Old Klang Road gang drunken night out @ Breakers 6.1.2007

Him is back from Singapore again hence Yong Lin, Ping, Brisbane James, Hen and I meet up with him at Breakers Hartamas. Him’s girlfriend from Singapore was there as well. Initially Hen and I didn’t want to drink at all. Our plan was to be sober all night. But our plan didn’t materialise. After a bottle of Corona, our night turned in a beer festival.
We then ordered 2 Beer towers, which consist around 2 jugs of beer, for RM104 per piece. We played drinking games and within less than an hour, the 2 beer towers were depleted. However, on the table next to us, lies an unattended beer tower.

The unattended beer tower belongs to one group of people who had a commotion few minutes earlier. One of the guys held a mug of beer and let it fall on to the floor and started scolding profanities to another guy on the same table. It stopped after 2 huge bouncers came to talk to those guys.
My back was facing those guys when the commotion happened.
Him: be careful, those guys are just behind you!
With a Singaporean and an Australian on the table, I said,
“Welcome to Malaysia!”
Anyway, the group left after a while. I conveniently took their unfinished beer tower and transferred it on to our table. Free beer!!
There were 2 girls opposite our table, one quite attractive and another one, not so attractive. One of my friends, L then got hold of the waiter and asked the waiter to ask the girls whether they wanted more drinks, L is buying.

The girls ordered green tea O___o. L then invited them over to our table. Of course, our attention was all on the hot girl. Poor unattractive girl was almost invisible to us.
L was fortunate to bear such low cost. If I were the girl, I would say, “ONE BOTTLE OF BLACK LABEL PLEASE”.
We continued playing drinking games until everyone couldn’t drink anymore. As the 2 girls were leaving, I notice that the hot one had a ring on her fourth finger. I then said to her, “Are you married???”.
She replied, “If I’m married, would I be here?”.

Clocking In

Everytime I’m out with my friend or we meet up for coffee or meals, his phone will ring.
“Hello?” he’d answer softly, so I’d know right away that his girlfriend was checking up on him.
If coffee is extended because we have a lot of things to talk about, his phone would ring again. The girlfriend calls again.
One day, I decided to be straightforward and asked, “Do you have to speak to XXXX (his girlfriend’s name) every hour of the day? Is it compulsory?”
You’d think I was a jealous b*tch trying to steal him away, but noooooo, it’s just that if he’s helping out with something, let’s say my computer or my car, and it takes time, so when his gilfriend keeps calling, isn’t it annoying for him? He’s trying to get some stuff done but the girlfriend keeps checking on him!
He said that it’s not what he wants, but it’s what his girlfriend wants to do, that is, to have lengthy conversations with him when they don’t meet.
I suppose it’s understandable, but if he is busy and he doesn’t call you back an hour later, will you bug him every hour until he finally cuts his outings with friends short, so he can call you back and chat til bedtime?
I’d feel suffocated if my partner did that to me, calling or sending me text messages every hour when I’m busy!
However, love is a funny thing, I guess. When in a long distance relationship, every small bit of effort is compulsory to keep the relationship going strong!
But it’s still annoying – super possesive!
How frequent do you check on your partner – every hour, every 3 hours, every 6 hours, once a day or less?

Malaysian High Court Judge Dies

The Kuala Lumpur Courts were taken aback by a piece of shocking news today. Kuala Lumpur High Court Judge Datuk Abdul Wahab Said Ahmad passed away yesterday after succumbing to a heart attack during a game of badminton in Shah Alam Club.

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad houses the Kuala Lumpur High Court Commercial Division

His death is a great loss to the Malaysian judiciary, as his Lordship was well known for his warmness and courtesy. He was the first judge that I appeared before when I started Chambering. My experience with him was pleasant as he gave judgement to our favour. It was also delightful as we managed to bulldoze the opponent’s case within minutes.

Unfortunately, that was the only time that I appeared before him. I didn’t have the opportunity to see him again there after. When the news broke out in the newspaper and also by word of mouth, the hot topic among the lawyers was his Lordship’s death. Many that I’ve met had many praises for him.

Coincidentally, there were 2 judges with similar names in Kuala Lumpur High Court. Some people wondered which of the judge has passed on. Since I was in Court today, I decided to pay his Court at D8 a visit. On his notice board, there was a notice saying that his Lordship has passed away yesterday and all cases before him are to be postponed.

May he rest in peace.

Back for Good?

