Missing, please help

Have seen this girl?

The girl in the picture is Lee Wei Peng (18 years old) whom had been reported missing since last Saturday, 19-11-2005. Lee is involved in Direct Sales.

On the night she went missing, she was out to see her first client in a coffee shop with a male colleague at around 5pm. Her colleague left at about 7pm but Lee stayed on to chat with the client. Later at 7:15pm, she called her mother and told her mother that she was in KLCC and that she was on her way back to celebrate her mother’s birthday. Her family never heard from her after that.

If you have seen her and/or know where she is, please contact the nearest police station or call MCA at 03-21615678

To Fellow Bloggers, please help by posting this on your blog. The missing girl is my friend’s friend’s daughter.

EDIT: Lee Wei Peng has been found. Thank you all for your help.

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  1. track bk to the client…i’ll b on the lookout,i’ll be travelling alot.. south to north bk to south in tis 2 weeks.

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