Ipoh Road Trip – Part VI – Kellie’s Castle

The last time I came here was probably when I was in primary school. The place has changed a lot. Entrance fee of RM4 has been imposed, the place has been beautified and some restoration work has been done.
Kellie’s Castle is an unfinished mansion which was abandoned after the death of its owner. This mansion is built on top of a hill – with an underground cellar and even an elevator, a unique fixture in 1915. Further, on the highest floor, there is a rooftop courtyard for parties.

This tower is to house the elevator

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First Visit to Tony Roma’s @ Cineleisure

After reading so many great reviews (here, here and here), I finally had the chance to try it out with a friend. A friend.

Now you see, with just one friend, the chance to try out more dishes is close to nil. How much can two tiny, dainty lil girls eat?

So we ordered the Chicken Club Salad @ RM24.90. Which was huge.

When the waiter brought it to us, our eyes widened with shock. “How many people is this for?” my friend asked.

“For 3-4 persons to share! Hope you can finish it!” he answered cheerfully.

We tried.
 But we couldn’t.

We also ordered the something something Thai Chicken Wings or so at RM17.90.

xes-tonyromas-2.jpgWhich was good. After a while, it tasted a bit too sweet. Peppered with sesame seed and Thai chilli sauce for dip! It was lovely when hot. Yummy!

The queue can be rather crazy for weekend dinners!

Not too bad, I guess, but I don’t think I’d eat here so frequent!

p.s. Forgive the quality of pictures, I didn’t bring my camera so my friend had to do the honour of snapping pictures.

Speedzone @ ZOUK, KL 20.10.2007

Many thanks to the organisers for the media tickets.

Although this event was held indoor, the event was excellent. Every part of ZOUK except Velvet as designated as the venue. A tent with many electronic games was set up for patrons to play.

Since we have to collect our media tickets by 10.p.m and many of our friends had not arrived, we hung out at the gaming zone. The games were pretty simple. There was one which is quite similar to Bejewelled and also one motorcycle racing game which reminds of me the games I play when I was still in primary school. We were given free lighters after completing the Bejewelled-like game.

Huey Meim – thanks for the passes!

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After a Break Up – Where To Go?

Now that my friend is single and doing his best to spice up his social life, he often calls me up and invites me out, to Bimboman’s annoyance. [NB. xes has named my other half ‘Bimboman’ – not to say he IS a bimbo, ok!]

I have been too bogged down with work to meet up with him, since his girlfriend broke it off with him. What a friend, I am!

He’s asked me where he can go to meet new people and to expand his circle of friends. At his age (he’s not as young as xes!) I have no idea where to suggest him to go.

1. Clubbing? That could be a costly affair, if done regularly. And what if the girls call him ‘uncle’?
2. Recreation Clubs? I don’t know any around here that is multi-racial enough.
3. Salsa classes? Sounds possible! But where is the best place for salsa classes?
4. Gym? Not all sweaty women like to be picked up at the gym. ;P

I ran out of ideas and told him, “How bout going back online? Now there’s Facebook, or Friendster. Maybe you want to go back chatting on mIRC?” WAHahAHAHah~

I don’t even have anymore single girl friends to introduce to him.

p.s. The Official Facebook Song! But I like the acapella one better!

Ipoh Road Trip – Part V – Food!

As I was saying, this trip was supposed to be a climbing trip but turned into an eating trip. Our first destination was one stretch of hawker stalls near Sam Tet School. Initially we wanted to try the famous Ipoh Taugeh (bean sprout) Chicken Rice at Onn Kei Restaurant but the place was full.

Restaurant Man U…nited..wtf..

We ordered so much until my stomach felt like exploding.

On our second day, we had lunch at Kam Kei, a restaurant serving seafood noodles. The noodles are..zomgg..excellent! Generous servings of prawns too! Both dry and soup version of the noodles are good but I would recommend that one try their dry version as it comes with bowl of noodles with unique mushroom sauce.

Ipoh White Coffee..yummy

I surrender!!!

Shop selling salted chicken

Salted Chicken/Duck!


Sohai Bean!

Ipoh Road Trip – Part IV – Pomelo

We went to check out the Pomelo stall i.e. the Pomelo girls. I heard so much about the Pomelo girls. Due to stiff competition, stall owners hired pretty girls to woo customers to their stalls. I had to see them for myself.

Just as our car arrived at the stalls, the girls (including aunties) stood in front of their stalls. Now I understand why some shop owners hire pretty girls to woo customers. For first timers, the appearance of all these stalls is identical hence choosing a stall would depend on the Pomelo girls.


xes the Pomelo man

Fortunately, our friends weren’t that shallow. We randomly chose one stall.

We were given free samples. Tasty.

We also went to patronize another stall mannered by an elderly lady. This lady is quite friendly and the Pomelo that she sells is quite tasty (I wanted to say “Her Pomelo is quite tasty” but this may be construed wrongly hehe). Even gave us discount for the stuff we bought. When asked “What else do you guys want?”. I screamed, “AUNTY I WANT YOUR POMELO JUICE!!!”.

