Sex Machine, even when you are asleep…

Sometime I wonder what had become of our world. While the Government had battle effortlessly against the crime of rape and the influence of pornographic, yet somewhere in a dark corner of the world rise another kind of sexual maniac mental disease known as “Sexsomniacs”. A Sexsomniacs tends to make sexual demand to their partner while they are asleep. This was reported in Star today in a report entitled “Sexsomniacs” puzzle medical researchers
In a quest to understand what on earth is this “disease”, I had done a search on our even trusted source of knowledge, Wikipedia shown no result on Sexsomniacs. Hence, I proceeded to the mighty google search engine and the result is that :-

1.Anderson Cooper of CNN reported that there are people who filed law suit against their spouse for initiating unwanted “sleep sex”.
2. Den reported that the “disease” had created a new kind of crime – ” The Sleeping Rapist”
3. Richard Morgan said that it is akin to a X rated Sleepwalking

Strange, huh?

29 thoughts on “Sex Machine, even when you are asleep…”

  1. yeah first! First of all I would like to thank
    those of you, without who I could not possibly
    get the first spot on Secondly, I would
    also like to thank Bimbobum for providing me with
    intense sexual gratification over the past few nights.
    Thank you all, you have my sincerest gratitude.

  2. Hey…how come i dun get the sexual gratification? ๐Ÿ™
    And no point sleep-raping also cuz I wun feel shiok. XD

  3. wtf. i kena sex raped by the bed bug then. mahem, lately i always wake up finding my waist there got those big big mosquito bite. #@$@#$% kanineh, im a victim of sexsomaniac.

  4. honfaak: U ARE NOT A VICTIM OF SEXSOMANIAC laaaaaaaa….
    Fap Fap Fap too much on the bed…

  5. hoi Khinko..dun simply tarnish my name weh…i only go to and and some football blogs, including Derek’s one..hehehe….i also dun blog hop one..not so free la u know…

  6. cnigel: probably got also la but not reported because you will the talk of the town if u tell people that ur bf/gf/wife/husband/friend rape you when he/she is asleep…how to explain to those kuno people?

  7. was havin BBQ at my frens apartment two months ago…after BBQ only found out, gt a girl jump down from upstairs and landed just few metres from the BBQ pit a day before…no wonder, i felt someone folowing me when go toilet when i passed by the spot…

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