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Recently, I’ve been having a bad backache from working. So few days ago, my friend suggested that we head to a spa cum massage parlour in KL.
Me: Is it a decent place??
Friend: Yeah, it’s decent. HehEe…
The moment I entered the premise, 2 scantily dressed big titties Chinese girls walked pass me. From their accent, I could tell that they are from China.
I have been conned into a brothel! \(*O*)/!!
After all these years of listening to stories on how Malaysian brothels are like, I finally seen one myself.
I saw a group of Chinese girls marching towards a room. I was told that they had to parade themselves in that room so that the customer can choose which girl they want.
Those girls were not those ugly looking middle aged whores I’ve seen in the criminal courts, they were attractive, fair and have big titties like watermelons. I wonder if they went for breast enlargement surgery. I also heard that the youngest girl is only 17 years old O_o

Escort Service in KL anyone? 😛

Then a man came up to me..
Man: Drinks?
Me: Chinese tea (food and drinks are on the house)
Man: Girls?
Me: errrr..
Friend: He wants massage only. Aunty or pretty girl??
Me: Errr..
Before I could answer, the man left. I was left hanging. Pretty girl or aunty???
Then the man brought me into a room, gave me a pair of shorts and called the massager to come.
I changed into the pair of shorts that was given to me and thought to myself, “Is it going to be a pretty girl or aunty???”.
Moments later, a middle aged lady came. She was my massager. O_O|||
They say experience comes with age. The lady was good and I tried hard not to fall asleep. But I was quite worried that police would suddenly raid the brothel, catching me with only my shorts on and … a middle aged lady in my room.

Dont move!
The massage lasted about an hour. It cost me RM79, quite expensive for a dingy place like that.
Note to self: No more dodgy massage parlour for me.

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  1. XES: Next time, you follow me go for sports massage therapy OR proper thai massage parlor. Although not cheap. Ensured no dodgy stuff….. 🙂
    bimbobum: For the place XES went, no women allowed entry, haha…

  2. for a sec there..i tot tat “MALVIN” guys IS the massager..owh~~ the question is not only aunty or pretty girl, its Guy,aunty or pretty girls…ouch!
    but rm79 kinda expensive la, i got a place i know cost half of it and not dodgy, but can’t choose massagers wan la XD

  3. Ahlokkor: eeehhh where is the place to go for sports massage? how much ah? good or not? what kind of massage they provide?
    nerydfred: heh yeah. better than papayas
    Diehardx: u like banana too?
    Abalondevil: RM79 how to get watermelon la.
    Darren: it is quite la. but its hard to find cheap ones in KL.

  4. Ahaha…dun pretend la xes. U KNEW its gonna be a dodgy place. 😛
    Though i would like to see how cun those 17-yr old-china-watermelon-boobed-girls really are.

  5. wolfx: hahahaha no la. its suposed to be a policeman hat! i saw the 17 yrs old whore, wahlao quite cute and acts like one too!

  6. there’s a lot of massage parlour nowadays… why go spa? Unless you want extra services. Of cos more expensive lar. Btw, you went to the spa next to Ruums (Warp;Life Centre)?

  7. for massage, older ladies are technically better. But sometimes the younger one also ok… you can know from their physique. Those slim and sometimes kinda attractive sexy body… mostly flop for massage. Look for those a bit muscular on the shoulder and of course their arms… or maybe a bit bigger in size (plump/fat).
    Do you know even in traditional massage centre… sometimes they have extra service too ? Wiring diagnosis.

  8. you should have gone to armada hotel instead. place there much safer than any doggy brothel you could find.. besides.. there’s ping pong service provided.. muahahahaha

  9. XES: Sports massage can be found in specialised relaxing spas. You know, those Balinese style ones, thrapeutic and so on.Its damn expensive larrr.
    I highly recommend going to those chinese reflexology centres for acu-pressure massage. Those men are damn strong and will definitely murder you. If you’re sore from sports, they somehow know when they reach the spot and will go on to literally man handle you. However, it feels damn good afterward.
    Another option are those high class thai massage centres. Go for the 2 – hour sessions. You will come out sore but relaxed as well.
    All these places I mentioned are expensive. However, for me, once a fortnight is good therapy if you are a sportsman and definitely worth it as it helps in recovery, faster.
    Bimbobum: Errr…I am confused. 85 year old male 🙂

  10. RM79 ok le.. if it’s good… shud b worth it la.. hahahaha… but if u get caught on da way… then… SOI LA… hahaha…

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