Miri – Day 2

Continuation of Balcony presents “Max Factor” @ Miri, Sarawak

Barely 4 hours of sleep, Kian and Shan Mei picked us from the hotel. Mr. Ma wanted to treat us dim sum. Many thanks to Mr. Ma.
Thereafter, Kian and Shan Mei then brought us around Miri. We started off with the Crocodile farm. Yes, of all places, the crocodile farm.

It was like a mini zoo, other than crocodiles, they had sun bears, monkeys, snakes, bats, ostriches and turkeys.

Sun Bears


Wild cat!


Crocodiles have this habit of opening their mouth. I’ve no idea what they were doing, but it sort of gave me an idea. I grabbed a piece of Clorets (mint candy) and threw it into the crocodile’s mouth. I missed. DAMN!!

Unfortunately, to me, the animals were in pitiful stage. They were caged in small cages with concrete floors and seem to be very hungry. A monkey stole a girl’s glasses and tried to eat it. The girl was screaming, “JANGAN!!! ITU BUKAN DUA RINGGIT PUNYA!!!”. (NOOOOOO!! It’s not a RM2 glasses!!)
Amos made his debut on shuffling videos. He shuffled in front of some turkeys. The turkeys responded with a lot of clucking.


After Crocodile Farm, we stopped by Miri Boat Club. Loads of expats around.

Next destination, Esplanade Beach. Miri’s beaches aren’t exactly top quality. The water’s brown and the beaches are dirty. However, it’s a nice place to relax. Kynan and Hansley dropped by to see us. Ryan was busy playing with crabs.

We adjourned to Canada Hill thereafter. Its a place where we can get a good view of Miri City. Based on observation, we could only see 4 tall buildings in Miri!

Thanks to Air Asia, our flight was delayed again. Initially it was scheduled at 940PM. Then delayed to 11PM and subsequently 1130PM. And just as we got into the pre departure hall, it was rescheduled to 1150PM!!

One last picture..

Air Asia..now everyone is late!

Balcony presents “Max Factor” @ Miri, Sarawak

First and foremost, I must thank Mr. Ma, one of the owners of Balcony, for the sponsoring us to Miri. Mr. Ma sponsored our air tickets, lodging and food!

I must also thank Kian and Shan Mei for bringing us around. Further, thank you Joanna, Rin, Hence (don’t know whether I got his name correct), Darren, Kynan and puhyah for their great hospitality. Also a big shout out to those people I met in Miri!

Balcony is one of the great clubs in Miri. It’s not the typical fengtau clubs. Mr. Ma has put a lot of effort trying to improve Balcony club to be on par with clubs in Kuala Lumpur. Their music ranges from Progressive House to Trance. Unfortunately, no Hard House for me.

Balcony has a few private rooms where patrons are able to sing their hearts out using their karaoke machines. Joanna booked a room and gathered her group of friends to celebrate her birthday. As expected, the birthday girl was drunk and couldn’t remember a lot of things. She even missed the best part, where the entire club sang Happy Birthday to her!

Drunk Birthday girl, Joanna & Drunk Me.

Balcony also has a great range of liquor as well. They even have Hoegaarden!!

Rin was the hustler of the night. Every 5 minutes he would come to me and say, “Let’s get some drinks mannnnn”. Rather than shuffling on the dance floor, Rin and I were drowning ourselves with alcohol. Darren, Rin and I shared a B-52 and then followed up with Hoegaarden. There goes my night, half drunk and half tired.

B-52..looks like Flaming Lambo..

Amos, Jordan and Ryan were the performing shufflers from KL. Those superstars were surrounded by Mirians. They were also joined by a few Mirian Shufflers.

I, on the other hand, was busy taking pictures. I don’t know how to shuffle 😀

They had a mini shuffling competition between Mirians, the winners were chosen by the clap-o-meter (or cheer-o-meter). The first round was won by a guy, beating 2 others which include a girl who shuffled with high heels. The second round was won by Joanna, beating few good shufflers. She said, “Bloody hell, I won cause it’s my birthday!!”. They both won a bottle of Dewars each.

Silky Blonde Hair..where to find??

Puhyah, me, Rin, Kyran and Darren

We were given this shirt to wear. I forgot to wear it..

Hence & Darren. Damn..Hence is damn bloody fair

Finally, Miri girls!

We left Balcony about 3am. Rin, Darren, Kynan, Hence, Amos and I headed to Open Air Market for fried noodles. THE FRIED NOODLES TASTED LIKE DUCK!!!
to be continued…

One day trip to Melaka

Last week, I was given a task at the Malacca High Court. It was quite a challenge as it was something that usually takes weeks to do but I have to get it done on the day itself. I had to file a draft order, get it marked and then file it together with the fair order!
I waited from 830AM to 5PM. It was the longest wait ever.. .
Despite the long wait, the Court staff of Malacca High Court were superb. They were very polite and efficient unlike a certain Court’s staffs which only have 2 vocabs which is “TUNGGU LA” (WAIT LA).
The Registrar was also very nice. I was expecting him to throw a fit but when I requested his help, he immediately despatched his staff to help me. w00t!

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Pangkor Island – Mussel

A nice fisherman gave Jane a piece of mussel that he caught when we were snorkling in Pulau Pangkor. He even gave us some sort of shell animal. Unfortunately, it escaped.

The fisherman had to crack the mussel’s shell in order to retrieve it under the rocks. He said, “Yang ni, masak dengan air panas, sedap ooooo” (For this, boil it in hot water. delicious!)

