Malaysians vs. Americans ….in Geography

Today, I went for my second class in Hawaiian studies at Kamakakuokalani Building (kamaka-ko-ka-kolani) quite interesting…except the teacher said “umm..” 67 times..couldn’t concentrate properly on her teaching cuz I was counting the amount of “umms..”. Dang.

Anyway, today I met some new American friends. Seriously…their geography sux.

Me: Hi, I’m Kim..and you are?
XXX: Hi, I’m XXX. Nice to meet you. Where are you from?
Me: I’m from Malaysia
XXX: Malaysia?..err…where’s that?
Me: err..(silence)…next to Singapore….?….?..?
XXX: OoOoOH!..Singapore!..I see…I see…(2 minutes later) err..where’s that? the pacific ocean?
Me : ….

Sigh…and XXX is not the first.

10 thoughts on “Malaysians vs. Americans ….in Geography”

  1. haha! speaking of which, i once told someone i was from msia, then she was like “oh is tat like in china??” IDIOTTTT!

  2. not 67 ler. 68 times. u missed out one..not just ang mohs… u can find some asians who doesn’t know where malaysia is too.. but at least they know where’s singapore..

  3. don’t say malaysia is next to singapore… say singapore is under malaysia! well i’d prefer if the kuai los are this ignorant. in the long term it’ll be better for us to have that upper hand. can’t let kuai los rule the world forever can we?

  4. that’s why i always bring my planner with me(with a world map attached) to save me the trouble of explaining.

  5. ahh…americans aren’t that bad. I had some Toronto-ian mates who claimed that Bamboo sticks (mind you, not rotan) is a typically Malaysian product. And not only that, they think the written Bahasa Melayu is like Arabic.That’s what I call ignorant, if not plain shallow.

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