Kabuki @ Ginza

Few weeks back, Jane and I went to watch a Kabuki play @ Kabuki-za at Ginza.

The interesting part about Kabuki is that all actors are male, even those playing female roles. They are called onnagata.

Our play was about a married man who fell in love with a maikko (apprentice geisha). Both of them planned to commit suicide together because they couldn’t be together. The entire story was about how the brother of the man persuades the maikko not to commit suicide with his brother.
It cost us 900 yen per person which entitled us to the 4th floor seating. No elevator. ARGH

The stage was quite awesome. They had a house with a part of its wall removed so that we can see inside the house.

As soon as the show started, Jane and I both fell asleep.

The play was quite boring. The story was draggy and slow. But Jane said that we chose the wrong play, there are much better plays.

Lucky the Chicken

I went over to my friend’s house located in one of the affluent area in KL. Right outside of her neighbour’s house, i saw this chicken.

It must be the pet of some filthy rich old geezer.
BTW, why am i taking photo of chicken? hmmm…could it be that i have not seen a real,living chicken for too long or that i am LAME!!!

23 November events in Johor Baru, Malaysia

The night life in Johor Baru, the capital of Johor (Southern state in Malaysia, just next to Singapore) seems to be catching up with Kuala Lumpur.

Here are 2 events which falls on the same day.

DJ Karasun @ Jazz & Blues Discovery, Johor Baru, Malaysia

wah this flyer got Chinese words oneee.. sai lei tou emm chi yan yong ah!!!!
You see JB Discovery’s website, wah!! so spacious!! with KTV rooms and pool tables ah!! somemore cantik tertarik menarik, JB discovery memang da bomb!!!

Official website of DJ Kara Sun: http://www.karasun.com

Shuffle Night @ Eskimo Joy, Johor Baru

Shuffle Night? I think fengtau brings more money than shuffling.

Club website: http://www.ej.com.my

So what if you’re born on the 29th of February?

Just the other night before falling into sleep, i was counting my age in days. From that, it reminded me that it takes the earth exactly 365.25 days to complete its circle/orbit. As a result of this nature, we have an extra day in our calender however only in every 4 years. Yea, the leap-year(is that how u spell it?) whereby February gain an extra day than it usually does. The 29th Of February of cause.
You see, i was never lucky enough to know any friends who are born on this date. So there, my question for the day is, have you guys out there ever met any 29th of February babies? If so, how do they actually calculate their age? 😛 every 4 years = 1 years old? if they still use the usual 1 year = 1 year old. Then which date of the year would be their birthday? 28th of feb? or 1st of march? Is there even a standardised birthdates for these feb 29th babies?
ps: i shall go sleep now before i think of more uncontructive entries. Welcome back sexx0r. i blogged, yay! now gimme my green-tea kitkat

The Ultimate Throne



It comes with a heated seat. It feels great especially when one land his or her buttock on a chilly day.

It comes with an adjustable butt spray as well. Although not very clean, it’s useful when one have too many things to wipe.

Oh, it even has Braille words for the blind too 😀

Satisfaction guaranteed!

But this throne isn’t as great as the one da.textile.nerd posted. The one she used could play music!

See: http://vyctorya.blogspot.com/2005_10_01_vyctorya_archive.html

Butt spray toilet bowls are not very common in Malaysia. I remember a friend telling me that,

“Eh you know ah, when I was in the girl’s toilet in Mid Valley right, I saw a girl washing her hands with the butt spray”

That shows how well known butt sprays are in Malaysia.

Cantik tertarik menarik kau memang da bomb

As I type this post, I can hear someone singing this lyric, “Cantik tertarik menarik kau memang da bomb!“. The same line over and over and over again… and it’s slowly driving me crazy.

Ok! Leong! As requested! 😀 Here’s my yearly (has it been that long or longer since my last post?) contribution to the site. Objective of the year: to have name removed from being under the inactive guestblogger list. (HAH!) Generally, just some updates for those who don’t know already: I have changed jobs and I have moved to a new home.

Liking my new job, biggest bonus that it is less than 10 minutes away from my house. Although I start work earlier at 8.30am everyday, I don’t wake up till 8am! Away from the KL hustle and bustle, I am spoilt already, to be so far and away from braving the horrendous traffic to fighting for breathing space in a crowded lift. The little things that will boost anyone’s morale, really.

A year ago, I would never have imagined that I would move away from my house of 15 years. But out of the blue, things had their way and suddenly we were faced with a brand new house to play with. Months later, here I am. Living in a house my family put much thought and love into and I can’t describe the silent burst of happiness I feel when I wake up every morning and look around my turquoise room. Turquoise because I decided I was over the pink phase. Those silent bursts also apply when I walk in the garden or walk barefooted around the terrace. And when I play with my dog in the backyard and stand in the balcony looking into my neighbour’s home. 🙂

It was also in the garden too, that I burnt myself a hole in the pocket.

While leaning over the fish pond to touch the tiny orange fishes, *ploop went my handphone from my shorts pocket, right into the shallow pond. I actually had the gall to stare at it underwater for awhile, before snatching it up. And I wondered if it would have made a difference if I had dismantled the phone earlier, instead of admiring the psychedelic colours the side of my screen was fuzzing out into..

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