Salesgirl’s ‘loss’ is breast cancer group’s gain

Someone just broke Big Ben’s record.

KUALA LUMPUR: Alice Wong Pei Fan was propelled to fame when she stunned a snatch thief by using her big size and weight to nab him last year.
Wong, dubbed Big Sister, made another stunning move when she emerged 26.3kg lighter yesterday.
In losing the weight, she had also enriched the Breast Cancer Welfare Association by RM26,300.
The weight that the 22-year-old salesgirl had used to pin the snatch thief to the ground while waiting for help has been lost for a good cause.
For every kilo that she lost through Body Perfect Sdn Bhd’s intensive three-month weight-loss programme, RM1,000 was donated to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association by the slimming centre.
But despite her smaller size, snatch thieves better stay beware.
“If it ever happens again, I will still go after the thief. It’s the only right thing to do,” she said in Cantonese at a press conference held by Body Perfect to “unveil” her new figure at the Crown Princess Hotel.
A measurement of Wong revealed that she only weighed 79.2kg.
She also took 28.25cm off her waistline, which now measures 87.5cm.
In July last year, Wong became an instant national celebrity when The Star and other newspapers reported on her courageous act in Seremban when a man snatched a cellphone from the shop where she was working while she was attending to another customer.
Despite her hefty size (she weighed about 105kg then), Wong gave chase and caught up with the man at the traffic lights about 20m from the shop.
She jumped on the man and pinned him to the ground by sitting on his back.
For Wong, the weight loss was not just a physical change.
“Before this, I used to feel aimless and sometimes even depressed because of my weight. Now, I feel more confident in myself and I’m starting to have bigger goals in life.
“I want to be involved in programmes where I can contribute to society in whatever way I can,” she said.
Asked if she was satisfied with her new figure, Wong replied: “I’m very satisfied with the results because it is such a huge change over just three months.
“However, it would be even better if I can lose more weight. I hope to reduce it to 70kg at the very least,” she said, thanking her family and friends as well as Body Perfect for their support.

she’s a h0t chick now!

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