Spice Up!

“Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what you want, what you really really want,
So, tell me what you want, what you really really want!”
The latest news in entertainment is that the Spice Girls have reunited for a concert tour this year! Remember Posh, Scary, Sporty, Ginger and Baby Spice? Yep, they are back as a group!

[screenshot from Yahoo! Music]

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Just Follow the Law

That lady who said, “It takes 3 working days to process” remind me of a friend. Makes me feel like punching her. waa chhhaaaaaa
If you had seen the Singaporean movie, Just Follow the Law (starring Gurmit Singh and Fann Wong *drool) you’ll note that Fann Wong’s mum (in that movie) said that she has a blog called, “Lao Zha Bor dot Blog Spot dot Com”.
And the blog actually exists!

Visit http://laozhabor.blogspot.com/
Lao Zhar Bor, in Chinese means, old lady. This lady actually learnt how to set up a blog and even created a rap video to post on the website. It’s quite an interesting read. I note that a lady of her age speaks like a young girl 😀

Music: Going Retro

Let’s go retro!
The first song for today is Color Me Badd’s I Wanna Sex U Up.

Check out the outfit! Ahahahaha….. though I kinda like the tempo. ;P
The second song is Salt’N’Pepa’s Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex – is it a taboo word?
I think the Ministry of Education should use this song for their Sex Education campaign. Has it been implemented in the education system yet? I keep finding only old articles reiterating the plan to do so.

DJ Anatta – Feb 2007 Mix – ‘Just a phase’

Sharon Dilirius @ DJ Anatta has release a new mix!
According to DJ Anatta

    ‘Phase’ is something that came out of the latest obsession with deep funk sounds that I have grew to like for the past months or so. But there’s an unexpected turn towards the end of the set as well. Cheeky and a tad edgy. Definitely not for the ‘boomchit-boomchit-180bpm’ lovers – no pun intended.

DJ Anatta’s Official Website @ http://www.djanatta.com

Purple and Brown

Created by the creator of Wallace and Gromit.
Two buddies made out of clay. They giggle at almost everything. So cute!

They put a smile on your face. You can’t help it, they find such simple joy in little things. 😉
Especially the way they go, “Oooohh ….”
Too cute not to add – this one reminds me of Riverdance!

The little ones are SO CUTE!!!!!
More on www.youtube.com.

Back for Good?

Just recently, Take That got together again (minus Robbie William) and came out with “Patience”. You hear it on the radio and you probably have seen it on tv.
There’s a part of the song where it goes, “Cos AahhhhHHHhHhhHhh … need tiiiiiiiiiime … just tryyyyyyyyyyy …”
Makes my hair stand.

Why did they decide to try again? My theory is that the rest of the members, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, and the other two guys are close to poverty and are nobodies. Only Robbie survived and managed to make it big. Gary Barlow and Mark Owen tried to go solo and hey, just an album each. I can’t even remember Gary Barlow’s one hit wonder, but I do remember Mark Owen’s “Innocent Child”.
Pssst, is he gay?
So anyway, being nobody sucks when you see an ex-group member making it big in the headlines and tv and going out with various girls. So they decide perhaps they’d get together again, and with Robbie in it, they’ll tumpang glamour (go along for the ride), too?
Take That’s official website – [link]

Pirates – Digital Harbour

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Hi guys, thought i’d pay tribute to Pirates of the Carribean by coming up with this mixset. Hard and Bassy as usual except the last track(which happen to be my favourite track right now) Have fun and don’t explode your speakers.
1)Tiesto – He’s a Pirate (Ochestral mix)
2)Aalto feat supre8 – 5 (Maori’s Deep mix)
3)Scott Matt – Damager 2 (Mark Sherry mix)
4)Ace De Brain – Depths of Doom
5)Tocs – 1(Scott Project mix)
6)Megara vs Dj Lee – For a Moment
7)Elektra – The Freak (Deep mix)
8)Kamui – Ghosts (Energy mix)
9)Hysterie – Be My Lover (Virus Inc. mix)
10)Max Savietto – Alone (Sa.Vee.Oh mix)
11)Tiesto feat. Allure – The Love We Lost
12)Gabriel and Dresden feat. Molly – Tracking Treasures Down

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xes.cx – Awan Biru mix

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Featuring half an hour of hardstyle and acid!
1)Sa.Vee.Oh – Loop Hole
2)Nish – Sagitarius(Alphazone remix)
3)Pedro Ferarri and Del Mar – Ways of Love(Instrumental hard dance mix)
4)Mikesh – Sounds of Brutal Club
5)Chemistry – Heartbeat
6)Deepforces – Rock Your Club
7)Dj Lee – Fight Hard
8)Dj Unni – Tribute to Dance
9)Deepforces – Danger
10)Mario Lopez – The Sound of the City
11)Dj Goldfinger – Can’t Stop Me
12)Deepforces – Harder!
13)Jon Dentist and Ollie J – Feels so Good(Guyver remix)
14)Dj Pavo – Fuck Fucker
15)The Prophet – Emergency Call(Defcon 1 2005 anthem)
16)The Prophet – Wee Gan Stampuh 2006
17)Dj Zenith – Energy 2006
18)Hellboyz – Winners(Brainkicker remix)
19)John Fehris and Blutonium Boy – Hardstyle vs Acid
20)Surrounder – The Journey(Hardstyle mix)
21)Mental Theo vs Kubrik – Anthem