, it’s based on the book..and it’s about the story of Nitta Sayuri, sold to a geisha house at the age of 9, the training she goes through to become a geisha, and the life she leads as one. You can check it out on yahoo! movies. Everything you wanna know is listed there. Anyway, so there were 3 roles to be casted, and of all roles the casting agent had to select for me is the role of Nitta Sayuri. argh! I wanted to audition for the supporting role of Pumpkin but my face wasn’t round enough.. bummer.

The audition turned out okay although i was so so nervous cuz there were 3 cameras placed in different directions to film my moves and expressions. Yikes!

Anyway, I was told that almost 500 people are vying for the role of Sayuri and that casting calls are also held in New York and LA. Wow. Well, although I know chances are very slim for me to be casted as Sayuri, (hey, they want a pure Jap to play this role: I’m Chinese! 🙂 it was definitely a great experience that i’ll never, ever forget. And at least when i watch the movie, i can tell myself “Hey, i was one of the 500 girls to audition for that lead role” HAH!

The Last Samurai

Sui Lin, Ben, Chiew Wai, Sow, Zing and I watched The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise. I liked it. I like the way they project the old Japanese culture, battle scene (especially they part where they used old traditional way to fight against modern warfare) and also sword fighting.

As for Taka, the actress, her sorrowful face made her look like she’s going to cry any second. But no doubt, she has a CFM face 😀

The movie was shot in Taranaki, New Zealand. And what puzzled us was that, where the hell did they get so many Asians in the movie?

Zing: “Probably they hired Asians from The Malaysians and Singaporeans Society of University of Auckland”
Sow: “Yeah, probably they serve one huge ass bucket of Nasi Lemak at the backstage”

Referring to a comment on
Posted by venga ( @ 10/18/2003 02:01:14 AM

1) how a place is pronounced and how a person wishes to pronounce a place is up to the wish of the person. Bangsar can be pronounced in as many ways.who died and made u the sole voice in pronounciation of msian town names?
2)can you quantify your claim of yee sang being a msian dish with some prove? i doubt that very much.
3)foreigners who come into the coutnry for sexual pleasures know where to find them due to the vast network among your suggestion of taxi drivers and such is not totally accurate.
4)the word black has been phased out of social use in western countries for quite some time.u shud brush up your knowledge before u try to impart advice.i doubt any westerner is gonna call anyone black.given your prejudice, i suppose you will but give the westerners some credit.

Ok, I found this reply to that posts lately. Here’s my reply..
1) Please read the first line, “Got this from a forwarded email 😀 “
2) Please read the first line, “Got this from a forwarded email 😀 “
3) Please read the first line, “Got this from a forwarded email 😀 “
4) Screw you la, you just wasted 2 minutes of my life!!


Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines will be in theaters on the 2nd of July 2003. Hopefully it’s not going to be a flop as the teaser shows the movie to be very promising. This time Arnold wouldnt be saying “I’ll be back” instead he said “She’ll be back”. Just can’t wait.

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