10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bimbobum

1. What do you do during your free time?
Clear off spam in www.xes.cx and delete spam from my gmail account.
And do some exercises, to keep fit. ;D
p.s. @&$^)(*#@$@_$# stop spamming, you idiots!
2. What do you do everyday?
Work, eat, blog. I also carry my digicam around with me every single day.
3. What the f*ck for??
When I agreed to guestblog with www.xes.cx, the main condition for my ‘contract’ was to make sure my posts had pictures.
p.s. I blame xes for my constant backache – not easy, ok, to walk around with a camera in my handbag everyday like a sad f*ck. Occasionally I have friends asking me, “Why the f*ck do you have a camera in your bag??”
“To take pictures of the food and company I have daily. New trend for many bloggers, you know. Nowadays people LOVE reading blogs about bloggers and their daily routine,”
I always answer with a straight face.
p.p.s. I am being sarcastic, you do know that, don’t you?
4. When is your birthday?
What, you mean, you don’t know???
xes also clearly stipulated that “bimbobum does not have a birthday!”
Sniff. It is very sad. You have noticed that my 1 year of guestblogging has gone by without a hint of celebration for my birthday, whenever it may be.
5. What frustrates you?
The inability to reveal my secret identity and blog freely!
6. Then reveal yourself!
I can’t. What if I’m not hot enough for you? Then you’ll stop reading my posts …… Sobs.
p.s. My friends may stop being friends with me for fear of their relationship being scrutinised and blogged about, by me. ;D
I’d be shunned, that’s for sure!
7. But you mention that you are with friends in some of your posts?
Ahh, you see, those who know my identity have been sworn to secrecy for life. In the event that they reveal who bimbobum really is, their little fingers and toes will be cut off, their dogs and cats and cows killed, and like ah longs (loan sharks), their houses and properties will be sprayed with red paint, calling them, “YOU TRAITOR!! YOU SHALL DIE A PAINFUL DEATH!!”
And then ….. damn, I can’t remember the rest of the details in the oath xes and I wrote for them.
p.s. Serious. Ask xes.

8. How old are you?

I thought I am 18 years old?
I graduated. I am old enough to work and pay my income tax. You do the maths. ;D
9. What are your fears?
Being found out. Having someone come up to me one day (while I’m taking a picture of something pathetic) and ask, “Are you bimbobum?”
It is so bad that I actually look around me before I snap a picture!

10. What fun have you had as bimbobum?

Being around some of xes‘ friends and readers without them knowning who I am. ;D
I have also seen eraine and Siew Lee (both guestbloggers here) and Lee Shih (xes‘ friend and www.xes.cx reader) around before. ;D
p.s. When I informed xes, he asked me, “Why didn’t you introduce yourself?? ekekekeke.” -_-
Believe it or not?

25 days away!

You see it everywhere. Both banners and adverts for Chinese New Year AND VALENTINE’S DAY celebrations are in your face.
Isn’t it a bit early? Who buys Valentine’s Day presents now? I bet some of you HAVE bought them already.
I flipped open the Astro Guide to have this jump into my face.

I HATE POCAHONTAS. That’s the only Disney cartoon I’ve boycotted since it first came out – because I don’t think she’s pretty.
(I know you were going to say that I am racist, just because she’s not fair!)

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My plans for this Saturday – 20.1.2007

Uncle Maverick’s set @ Club Ohana

More info below
REINFORCE [CLUB SERIES] 20 January 2007 – 3 February 2007 @ Club Ohana
Returning for the third year running, Reinforce is back and will be hosting club event at Ohana on every Saturday of the month starting from January 2007 onwards. It will features mostly renowned home grown DJs with optional monthly international guest DJs. Ohana will be transformed into a massive sound & light playground broadcasting our latest 3D animation effects creating a visual extravaganza for the party-goers. And for our first Reinforce series, Ben Katana and Bryan Burger reprise their role as popcon to craft the arsenal of twisted techno, electro, acid house, tribal house and tech house. This duo will take you on the kind of builds and phenomenon that you’ll remember on the journey home. So come join us and discover yourself how we will take your breath away with this upcoming event.
Club Ohana
Block C-LG 1&2, Megan Avenue II, 12, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. (Next to Ambank)
Contact No : 603-21668733
DJ Line-ups
20th Jan – Maverick / Drive (Darkraverz)
27th Jan – Joey G / WillyThKd
3rd – Feb – Bass Agents (TBC) / Desire
Tel +6016-3243665 / +6012-3236642
Email hl.event@streamyx.com
Pricing RM 25 + 1D
Source: http://www.klue.com.my/ViewEventDetails.aspx?EventID=14037
Grinder Sow’s ‘steal water’, ‘suck oil’ and ‘grind with unknown chicks’s Post-Birthday Bash @ Velvet
Since we did not manage to celebrate Sow’s birthday in a crazy manner last week. We’re going to do a belated one @ Velvet this Saturday.

p/s yes, my flyer is fail.com

Was it a Dirty Letter?

