Deepavali @ Praba’s house – Part I

My high school friends and I were invited by Praba (another high school friend) to his Deepavali Open house.
Unlike many Deepavali open houses, the main focus wasn’t food, but instead, it was alcohol. After eating couple of plates of nasi beryani and mutton, we started off with a mixture of whisky + coke. Then beer. Then mixture of Whisky + beer and in the end, just whisky.

Praba: Lei Kong Ngo Keling Yan ma? Nia seng, lei chi ngo hai tong yan! (You said I am Indian! fuck you, You know I am Chinese) !
While uploading the video above, I found this funny Malaysian advertisement.

It’s amazing how other cultures influence other cultures.
And to all our Muslim readers, Selamat Hari Raya!

7 thoughts on “Deepavali @ Praba’s house – Part I”

  1. Wo em diu lei hai mat yeh yan!! wo ngoi ko ji JD jau jek la!!! XD
    (I dont give a fuck what race you are!! I want that bottle of JD!!)

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