moonboy – the 11 years old shuffler

I’ve been out of the Melbourne Shuffle scene for quite some time. Recently, while surfing the Melbourne Shuffle wikipedia page, I found a link to a video of a young boy shuffling to hardstyle music.
This 11 year-old boy …

1st song – SMF – Hahaha! – I love this song!

All I can say is WOW! 1 million hits!!!

Election 2008: Part IV

The elections results are finally out. The opposition takes 5 states – Kelantan, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and the Penang. The opposition also managed to deny Barisan Nasional a 2/3 majority forcing the Barisan Nasional to declare a simple majority.

This general election also marks the exit of a few well known politicians such Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. Poor Samy Vellu lost his seat which he had been holding on since 1974 on 8 March 2008, on his 72nd birthday. I was told that his supporters prepared a cake to celebrate his ‘victory’ and birthday. Unfortunately, I don’t think he was at any mood to cut any cakes.

Dr. Lo’ Lo’ .. what a name..

Fellow blogger, Jeff Ooi won comfortably at Jelutong. My cousin also managed to win a state seat in Perak. He’s only in his late 20s! Another surprise would be Low Gwo Burne, the man behind the V.K Lingam video and KeAdalian candidate for Kelana Jaya. For a person who is not even a registered voter in Malaysia, he has created an upset by beating the Barisan Nasional candidate.

My polling station was at SK Seri Mega, my former primary school. It’s been more than 10 years since I stepped into my old school.

Just as I stepped in front of the main gate, I saw Ms Carol Chew, candidate for Barisan Nasional helping out an old uncle with his motorcycle – surrounded by a group of photographers. Ms Carol Chew whom my mum dubbed as “Fei Poh” (translation: Fat Girl) is actually quite petite and fit. Her campaign pictures were not very flattering.

I bet that this uncle is actually an Opposition supporter…

I was directed to a room which I used to sit when I was in standard 2. The transparent ballot box laid in the middle of the room. The polling agents were screaming all sorts of funny numbers. As soon as I dropped by vote into the ballet box, I left the place and went on a tour of my school.

Place to check on voting details..

My old classroom..

My school didn’t change much save for the new computer lab. I started snapping pictures of my alma mater.

A policeman approached me and politely informed me that I cannot take pictures in the compound. Thank god he didn’t confiscate my camera.

Few hours later, Teresa Kok was declared winner of the Seputeh parliamentary seat with a majority of 36,492 votes, one of the highest highest in Election 2008.

Election 2008 – Part III

It was Monday morning and I had my newspaper spread over the table with my daily dose of coffee by my side. I was having breakfast at Kedai Kopi Beng Huat, one of my favourite spots for breakfast.
A lady in her 30s approached me asking whether I could share my table with her. Together with her was another man. Without hesitation, I agreed as there is enough space for them. However, an elderly couple joined them leaving me with no choice but to keep my newspaper. I was surrounded by a group of strangers.
I soon realised that the elderly couple was Japanese tourists. It’s been a while since I conversed in Japanese – its all down the drain now. I kept quiet and ate my food.
Carol Chew Chee Lin, the young 27 years old candidate for the Barisan Nasional and her entourage suddenly entered the coffee shop and started shaking everybody’s hands. I was quite surprised as I didn’t expect any politicians to step into this coffee shop of mine.

After she made her rounds, she dropped by my table and offered to shake the Japanese elderly couple’s hands.
Both of them ignored her.
But when someone explained to her that Carol was actually a politician vying for a spot in the parliament, the elderly couple quickly Carol’s hands.
Incumbent Teresa Kok of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) will be running against new comer and n00b Chew Chee Lin of Barisan Nasional for the Seputeh parliament seat. Teresa Kok is also running for the Kinrara state seat. This has caused uproar with the Barisan Nasional – labelling her as greedy.

Teresa Kok

Transliteration: Kong Tou Chou Mmm Tou, Foh Chin Cheh Tai Pao.
Translation: DAP is all words, no action.
Recently, I noticed that there are numerous billboards depicting a feminine caricature of a rocket. One of the posters impliedly showed that the said rocket was dumping her old flame for a new one. It is understood that the said rocket is no other than Teresa Kok dumping Seputeh for Kinrara.