During my summer break one day, a British friend gave me a letter and told me to read it when I was on the plane back to Malaysia. He told me that besides a letter, he had written a story he would like me to be the first to read.
I read the story first, which didn’t make sense, and then the letter, which went something like this:

Dear bimbobum,
Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party the other day. I was very pleased that you came, and was especially pleased you sat beside me. Thank you for the box of chocolates! I am keeping it hidden in my drawer away from my wife.
You looked pretty that day. I liked your blouse. Your blouse was nice, but it didn’t obscure the shape of your breasts …

I can’t remember the rest of the letter.
As a young (and innocent) university student then, I was shocked by his bluntness. I was horrified!
My mum was not pleased when I repeated the details of the letter to her, neither was my aunt.
“Hmmph! What a dirty old man,” my aunt commented. “Better stay away from hamsup (perverted) old men.”
His letter scared me and I couldn’t help being affected by it, that I stopped being friends with him. He emailed to ask why I was avoiding him, and I told him. Why I found him scary, is because I started to wonder whether he preyed on Chinese girls as a hobby. I wasn’t the only Chinese girl he befriended – there were other girls from mainland China, Taiwan, etc who he’d go all out of the way to help them out.
I mean, what the hell, man, what if he had been checking out my breasts all the while we met up for coffee and while working on a project together??
At that time, he was 56 years old, so yes, my aunt labelled him a dirty old man.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Those who knows me for long, would know that my dinner is usually sweet and sour pork. My favourite! Those who reads this website often know I love stamps.

Now God has combined both of my favourite things into one thing, A SWEET AND SOUR PORK STAMP!!


Stamps released in China to celebrate the Year of the Pig taste of sweet and sour pork.

The stamps on sale in China to celebrate the country’s New Year. The stamps taste of sweet and sour pork.

When you scratch the front of the stamps, it smells of the popular Chinese dish and when the back of the stamp is licked it tastes of the dish too.

The stamps are on sale in China ahead of their New Year on February 18, reports Metro.

Royal Mail launched Britain’s first scratch ‘n’ sniff stamp in 2001 – they gave off eucalyptus aromas.

Source: http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_2150217.html?menu=

Thanks Sow for the link

We Listen to Learn

Last week I ate at a fast food restaurant. I paid for my food and occupied a booth. Halfway through my meal, it occurred to me that the cashier had short changed me.
Before I ordered my food, I had asked if she would have change for RM100, knowing sometimes cashiers would have to go through some trouble for change for the big notes. She said yes. So I ordered, and gave her RM103.20 for my meal of RM13.20.
Halfway through my meal, I realised (and checked my purse) that she had given me RM86.80. She had assumed I had given her only RM100.00. I checked my receipt, and to my dismay, she had keyed in RM100.00 as cash paid for my meal!
RM3.20 may not be a lot to you, but I’d say it’s still money.
Luckily, the assistant manager accepted my explanation when I approached him, pointing out the cashier to him. He apologised and gave me back the exact change. I smiled gratefully.
As he returned my money, the cashier asked him what was happening. He explained that she had short changed me.
I repeated the facts to her, explaining what had gone wrong, but she stared at me blankly, oblivious to her mistake.
I was frustrated and annoyed with the shit-face look she gave me. She just glanced at me for a while, and then looked away, as if I was invisible. Don’t you just hate it when some people deliberately don’t want to listen and learn from their mistakes?
Is this an example of the “tidak apa” (don’t care or don’t give a shit) attitude?
If I had woken up on the wrong side of the bed that morning, I would have told her off.
I just walked away, muttering, “ignorant bitch” under my breath as it would have been a waste of effort making her understand that we have to learn from our mistakes in order to be a better person.

Deltarovers Climbing Gym, Kepong. Kuala Lumpur

Last year, I met up with Ping, Fai, Carness, Yap and Amos at Delta Rovers Climbing Gym at Kepong to climb. It was my first time there.

Almost every corner of the gym is covered with a climbing wall. Even the ceiling, which is about 2 storeys away, has handholds!

The gym is mainly for bouldering. I dont recall seeing any walls to top rope.

Unlike the climbing routes in the other gyms in Kuala Lumpur, Delta Rovers has something different.

It has a swing. One has to start by sitting on the swing and swing towards two handholds and thereafter continue with the route.

Another unique route features a tyre on the last hold. After enduring a tough route, one has to finish the route by jumping towards the tyre and hang on to it.

Map to Deltarovers

Website: http://www.deltarovers.com.my
EDIT [30.3.2007] – Delta Rover Climbing Gym was destroyed in a fire on 28.3.2007.

Blaze destroys wholesale camping and equipment centre

KUALA LUMPUR: A one-stop wholesale camping and equipment centre, which also provided rock-climbing facilities, was gutted in a fire causing losses of up to RM5mil at Taman Kepong here.
The blaze started at about 8.30pm and spread quickly due to strong winds.

Two Vietnamese workers and at least 10 others who were carrying out their rock climbing activity managed to escape.

Federal Territory Fire and Rescue Department operations assistant director Md Ali Ismail said 30 firefighters in five fire engines arrived at the scene 20 minutes after receiving a call at about 8.50pm.

He said the firemen initially had a tough time battling the blaze due to low water pressure but the problem was overcome after several pumps were used to draw water from a nearby hydrant.

The fire was brought under control within an hour.

Md Ali said the fire could have started from the back portion of the premises, where two of the workers were staying.

“We were told that the workers were cooking in the kitchen and a fire started, causing the gas cylinder to explode.

“The workers tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher but the fire spread quickly,” he said.

Owner of the premises, Datuk Low Kok Chuan, 44, said that the top portion of the one-and-half-story building, which was also a factory producing the equipment, was renovated only recently.

Source: The Star Newspaper

Times The Bookshop Warehouse Sale

“Mari Kita Amalkan Sifat Suka Membaca!” – now that’s positive!
(translated as, “Let us Practice the Love of Reading as a Habit” ….. I THINK!)

I accompanied a nerd friend to the sale today. The amount of cars parked by the roadside was incredible, you’d think it was a weekday and not the weekend.

There. If you happened to get lost in Section 13, PJ, look out for the banner and you know you’re at the right place. It’s on the 2nd floor of Dataran Hamodal, right beside Colgate-Palmolive.

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