Wa-Raku, Japanese Dining House

I never say no to Japanese food, should anyone suggest it – depending on my budget for the day, of course. However, an ex-colleague was treating me for dinner and I had no hesitation in saying yes!
He said a client once brought him here and he enjoyed the teriyaki chicken tremendously. Since he was starving and we were stuck in the traffic on Jalan Sultan Ismail, we managed to turn off into Jalan Stonor to the bungalow-restaurant.
I almost jumped out of my seat and rushed to the exit when I saw the prices. Set dinners are priced between RM70 – RM160 (if I recall correctly). The chicken teriyaki set is RM70 while I chose the tempura set priced at RM72.

For my set, the first appetiser served was a piece (?) of shishamo cut in half. It was ok, I think. I would have preferred it to be a bit more crispy.

My ex-colleague’s first appetiser was a plate of sashimi and sushi, and I stared at it in dismay. I WANTED IT!!!! I LOVE SASHIMI!!!! I stared at my shishamo and tried to make it last as long as possible. Sobs.

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The Simpsons Movie

I laughed out loud when I heard Homer Simpson sang “Spider Pig Spider Pig, does whatever a spider pig does” on one of the Simpson trailers. I’ve been a fan of The Simpsons since it started off in the Tracy Ullman show.
I was extremely delighted when news of the new Simpsons movie will be out this month. My friends and I bought 5 tickets from GSC 1 Utama cinema on Thursday, 2 days before we were due to watch it. We split the tickets into half, 3 kept by ivN and another 2 kept by me.
On the next day, I couldn’t remember whether I took the ticket out from my pocket or left it in my pocket. I had to rush something at work hence I didn’t call my Mum to check on it.
And when I came home..

/(*O*)\ ZOMGGGG!!!!!
My Spider Pig tickets!!!!!!!!!
My 2 tickets transformed into half a ticket!!
On Friday, I went to see the staff of GSC to explain my calamity. The lady in charge asked me to come back on Saturday. Fortunately, they didn’t brush me off and forced me to buy a new ticket.
On Saturday, I had 3 staff accompanying me into the cinema to verify whether the seat that I’ve bought was occupied. It was pretty troublesome. The staff restrained us from entering the cinema until the verification was completed.
Upon verification, we were allowed into the cinema without being issued a new ticket 😀

Smirnoff Two New Flavours One Launch Party @ Sanctuary, The Curve Shopping Centre.

It was another mabuk (drunken) party.

Many thanks to Kimberlycun for the invites and Mypartners Communications and Riche Monde for the free bottle of Smirnoff Green Apple. Initially I’ve no idea who will be attending and why I was invited. I was later told that, in Kimfluttersby’s words, “They chose us for our versatile, fun and colourful lives or persona in our blog”. Yes ah?

Mypartners had gathered 4 bloggers, Suanie of http://www.suanie.net, ShaolinTiger of http://www.shaolintiger.com, Kimfluttersby of http://www.xanga.com/kimfluttersby and I to one Smirnoff vodka tasting session in the ice bar of Sanctuary (Sanctuary is a pub/club). Yes, an ice bar, a bloody freezer made into a bar with minus 15 degrees Celsius. We were there for probably a good 20 minutes. It was freezing cold.

Nevertheless, we were fortunate to be given shots of vodka (in various flavours) and each of us was presented with a bottle of Smirnoff vodka by Ms. Shirley Chan of Riche Monde. People from the media were there as well. Many photos and videos were taken by them.

The new Smirnoff vodka is actually pretty nice. It’s sweet and you can actually drink it neat (without any mixtures)!

ShaolinTiger being presented with a bottle of Smirnoff Vanilla by Shirley Chan.

Kimfluttersby being presented with a bottle of Smirnoff Vanilla by Shirley Chan

Suanie helping herself.

After the drinking and posing session, we drank some more. My friends and I were given drinks 3 coupons each.

The group

4 person x 3 coupons = 12 glasses of vodka. 12 glasses of vodka/4 + few glasses of vodka with ShaolinTiger, Suanie, Shirley Chan, Kelvin Tan, Kimfluttersby, etc = MABUK MAXIMUM PLUS ONE.

Suania, Kimfluttersby, ShaolinTiger and RedLobster.

I crashed straight to bed with my contact lens intact and in working clothes. I woke up with a hangover and dragged myself to work.
Hours later, my mum called and screamed, “AH BOY!! YOU DON’T GO AND DRINK ANYMORE!!!!”