These billboards were allegedly approved by Carol Chew Chee Lin. Teresa Kok, being the fiery MP, protested and labelled these billboards sexist.
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March 2008 Events

March 2008 has numerous events installed for us.
The highlight for this month would no doubt be SpeedZone Tour 2008.

Date: 22nd March 2008, Saturday
Venue: Menara Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower),
Time: From 8pm till late
Extract taken from

    SpeedZone Tour 2008, the highly anticipated Grand Prix party of the year is back with more speed, power and a higher temperature to sizzle Malaysia this March, in time to greet the heat and excitement of the world’s hottest Grand Prix season!
    Featuring a spectacular DJ line-up, including the No.1 Italian DJ in House and Tribal category, also headliner of the event, Mauro Picotto; the rising star DJ from Sicily (Italy), Gianluca Fucile; Electro and Eclectic House music veteran DJ from UK, Jon Carter; ranked No. 48 in the 2007 DJ Mag top 100 DJ’s poll, Matt Hardwick; and of course our local talent and celebrity DJ, Joey G, SpeedZone Tour 2008 promises to deliver a pulsating experience at full speed!
    Come rediscover the funk of brilliant Tech, House and Trance tempo and be part of the most extravagant Malaysia Grand Prix party, SpeedZone Tour 2008, which will be making its annual, one and only, pit stop on the 22nd March 2008, Saturday, at Menara Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower), from 8pm till late.
    Ticketing details
    To party for free, just be the first 500 clubbers to register on starting today, to receive the free tickets.
    Alternatively, 7000 tickets are available for sale for RM 33 net, inclusive of one beverage, limited to 2000 pre-sales tickets at Axcess Tickets counters nationwide and online at, and 5000 tickets at the door, from 6pm onwards. *While tickets last!!!*
    The party is open to partygoers 18 years old and above only, and all tickets collections and purchases are dependant on display of a valid photo ID.
    For more information on the Speed Zone Tour 2008, please log on to

wooowwweeee, Mauro PIcotto! One of my favourite Hard NRG DJs!!! My favourite tracks would be:


Both are relatively old songs..but brings back the good memories.
The newest track from Mauro Picotto is “Evribadi”.

Timo Maas @ Poppy Garden

Timo Maas is one of the most well known DJs around the world – playing electronica, progressive trance and techno. Those who knew him would probably remember his remix of the song Azzido Da Bass’ Doom’s Night.

But it’s unfortunate that this world class DJ will be spinning in Poppy Garden, a small club in Kuala Lumpur. I doubt there would be any place to dance.
And a night before election day!! What a bad day!!
Last one for this entry would be the Nuffnang Pajamas Party!

Date: 15th March 2008
Time: 6.00pm – 10.00pm
Venue: Borneo Baruk Club, Kuala Lumpur
Dress Code: Pajamas! (Or anything you sleep in)
This is an invite only event. In order to be invite to his event, you must write a blogpost on the theme “I Sleep Better With Chipster”
Deadline has been extended to 8 March 2008!
More info @

Election 2008 – Part II

Recently, I received an email alleging that the Electoral Roll has phantom voters. In the email, it was stated that the following identity card numbers reveals persons who are over 100 years old and have been designated with a polling station!
(note: you can check the details of the voters @
And indeed the above persons have been designated a place to vote!!

Few days back, Bernama reported, in order to clarify on the confusion by the Opposition, that the Master Electoral Roll used for the general election is free of the names of voters who had died.

