Fluffy,the cat

After months of absent from Xes’s blog, I am finally making a come back. That is also because my boss, Xes has been reminding me everyday to blog. Thanks, Ah Leong.

Perhaps not many of my friends know that I love to keep pets. I have 3 German shepherd, two cats, and two tortoises. Anyway, this is one of my cats, Fluffy. As you can see, she was in a bad mood because she just had her bath a few hours ago. By the way, Fluffy is not her real name. My sister gives her a stupid Japanese name. I think it is Yuki as in snowy in Japanese. I don’t want to have a pet with Japanese name!! Can anyone think of a cool name for my cat here?

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  1. fish, i seriously doubt that is a compliment, though at certain moments it may seem like one..i would have to go with xes’s suggestion its the best so far, well, wendee’s suggestion only shows the one thing we have been expecting, the coffee machine at her office is broken and its time to feed her.. haha

  2. Yes, I am certainly in agreement with Cheng Leong, much as the name is appallingly vulgar, I must say by looking upon it with an open mind it is indeed highly entertaining and somewhat amusing.but ah, i think give a chinese name better lah, don’t lah pussy this cibai that, like dat where got cute? give lah something like ah miao or something right?

  3. hmmm. last time a stray cat came to the office, we named it mickey blue eyes (her eyes are blue), she ended up being out bluetooth project mascott. but this one here has one blue and one yellow… interesting.

  4. according to frank, the colour of the eye is due to its mix breed..i forgot which breed wif which breed..probably it’s the cross between frank and his cat ahhaa

  5. haah gavin said “furry and fluffy..nice to have fun with..”haha my thoughts went senget abit..ahahahsuper nice eyes and fur ;)~~~snowball (i like this)crystal (duno why)

  6. oh!!it was”wah this pussy is quite furry and fluffy….nice to have fun with”haha this time my thoughts really senget babi giler ;p

  7. hey hey not we dirty minded k…it is SO obvious k…!!don’t simply say we dirty minded!!That thought would ring in clean minds too k!! ;p

  8. gguni: Judy sound good. =) Wen Dee: Frankrina is Very creative name but not cute enough. =)eraine & PeNNyPupZ: Furball & Snowball are good. I will put it down in my shortlist.tIcKLe`Me : Blue and green eye, cool rite? I had cat with blue eyes before but never blue and green. She is the first.hc & Xes: Sorry, Pusseeh sound kind of vulgar. Also it is not cute for a cat. Xes was saying about her cat’s breed. She is a cross breed between a Siamese cat and local cat. That’s y she has two different colour eyes. Chuo Ming: I was thinking of Mimi. Gavin: Hahahahha, good one. Jia Hui: Freaky? She is so cute. fr0stie: She doesnโ€™t scratch our furniture but she likes to bite people. She bites us when we don’t play with her. Shin: Any chance making her the mascot for your next project? Fish: This is a female cat.

  9. Chuo Ming: Ah miao sound so plain. There are thousand of cats out there call ah miao lar. PeNNyPupZ: Penny cannot lar cos one of dog is call Penny.

  10. i’ve alwiz thought the name “koochy” was cute. (as in “koochy koochy coo”!) which was incidently the name of wendee’s virtual pet long ago (which she killed at least 8 times!)

  11. I always think that it will be even better if she is black. Black will definately bring out the colour of her eyes. Ok, the next cat i m gonna get will be black cat with two different colours eyes. =P

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