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Masjid Jamek

Masjid Jamek is the craziest area in town ever. Arriving either by Putra LRT or Star LRT, one would be greeted by car fumes and avoid being pushed around by the crowd.

Every Friday at about 430pm, vendors come out and lay their wares on the ground. I wanted to take a picture of what she was selling, but I must have zoomed my camera onto her face instead. Cheap goods like Doraemon things, scarves, stuffed toys, etc can be seen. Food is sold as well.

I can’t stand the place. Horribly polluted that I could feel my pimples surfacing while I wait for the lights to turn red so I can cross the road.
Masjid Jamek is KL’s oldest mosque. Yup yup.

Remembering Your First Love

[note: FB stories will continue another time. ;D]
They say that you’ll never forget your first love, he or she will forever be imprinted in your memories. I have no trouble accepting that for a fact that one usually would remember his or her first in everything: first job, first relationship, etc.
However, I am rather perturbed to find myself waking up in the morning and realising that I just dreamt about my ex-boyfriend. It makes me feel really guilty, I tell you. Here I am, blissfully ‘attached’ and dreaming such lovely dreams about my boyfriend, but only to realise, “Hang on. That’s not my boyfriend hugging me. It’s ex-boyfriend #1.”
TWICE it happened.
For the life of me, I don’t know what’s that supposed to mean!
Just last week I confided my friend and he rubbed his chin (like frank_omatic loves to do) and together we pondered.
“Do you think I need closure, maybe?” I asked.
“I don’t even consciously think about him!” I remarked.
I hope it’s not considered CHEATING to unintentionally dream about an ex-boyfriend.
Any dream readers out there?

Unique Advertisements in Malaysia – Part IV

Ogawa Chair – placed outdoor! Dont be surprised if you see a report on how thieves dragged the chair out from the display using a lorry 😛

Mosquito repellent billboard on the left and their product on the right.

Huge Laptop. I love gigantic sized products 😀

One of many Digi’s (Malaysian telecommunication company) below the line advertisements. They wrapped these rickshaws in Melaka with their advertising materials, made the cyclist wear their yellow t-shirt and blast their theme song, “I will follow you” in all sorts of dance remix.

Unique Advertisements in Malaysia -Part I
Unique Advertisements in Malaysia – Part II

So What is A FB?

A f*ck buddy.
No strings attached.
Purely sex.
Just sex – it’s a booty call and a call just for a shag.

A guideline for f*ck buddies:

– Do not make love to her
– Do not buy her things, especially if she asks you to
– Do not accept any instances of her calling you her “boyfriend”, either in front of you or behind your back; shut that shit down before it starts
– Do not only booty call he when you’re drunk / as a last resort (she can tell)
– Do not socialize with her in a non-sexual way
– Do not intro her to your friends or show interest in an intro to hers
– Do not sex her more than twice a week
– Do give her extremely good sex
The last rule itself just shatters me. I wonder if I am *good*. ;D
So unfair! Found these guidelines and it makes it sound that women are the clingy one! I’m sure us women can be good f*ck buddies, too, with no strings attached!

Look Alike – Part III

2 years ago, I blogged about people looking alike here. In the said entry, I posted that one Mr Azmi was mistaken for another person who looks like him in England.

Then my friend took picture of a guy who looks like me (or I look like him). His name is Edwin.



And now Gavin Tan has found someone who looks like him in Kennysia‘s Website.

Our Gavin.

(Standing at the back) Kennysia’ Gavin. AHHAHAHAH

An Offer for a One Night Stand

I have a friend who preys on me like I’m desperate for a good f*ck, or a shag, like they say in Austin Power movies.
Recent telephone conversation went like this:
him: Hi, how are you, darling?
me: Hi. I’m ok. And I’m not your darling.
him: Aiyo, you don’t have to be so serious, my dear…
me: So, what’s up?
him: Nothing, just see how you’re doing for the night.
me: I’m OK, just a bit bored.
him: Would you like me to come over later?
me: For what?
him: To keep you company… I still owe you a hug, remember? It will be a short visit, I won’t stay long… unless you want me to.
me: Ah?
him: You know, I think you need a f*ck buddy. You’re so rigid, so tense…..
me: *speechless*
him: You don’t have to be so conservative. F*ck buddies are a norm. No strings attached, just having fun. You’ll be very relaxed after that. Seriously!
And he continued…….
“My friends and I, as f*ck buddies, we don’t f*ck and tell, that’s the rule. Nobody tells anyone about it, that’s the golden rule. So if you get involved, you must never tell……”
“And so far, no one has complained about my skills. I’m good…..”
Did I allow him to visit me that night?