And we did!!!

Jane loved it. I think it tasted a little bit elastic and fishy.

Looks kinda familiar eh? What is it?

CLUE: According to Jane, Japanese shows i.e. comedies, use it to symbolize a part of a body.

Trip to Muar

Muar is a busty town located at the south of Peninsula Malaysia. It’s history traces back down to 1400s, before the establishment of Malacca.

I was given the opportunity to attend court at Muar. I had to wake up at 4AM in order to get there on time!
I have heard stories about how lawyers are well respected in small towns. In Kuala Lumpur, you’ll get some respect, but not much. But today’s experience convinced me that small town lawyers get more respect than Kuala Lumpur. While walking out of court, I had this army officer saluting me!!!

Then another thing worth mentioning was the parking fee. In Kuala Lumpur, parking fees usually cost about RM2 or more. But today’s fee in Muar was

60 CENTS !!!

Where the CRAP can you get 60 CENTS parking in Kuala LUMPUR?!?!?!

My eyes were O_O when the parking attended told me about price.

Since Lynnzter is from Muar, I called her up for directions and THE place to eat. She recommended chicken rice ball somewhere near a Levis Shop. It took me a long time to find it!! I circled the entire town, crossing a faggot looking street with pre-war buildings (1920s). They were all painted PINK!!!

Despite that, it was well worth it. The chicken rice ball was fantastic. Initially I thought the thing that was supposed to be rolled into a ball was the chicken meat. But in fact it was the rice. LOL

Since it’s a novelty for me, I had to peep at people on the next table to see the way to eat it. They put in thick soya sauce and also otak-otak!! W00t!!

Driving back was a HUGE HUGE hassle. With a satisfying lunch and lack of sleep, I had to drive 200 plus KMs to get back to KL. I almost fell asleep.

Things got worst when I realised that I was running out of petrol. The petrol light was on and the pin was almost touching the bottom. I was so stressed till I prayed to seek help from all gods, from Buddha, Allah, Jesus, Vishnu and so on.

I was full of relieve when I saw a rest stop. As I was about to jump in joy, I realised that all the rest stop had was a bloody toilet. Images of me crying and a tow truck operator chucking in joy were playing on my mind. I had to drive very slowly. Soon, I find heavy vehicles zipping past me.

Then another rest stop appeared. All it had was a toilet as well.

I soon realised that there wouldn’t be a petrol station within my reach along the highway. I swerved into Seremban to look for a petrol station.

I was so full of relieve when I saw a Shell petrol station. But it only lasted for few moments, the Shell petrol station is still under CONSTRUCTION….

However, my agony ended few minutes after that. I found a Pro-Jet station few blocks away from the Shell Station. Ahhh..the sense of relieve was indescribable.

Melaka 2005

Hen, Umeng, Peng, Jin Han, Soon Yean, Soon Loong, Wai Keong, YK and I went to Melaka (another state in Malaysia)for a night’s trip. We started our journey late, approximately about 5PM.
It only took us 1 ½ hours to get there. I slept throughout the entire journey to Melaka. It felt like a 10 minutes trip for me. Some bugger took a photo of me sleeping with my mouth open.wtf.. I hate it when people take pictures of me sleeping!!

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Exotic food @ Bintulu

We had exotic Chinese food for dinner. Bats didnt taste good. They were too boney and dont have much meat. Wild boar and deer meat were fine.

Turtles tasted good though but they’re just too cute to be eaten.

Yummmyyy…I guess that’s all the gross food pictures I have!

Back from Sarawak!

Back in Kuala Lumpur!!

Alex’s parents were helpful. They packed our stuff, organized everything and bought us many things.

Sarawak was fun. It was a huge eye opener.

I came back darker and fatter. Alex’s parents kept on forcing us to eat. Yesterday, I ate from 1PM to 9PM, NON STOP!!

So now, all I can say is, I went to Sarawak, came back with gifts, new experiences and a big belly.


Kelabit – a traditional native ear lobe piercing expansion

blowpipe – also known as sumpit, used as a hunting tool

huge pineapples – ONLY RM3 PER PIECE! VALUE!!

tuak – home made rice wine, very lethal, PREPARE TO DIE HEN AND IVN!!

Bintulu day 8

Sarawak has been a huge exposure to me in terms of nature.

I saw this huge wild boar caged @ a construction yard. Apparently, someone is raring it as a pet. It looks mmm..ugly.

I learnt how to drive a motor boat today! It was easy. It’s like driving a car. Well, not exactly, the way to handle the boat is opposite of a car. If you want to turn left, you gotta turn the handle to the right visa versa.

We drove a 15 horse powered motorboat on Alex’s river (Semenyih River). The river is absolutely filthy. Everybody treats it like a huge rubbish bin. There was once we almost ran over a bloated carcass of a dog. It’s so bloated till it looks like it’s going to explode anytime.

Oh yeah, last night we ate durian kampung (small durian). It tasted like SHIT.

Then today, we had fried maggots. They call it ulat sago. It’s as big as my thumb, looks very juicy. Its flesh feels like jelly and it smells like blood initially. But after frying it with pepper and salt, it deflated. I had 2..it tasted like…


god damn maggots tasted like prawns. EUW. Some are a little bit juicy though. According to Alex’s Dad, the maggots were supposed to be juicier. However, he cooked it wrongly. euw..I cant imagine eating a juicier maggot..

So anyway, here are some pictures of Bintulu courtesy of David. thanks mate!