Cream @ Liverpool

The weather was so cold that it almost freezed my balls off. *brrr*

I just came back from Cream @ Nation at Liverpool. It took us 2 hours to reach back to Sheffield. The whole event was great. It wasn’t not packed and the music was great.

Nation is made out of 3 rooms, the main room, the annex and the courtyard. DJ Sasha was at the Courtyard and DJ Tiesto was in the main room. They started playing at 2am. We had to line up for an hour to get into the courtyard when Sasha was playing, sheshh.

Dj Tiesto was fabulous! The last song he played was PPK – Resurrection, it was damn good and his finishing was magnificent!

The security in Nation is extremely tight. We had to put our belonging into a plastic bag that was given by the staff when we were lining up to get into the club. A body search was performed on us from the body and they even checked our shoes and stocking. However, one of my friends could still manage to sneak a popper in by hiding it between his toes, clever huh. hehe. Surprisingly, you could still get ecstasy pills here even though the security is super tight. The pills there cost about £5 each.

We have couple of new faces that turned for the event that was organized by our Clubbing Society. There’s this couple named Jim and Jane who disappeared to nowhere suddenly once we get into the club. Then there’s this 2 Malaysian girls who were once from Taylor’s College, Malaysia. There are about 15 of us. Carl came all the way from Nottingham to join us. Luckily there’s an extra seat for him. We reached Liverpool at 9:30PM and went home about 4AM.