Just recently, Take That got together again (minus Robbie William) and came out with “Patience”. You hear it on the radio and you probably have seen it on tv.
There’s a part of the song where it goes, “Cos AahhhhHHHhHhhHhh … need tiiiiiiiiiime … just tryyyyyyyyyyy …”
Makes my hair stand.

Why did they decide to try again? My theory is that the rest of the members, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, and the other two guys are close to poverty and are nobodies. Only Robbie survived and managed to make it big. Gary Barlow and Mark Owen tried to go solo and hey, just an album each. I can’t even remember Gary Barlow’s one hit wonder, but I do remember Mark Owen’s “Innocent Child”.
Pssst, is he gay?
So anyway, being nobody sucks when you see an ex-group member making it big in the headlines and tv and going out with various girls. So they decide perhaps they’d get together again, and with Robbie in it, they’ll tumpang glamour (go along for the ride), too?
Take That’s official website – [link]

Beatles covers on upcoming UK stamps

All my troubles seemed so far away,
Now it looks as though they’re here to stay,
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

aaa.. My favourite Beatles track.
On 9 January 2007, the UK Royal Mail will be launching stamps with the covers of the now defunct 1960s Beatles band .

The Beatles are to appear on a set of stamps featuring images of their most famous album covers.

The collection of six stamps includes covers of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Abbey Road, Revolver, Let It Be and With The Beatles.

The stamps will go on sale in January 2007 as a tribute to the band.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “The Beatles special stamps promise to be a big hit with fans the world over when they go on sale.”
He continued: “Royal Mail is featuring some 1st Class Beatles album covers to commemorate the UK band that stands for all that’s great in popular culture.”

Source:- http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/merseyside/5339284.stm
Buy the Beatles Stamps @ Royalmail.co.uk!

Spin the Bottle

My friends and I tried to bring back our childhood games during my tiny new year countdown party. One girl suggested Spin The Bottle. Some innocent ones didn’t know how that game is played.
Everyone sits in a circle and there’s an empty bottle in the middle. Someone may decide to spin it first, and he or she will kiss the person the bottle faces when it stops spinning. Of course, if it is of the same sex, you need not kiss the person. Well, unless you don’t mind. It is then the turn of the receiver of the kiss to spin.

When it faced me, the spinner gave me just a peck on the cheek. Phew, and he was booed for being a coward. Luckily he didn’t kiss me, because I think I would have fainted!
When it was my turn, I was horrifed to see it facing my friend’s boyfriend. I said I’d just kiss his hand, but some of my girl friends (nasty b*tches!) insisted i kissed him properly. I said noooooo, he’s someone’s boyfriend! But they egged me on, and I refused, seeing how his girlfriend was not comfortable. (He used to chase me high and low when we were younger, and she is still not comfortable with the fact that we’re still good friends.)
One girl finally decided to demonstrate how it was supposed to be done. She grabbed the guy by the neck and gave him one long French kiss.
I just sat and stared. What the hell!
Don’t think his girlfriend was happy about it, either, as she was pretty red in the face.
This reminded me of one of the episodes in Desperate Housewives, where Gabrielle kissed Tom, and Lynette revenged by kissing Carlos back!

Danny Tenaglia @ ZOUK KL – 30.12.2006

The claimed DJs of all DJs, Danny Tenaglia was scheduled to play a 5 hours set at ZOUK KL on 30.12.2006. Danny Tenaglia was one of the first few DJs that I know when I first started clubbing. That was like more than 9 years ago. Therefore, seeing him play live is an opportunity not to be missed. I heard that when he spins, he doesn’t want any strangers near his console.

His set was scheduled to start at 10PM and we (Sow, Melvin, Sharon Dilirius and I) got in a little bit late. We got there around 1030PM but there was no crowd.

Instead of waiting for the crowd, we got a barrel of beer (2 1/2 jugs) for RM70 at Terrence Bar and spent an hour or more at that place. Melvin’s friend Sathya joined us thereafter.

Instead of going back to ZOUK, we ended in Velvet with a bottle of Black Label, grinding to R&B music. So much for Danny Tenaglia!

Sow, Melvin, Sathya and I shared a bottle of Black Label. Prior to entering Velvet, we stood at the counter to chip in money.

Sow: By our moneys combined, we get drunk!! (read it aloud in the Captain Planet ‘by your powers combined, I am Captain Planet‘ tune)

We managed to grab a table for ourselves. The table was quite small and all of us wanted to walk around the place. We had to take turns to take care of the table while some of us walked around the place to say hi to friends.

Opposite our table was another bald guy (botak) with glasses who looks similar to Sow.

