Root canal – traumatised for life

Going to the dentist have never been a big deal for me coz my parents took my sis and I to the dentist when we were very young to beat the fear outta us before it actually hit us. The ‘flying’ chair or ‘helicopter’ was a good tactic – even after all these years, I still see the chair as just that. πŸ˜€

But last week, the quick trip to the dentist was horrible.. I had a root canal surgery. :'( After a long bout with a slight toothache, I couldn’t take the growing pain anymore and skipped work to head to the dentist who then told me I needed root canal surgery after seeing the xray of my aching tooth. Something about the accident a year ago that caused the nerves inside my bottom front teeth to ‘die’ thus affecting the teeth around it and also nerves near the chin and jaw area… When he started to approach my quivering mouth with those huge injections to numb the area, I wanted to cry so badly. After the hour-long surgery, I walked out quite dazed and my entire jaw was aching coz the dentist had some trouble treating the tooth coz it was so small. Well, I am going for the second part of the surgery tomorrow… finally too, coz the temporary filling he put for me over the affected tooth is beginning to wear out and the aches are all back again.

Never mind that I was shaking the 8ball (y’know those that show answers at the bottom when you ask it a question and shake it?) a minute ago and I end up banging it on my chin/jaw. Paining. πŸ˜›

Anyway, tooth issues aside… I was at Ipoh over the weekend for work. There were three of us altogether, so I shared a room with my female colleague, A while my male colleague, K was given his own room. Here was what happened when we were checking into the hotel..

Receptionist: Alrite, I will give you two ladies a room together while Sir, you will be having a room by yourself, yes?
K: Yeah
Receptionist: You won’t be sharing it with anybody then, Sir?
K: Err no…
Receptionist (with the most come hither, seductive, CFM face you can imagine): So… Sir…. you will be sleeping… alone… rite, Sir?

The receptionist was a man, you see.

A rather pretty man too, I might add. My colleague pretty much camped in our room for the fear the receptionist came looking for him later that night or something.. haha ;D

Ok-lah, wish me luck for tomorrow’s root canal and hopefully I won’t have to resort to a soft diet the rest of the week again. Remember, take care of all your teeth!!!

10 thoughts on “Root canal – traumatised for life”

  1. don’t worry about the root canal surgery. i went for one before as well. the pain was bad.. but after doing the root canal… felt so much better. plus u get to “save” the tooth so thats better than having gaps! good luck! 8″)

  2. Was it a burly receptionist man? lol!Root canal sounds painful. Hope I don’t have to go through it.

  3. erm… i cant imagine how scary it is while going to a dentist… coz i havent been to any YET… *good luck*

  4. all: i just came back from the dentist… its still numb at the mo *pokes chin gingerly wolfx: oh nono, he was tall, well-groomed and he was definitely wearing foundation coz u could tell that his face and neck colour didnt quite match πŸ˜€

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