Skybar @ Trader’s Hotel

Skybar is the latest night spot in town. Located on the 33rd Floor of Trader’s Hotel (next to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, opposite ExxonMobil office), one may get a great view of the Twin Towers and it’s surroundings. If the haze is not around of course.

Skybar’s concept is similar with Luna Bar. It has a pool, comfy seats by its side and also open air. The interior is excellent as well. There’s no cover charge for entrance.

However, the drawback of this bar is their service. Although there were not many people at the bar, it took us a while for the bartender to attend to us. He only attended to us after we screamed at his face that we wanted our drinks.

But after our drinks came, the bartender never gave us their bill. After waiting for a while and flagging my notes in the air that I want to pay my bill, we gave up and left the bar.

Then minutes later, the bartender came to us with the bill urging us to pay for it. How embarrassing.

They should to do something with their level of service!
Furthermore, the drinks are pricey. A glass of beer and a glass of gin tonic costs us RM50. Well, something that I expect from a place like this 😀

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20 thoughts on “Skybar @ Trader’s Hotel”

  1. 2nd!
    50 bucks for a glass of beer and a glass of gin tonic!?!?!?!
    madness. i was half way reading and i was thinking of bringing my girlfriend to the place. but rm 50 for those craps and the bad service. neh, i stick to luna bar.

  2. honfaak: there is one place which is better, neither Luna or Sky Bars, and that is at home! MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA…
    DRINKS cheaper and after that can straight away sleep..mwahahah

  3. my friends didn’t have to pay for their beers that nite coz the complained about their lousy service.
    Apparently they keep all custody bottles at the restaurant downstairs. They waited 30 mins just to get their old bottle. wtf..

  4. did u know that over at the exxonmobil office, you can actually look from their window to see ang mos changing at Traders… always free show man

  5. honfaaark: if its not for their service at skybar, i think skybar and luna bar would be equally good 😀
    fliint: LoL. Good service aaa?
    Amoos: go la. brign tammy along
    johnson: yup. true. cost me rm50 for this entry
    Applegal: nobody was prepared to swim i guess?
    silly wabbit: yupyup! identical!
    ivN: zomg!! i should have done the same!! argghhh
    jinxed: its at Menara PanGlobal 34F, Jalan Punchak (off Jl P. Ramlee)
    ditzzy: i should have done that!!
    teckie: how about female ang moh??? 😀 😀 😀

  6. sexx0r. what abt the pricing? equal as well? if lidat skybar can go fly kite edi right? 😛
    wtf. everyone calling me that edi tnsccb!
    blurfcuk: i agree. but the problem is, most girls dont like to come my hse. they only wanna go luna! :'(

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