While drinking, we saw one chick making out with the bald guy. Sow immediately got off from him chair and screamed:-

Sow: Botak guy, you’re my hero!!

Then one tall Turkish (or was it Egyptian?) guy kept on harassing us. At one point we grabbed Sow by the neck and forced whisky onto his throat!

Turkish guy & Sow.

My aim of seeing Danny Tenaglia play was all in vain. Nevertheless, the night out at Velvet was awesome and a burnt wallet.

Feng Shui – A Way of Life

What the heck is FENG SHUI all about? You hear it so often until you’re bored with it. I’ve got friends and their parents who are firm believers of it.
It began as a Chinese practice of arranging things and space around to enhance harmony with the environment. It also involves the philosophical, astrological, mathematical and religious elements of the person, for example, your Chinese astrology animal, and your birthdate and time of birth, your sun sign, etc …. A lot of stuff!
I realised my friend has a lot of feng shui stuff in her house.
I asked her, “What’s this thing for?” as I pointed to a dangling thing.
She’d reply, “I dunno.I forgot.”
“What about this?” I asked, as I pointed to the yellow cat.
“Er, you know that one. The cat that welcomes wealth …. that a lot of Chinese shops have at their cashier counter?” She answered.
“Hmmmm.” I was not entirely convinced that it worked.
“So, you’re expecting money to walk through your door?” I asked.
She gave a sheepish shrug.

She even has magazines for feng shui tips! But she tells me that her parents bought it, and she doesn’t read it. I can believe that, because when I picked it up, it was covered with dust. ;P
That 3 ancient coins tied together, if kept in your wallet or purse, helps create wealth opportunity, or something like that. I can’t remember, I read it somewhere. ;D
The arrangement of many things can lead to good feng shui. For example, the direction the main door of your house is facing, which direction you’re facing when you sit in your room in the office, where toilets in your house are situated, which direction you’re facing when you’re sleeping and a lot more.
Leading feng shui ‘masters’ in Malaysia who both have been on tv are Lilian Too and Joey Yap. If I’m not mistaken, Joey Yap is pretty young and not as commercialised as Lilian Too.
Even the western countries believe in feng shui. They’ve got consultation for building feng shui. [link] Nowadays, architecture and real estate are often linked with feng shui, too!

New Years Eve – The Carnival @ A’Famosa Resort, Melaka

Once again, I managed to catch fireworks display to celebrate the New Year. This time round, I did it in Melaka at one event by the name the Carnival.

The Carnival is an outdoor rave has 4 rooms namely the Hardsequence room, the Regenerate room, Hotel Scandalos and The Bar. Each room plays different types of music. The main attraction for me is Hardsequence room of course.

Hardsequence room, open air.

The trip to Afamosa resort took around 1 hour. I drove, I picked Sharon Dilirius and Sow as well. I was speeding throughout the journey until one incident when I saw smoke in the highway. After passing through the smoke, I realised that a car has turned turtle in a drain!

When we arrived at the venue, we realised the venue was not exactly outdoor. Other than the Hardsequence room, the rest of the rooms were located in buildings. The Hardsequence room is around a size of 4 basketball courts and the rest were quite small as well.

The venue is a little bit unique as well. It’s like a small Cowboy town. I think it’s an amusement park during the day. When we arrived around 10PM, some shops were still open. We saw a souvenir shop, a Chinese restaurant and even a bowling alley with pool tables. Tay said that first time in his life, he played pool in a rave.

Hardsequence room was the most popular room of all. Second would be Regenerate room, but the rest of the rooms were almost empty.

Regenerate room, almost empty – but filled toward the end of the night

The Bar – empty

The Bar – male pole dancer!

We hung out at the Hardsequence room most of the time as the Hardstyle gurus were spinning there.

Hardsequence room

As the clock hits 12AM, fireworks were released in to the sky. It wasn’t very spectacular though. The boom from the fireworks wasn’t earth shattering.

After the fireworks, Sow, Tay and Brisbane Wilson continued drinking. Beer was RM10 per can but throughout the entire night, I see Tay and Brisbane Wilson getting beers non stop.

Sow & Big Ben

The girls & I

Sow & I had “who can hold his hand up the air the longest” competition again. Sow won.

winkris & I – I think we’ve taken pictures in almost all the raves we attended together.

The night ended at 2:45AM.

Party’s over.

Some of the party goers have after-parties to attend. But for me, Sow, Tay and Brisbane James, the night has ended. We drove back to Kuala Lumpur to return to our sweet beds so that we can wake up on our respective beds to greet the new year, 2007.