I went for my first ever job interview last week at a bank. naturally, I wasn’t prepared for the tests and essay-writing they had ready for me and I seriously think I screwed up the English test so let’s not talk about the IQ test, shall we? On my essay, the director interviewing me was kind enough to say he liked my hand-writing (but what about my essay?? You like? Oh right, maybe I shouldn?t try my luck).

Got called for the second interview at the end of that week (he must have really liked my handwriting!!) and the motherly director in Human Resources gave me a pep-talk/lecture on flying out of the nest, on being independent, to grow up from the intense glower of my parents, to ask my parents to let go ? I guess I must have looked like one helluva kid to them. Oh and did I mention that my mum followed me to the bank for the interview? 😀

If all things go well, I start work next week. I tried negotiating with them to start in January but the director of my department wants me to familiarize with the company before he comes back from his holiday in January. Oh man? bad timing in so many ways ? friends are coming back from Australia, USA and UK, pre-planned family holiday and most of all, no time to spend with my sis before she flies off exactly a month from now. From such a slow long break, it?s hard to suddenly see so many things happening all at once.

One thing I really really really got to work on is my driving. How the hell I am going to drive every morning to the heart of KL? I can?t even see myself driving to the other side of the road, let alone KL!! *panicking*

Another thing that needs working on is my relationship with him. Many people have told me that it?s probably coz he has started work and that I have too much time on my own to think of nonsense. So I was looking forward to less time to think about him when some of my good friends came back from Australia and Singapore and it was lovely to be out with them again. But it was no use, it only made it more obvious how much I really missed him.

Hey Leong, Siew Lee ? you guys think it?s the Watson 16 curse once again? Seems like it, huh? 🙂

Sorry for the melancholic post but everybody have their down-days?


  1. Relationships, i mean it would b a time where things will slow down, but bear in mind that it won’t die. If there’s still feelings inbetween two parties then it won’t. He is in a hard position as well, he’s just getting a custom to working life. It’s not easy trust me. The time, the stress, the headache of it just for the sake of money. I’m sure things will work out, just don’t put yourself in too much and keep yourself chilled. alright?

  2. for sure it’s the time of the year again!! to hell with it!!! Try not to be too worked up about it…you know it will be just a passing phase..*hugs

  3. harlus wen dee 🙂 i know we don’t talk often and all. but i find myself feeling the exact same way that you do more often than not! sure it’s tough not being able to see [our respective] ‘him’s that much. not being able to spend time like how you used to etc. it sucks even more when you try to understand what he’s rambling on about [work stuff, colleagues and all] but you just can’t seem to grasp the idea. it’s especially bad when it seems like you’re losing grip of the relationship.but hey 🙂 look at it in a lighter note. every relationship goes through that. what with him working and all, i think it makes the [albeit limited] time spent with him more valuable than anything else. you learn to really treasure your weekends and such with your other half. on the other hand, you’re gonna start working too. so’ll be able to keep yourself busy too! – instead of having too much time to think nonsense and such. that’s a good thing, yanoe? :)*hugs* don’t worry girl. you’ll pull through this, i’m sure of it ;)p/s: besides ah..seeing someone too often brings up wayyyyyy too many arguments to be healthy for a relationship so hehe..there IS a silver lining to this grey ol’ cloud after all! 🙂

  4. well, take me for example…u should be lucky he’s not 3 hours drive away from u and u onli see him once a week or once in 2 weeks?….even sadder, but i learn to appreciate this kinda situation and it makes a guy miss u more and more and appreciate u even better. ( easier to ask for Tiffanys mar…)btw, It would gif u more time to urself and ur frens, and chance to meet other guys too…*wink* *oopsss* *run*

  5. I’m not sure if I should be saying this but I juz broke up wif my gf of 19 months.Should have seen this coming. She wanted to spend more time wif me while me on the other hand, juz came back from Aus and would like to spend more time wif family and frens. I haven’t seen them for an entire year mind u and although my gf live 3 hours away from me in Melbourne, I try to visit her once a while when i can. I mean at least i see her more than i see any one back here.She tells me she wants to see me and so i bring her along when ever i go out wif family or frens.Then she tells me that when she’s wif me,she wants to be alone wif me.I’m lik wtf……. so ok nvm…..SO she started complaining and all this kinda shit about me abandoning her and all. So I explaine to her and she claims i raise my voice when i think i did not (she said i spoke loudly b’coz my brothers were outside and she don’t want them to hear us quarrel) I juz spoke normally but sternly.Wuz juz tryin to make my point and all…………ANyway, don’t know wat i blabbling all here….still quite confusing for me at the moment. She juz left not long ago and she say we can nv happen again.Guess it’s life huh?Bottomline is that she wants to spend more time wif me alone and wat i wanted to do was to meet up frens and family i haven’t seen and only then can i concentrate on her coz i don wanna feel like there’s something undone at the back of my head when i’m out wif her……………….

  6. gguni: i think the main reason that she wants to be alone wif u is that…she wants to have sex in peace mah ahhahahaajust kidding, well when i was wif my exgf, she wants me to spend time wif her family and friends. Sometimes we get into arguments because of that, as I dont feel comfortable wif them. I have an image to retain infront of them, i cant swear loudly as i pleased, as i dont feel comfy talking rubbish to them.. It feels much better if we were together without anyone else..

  7. siewlee, eraine, irene: thanks.. good to know that i’m not alone in such ‘harsh’ relationship situations :’)gguni: i believe wat i am going through is just a phase and everybody goes through this sorta phase one time or other. hope you get pass ur phase real soon. *hugs

  8. Maybe you can think what and where you want to be when you’re 30 years old. Then knowing that, you’ll know what you should do now. 🙂 If you got the Jester cap from the store in Picadilly Station, London, it can help you to think better.In fact, it took 2 decades for a boy to grow up to a man and it will be totally absurd to see any guy finally turning to an infrared/bluetooh devices to take commands starting with ‘you still never..’ or ‘how come you never…’ from anyone.

  9. Thanxs wen dee and xes for the comforting words.I feel much better now after coming out from exile. I will now tok to my “ex” gf about things.:)

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