Pork Bone Tea anyone?

You see, i come from a very health concious family. Hence, my parents especially has always being keeping track of our diet. However, i think we should sometimes spoil it for some enjoyment. Afterall, we live to eat and not eat to live right? Thus, i decide to pamper myself a lil with my all-time favourite chinese delicacy, (yep, to me that is. that’s how a big deal it is to me). THE BAH KUT TEH (pork bone tea?)
So there it is, my lunch today. Shall anticipate till the next round *saliva drooling already*
they gave me all da yat chi kuat for my pai kuat too. lovely peoples
I finished everything on my own. too bad i was too full and HOT after i’m done with my lunch. As a result, i forgotten to snap another photo.
ps: sorry if i offended any of our Malay readers.

18 thoughts on “Pork Bone Tea anyone?”

  1. this one i had in subang ss14 there ler. nearby my Uni cause i was in between classes. yep. i do go to KLANG. err i dono the place name. but it’s right after the toll. near bukit raja there wan. i think its called teluk pulai. or something lidat? teluk something

  2. SS14 one..NEVER SEDAP BEFORE ALSO! See the photo also dun feel like eating…=P
    Number 1: Watery and spices not enough to make the soup enough OOMPH!
    Number 2. LOOK AT THE MEAT THEY USE- ALL WRONG- SAM CHAM BAK(3 level pork) – BEST part of eating Bak kut Teh is definitely eating the TUO KUT(BIG BONE). MWAHAHAHAHAHA…
    Finally. I don’t know if this is NGA POU or Separate. Lost Identity. =.=””
    Honfaai: the one u go near bukit raja is not teluk pulai ok! DUN XIA XUE Teluk Pulai. Teluk Pulai my hometown u know! ahahaha.. Teluk Pulai is after the river, near Tepi Sungai. Where u went to is Taman Rashna. Got damn a lot of bak kut teh places but only 1 or 2 places good. The others..suck. Hahahaha…

  3. wolfx: everything in subang oso not original and chun anymore ler :'(
    karheng: err. the shop name is teluk pulai. my ns friend did mention teluk pulai is another place. da shop is the one with the yellow board wan ma rite?
    and no.1, i got ntg 2 rebut. that’s ur opinion la πŸ˜›
    no.2, err i dont eat tuo kut. i know alot of ppl like, but i scare. so FATTY πŸ˜› and yes, i made a specific order for “yat chi kuat”. and err. i dont eat mushrooms and all, so i dont favour claypot. that’s y i called “yat wun yat wun asing” πŸ˜› answered? πŸ˜€

  4. Wow…u are missing the delicacy called Mushrooms. Tuo kut also not fatty. So lean the meat. i Ask u..ur leg more fat or ur belly more fat? HAHAHAHA
    Wait..hon faai is thin like stick…

  5. Honfaai: I think you are talking about the place behind Menara Trend. That is not Teluk Pulai. Teluk Pulai is quite deep into Klang. Not really deep la but still quite.
    Tho, one of the shop name itself Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh.

  6. zhong: that’s what i mean. when i mentioned teluk pulai, i didnt mean the place. i was merely stating that its the name of the shop my family usually patronise πŸ˜› thanks for stating that out!
    karheng: dono ler. i find mushrooms damn geli and got one type of smell. even those err.. call what yah. the long long yellow color mushrooms ones? oso i dont like. haha. usually i order pai kuat. and i want the yat chi kuat part wan la. so it’s not fat at all. and tuo kuat, somehow or rather, it looks scary. so big… but that’s only in my opinion la πŸ˜€ i know damn famous amongst other hardcore bah kut teh fans!

  7. yum.. the best or not, i want summa that.. haha beggars cant be choosers when you’re all the way in aust with only packeted DIY bakuteh available >.<

  8. Davilishaz. A1 bakuteh has the closest possible spices to that, but i still don’t like it, I bought some packets packed with them herbs in a cloth packet. Boil your soup for 2 hours, then put your meat into the soup and boil for an extra 2 hours. Anything else, you put later. Remember, the bone is the most important part for ur soup. No bone, no good. MWAHHAHAHAHHAHA..
    OH ya..the meat must be a bit fatty also ..So ur soup can become KAU KAU!
    Honfaai. Ur right. There is a shop there called Teluk Pulai Bakkuteh. That one is Ok.

  9. the ones i been b4 in klang r those ‘tourist’ bak kut teh area, near the chinese school around the Bkt Raja Jusco vicinity area (coming from KL, traffic light turn left into some shophse area). Another one is near the Klang Parade, middle shoplot one.
    All oso dunno name, lolz… know how to go and eat only.

  10. Wah honfaai…..if you wanna go all out go all out la…what is this dun wan this dun wan that.
    Its like eating chicken rice but only want white rice and the chicken must be organic chicken from the mountains. >_>
    EAT 1st DIE LATER!
    Your mom really control you 99 la. Mama’s boy. LOL!

  11. karheng, hehehe yeah i bought some of those from malaysia, and guess what, i had to declare it at the airport of course and they were like ooh there’s seeds and blablabla, not allowed through!!! yupyup i know my bakuteh, cuz i stay in klang whenever i go to malaysia hehehe.. *drools*

  12. devilishaz: WOOHOO..kakilang siut!
    yvonnest: honestly..i tried the imbi one. THE MOST EXPENSIVE BAKUTEH EVER LA! ahahah..and tak sedap also..=P

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