    February 29, 2008 00:02 AM
    Master Electoral Roll Free Of Dead Voters
    PUTRAJAYA, Feb 28 (Bernama) — The Master Electoral Roll to be used for the general election is free of the names of voters who had died.
    The roll containing the names of 10,922,139 voters who died up to Dec 31 last year was gazetted on Feb 5.
    Election Commission (EC) secretary Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor said it had removed the names of 697,902 voters who died between Jan 1, 2004 and Dec 31 last year.
    He said the commission was mindful that there were registered voters who died between Jan 1 and March 7 this year.
    “The general election laws do not allow EC to remove the names of the deceased from the Master Electoral Roll. Their names will be exhibited in April for public viewing,” he said when commenting on the confusion among Opposition parties.
    “Political parties and independent candidates need not worry as claims that some people will be voting in place of dead registered voters are baseless.”
    The EC would be distributing the list of voters who died between Jan 1 and March 7 and their identity card numbers to all polling centre heads, he said.
    “This will enable them to be aware of voters who had died to prevent the issuance of ballot papers in their names.
    “They have also been directed to get police help to nab those who turn up to vote using the identity cards of dead voters.
    “The offenders will be arrested under the Criminal Procedure Code and the offence is punishable under Section 7 of the Election Offences Act 1954.
    “Those who disguise as voters can be jailed for up to two years and fined a minimum of RM1,000 or up to RM5,000.”
    In an effort to clean the electoral list of names of dead voters, the EC had despatched teams to police stations nationwide to get copies of the burial permits.
    Last year, it succeeded in removing 10,064 names of dead voters from the electoral roll and informed their next of kin to produce copies of the death certificates.”
    Kamaruzaman said a team was also sent to 2,764 longhouses in Sarawak between January 2006 and October last year, and 12,807 dead voters were traced and reported to the National Registration Department.
    After consulting the longhouse heads and supported by the district officers, the 12,807 names were later removed from the electoral roll.

The above article is unclear and a bit contradictory. On one part they said that the Master Electorate Roll is free from dead votes. On another part Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor stated that the general election laws do not allow EC to remove the names of the deceased from the Master Electoral Roll. And later in the article, it was stated that:-
In an effort to clean the electoral list of names of dead voters, the EC had despatched teams to police stations nationwide to get copies of the burial permits………..
…After consulting the longhouse heads and supported by the district officers, the 12,807 names were later removed from the electoral roll.

The EC had admitted that under the election law, the names from the Master Electoral Roll cannot be removed but now they have removed the names of deceased from the Master Electoral Roll??

Kota Kinabalu: Salut Seafood Restaurant @ Salut

Despite having a bad experience at Port View Seafood Village, we decided to give seafood another try. This time round, we had lunch at Salut Seafood Restaurant @ Salut – a place 18km away from Kota Kinabalu City. The drive to Salut is pretty scenic – one can see the kampong houses and squatters by the side of the road.

We were greeted with a narrow untarred road with ponds on each side. Each lane could probably fit 1 car. I was told that the ponds were used to rear prawns.

I think if a drunken fellow drives through the road in the middle of the night, he’ll probably end up in the pond and gets eaten by prawns. pw4an!!

Salut Seafood Restaurant faces Salut Bay and the surroundings are almost untouched.

The restaurant is actually a ‘floating’ restaurant – one can see the sea if one peeks through the holes on the floor. There are couple of huge shells placed on the front entrance. I wonder if they are real.

To choose our meals, we had to choose our victims from the aquarium.

Choose from here.. seafoood…


Ewwww Eel…

No…not edible.

We ordered prawns, clams, crabs and vegetable.

The seats

Our first dish was the prawns – cooked plainly. I’ve never liked cooked seafood fresh from the aquarium. The minute I tore off the prawn’s head, blood started oozing out. I euwed in silence..

But after taking the first bite, I went…wooww.. it tasted sweeet!! And soon, one lead to another.

The clams, buttered crab and Sabah vegetable followed. The buttered crab was extremely delicious. The shell was soft and easily removed.
After chomping down the prawns, crabs, clams and vegetables, I felt so full until my stomach felt like exploding.

We were provided with lime to wash our hands. There are some used limes on the sink as well. Euw.

And the total damage is….RM150!! Prawns, crabs, clams and vegetables for 4 persons! Value like hai!! In Port View Seafood Village, it was RM70 for fish and vegetable only!!

We left the place with a satisfied tummy!

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