Unfortunately, the lady’s stall doesn’t sell Pomelo juice.

Happy Aunty and Happy Customer

Ping promoting Stall No 41

Mikey and Ping <3

Commenting is easier than complimenting

recently I’ve been having lunch with a colleague from another department
regularly. She’s thin (and I’m so envious of that) and she has fair skin (yes,
I’m envious of that, too!) and she talks a lot.

However, I’ve
recently realised that she is one of those people who may not be able to
compliment others easily. She more often tends to ‘comment’ instead.


example, a colleague wore a dress to work the other, a change from her usual
pants and shirt. Most of us complimented her on the dress, saying it was a very
nice colour, something different, etc.


colleague on the other hand, went “WAH! New dress? Going somewhere? A date?” and
not specifically complimenting the dress or the wearer.


I have been
given many comments by her, such as:


earrings are those?!” when others said they were really nice.

“So dressed
up today, aren’t you? Who are you trying to attract? Your boss? HAHAHAHA!” when
others said I looked pretty.


I bet she
thinks she’s so damn funny, when she doesn’t know that she sounds ridiculous.
Especially when she cackles at her own remarks.


There were
so many that I have lost track. Not once have I given a retort, despite being sorely
tempted as in my head, I go, “Whatever!” as she doesn’t deserve any attention.


She reminds
me of me. I hardly give compliments, too, and I’m sure my friends noticed. I
was telling my father the other day that I may have picked up this habit from
my grandma, who comments much easier than praising any of her grandchildren or
anyone at all.


It’s a
habit to kick, I must say. I’m sure I’ve hurt someone’s feelings more than once
by being so tactless and thinking that my retorts are funny. ;P



actually made it a habit to praise at least one person a day! Not easy, I tell
you, because I naturally am not a sweet talker. One boyfriend once complained
he felt I never appreciated him because I rarely complimented him on his


Wahrao. Terror-nya.
When I was younger, I wanted to master b-bopping. In doing so, I downloaded numerous videos to learn their tricks. Unfortunately, such ambition ended when I ended up crashing into the ground when I tried to do a helicopter spin. GAAH I’M TOO FAT.
I also tried to learn the ‘caterpillar’ a move involving the movement of hands to feet in a continuous chain on the ground. It ended when it hurts like crap.
Anyway, there’s one bbopping competition held at the DiGi – Fu-Yoh! Street Blast party, an event with all sorts of activities to cater the younger crowd. This time is a little bit different, the public can participate in this event – with attractive prizes to be won.

This adrenaline pumping and physically challenging dance competition would be an excellent event to watch. In order to participate, one has to gather 5 people to form a team and then make a video of the team’s performance in MPEG/AVI/3GP format and send the same to digistreetblast@gmail.com with the subject Dance. The closing date is 31st October 2007.
I would highly recommend that the video be recorded in high resolution rather than using a crappy handphone. No judge would be able to judge your dance from a crappy low resolution video. To simplify this, DON’T USE YOUR HANDPHONE TO RECORD!!
Event Info
Date: 24 November 2007
Time: 12 pm onwards
Venue: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Prize: RM2000 + an opportunity to perform overseas!
Other than the B-boy dance challenge, you may also check out their basketball compeition, fashion design competition and performances by various artists such as Gerhana Ska Cinta, Joe Flizzow, Sierra, Letto from Indonesia and also Malaysian Indie Band such as Raw n G$, Mono lo-fi minimal, Tnoze/sash, Hujan, Debunga, Mines Mayor.
See you there!
More info @ http://www.digi.com.my/fu-yoh

I Rant – about some blogs

Just questions which have been running through my head when I visit some blogs:
I don’t understand why this blogger blogs about things that happened 6 months ago. Seriously, do you keep 6 months worth of drafts and post them up ONLY when you’re done editing your photo montages? OK, I still visit the blog because of the pictures, I admit.
I can’t stand it. Why must this blogger go on and on about her love life and gushes on about her “baby” i.e. the boyfriend? Can she stop ending each blog post with, “I love you, baby. You’re the best! XXXXXX” and an ‘act cute’ picture of her, which I find so sickeningly disgusting.
Why must this blogger (and some more) snap pictures of ALL their meals, EVERY SINGLE TIME? Ate nasi lemak last week, must blog! Picture of 2 soft boiled eggs, must blog! A glass of Chinese tea cost RM0.60 ALSO must blog! Like, for goodness sake, we KNOW you love photography but that’s just TOO much to take!
Vain potheads are bad, too. Every post must have a picture of them – they keep track of their clothes, perhaps, I don’t really know.
Why do some bloggers blog about every single argument they have with their partners? Isn’t that too much information? What is personal nowadays, tell me. If you can record all your arguments on your blog, it doesn’t sound like a happy relationship, you know.
And OMG, those visitors who pretend to be your regular blog reader, when all they’re trying to do is increase traffic to THEIR blogs by leaving a comment in your chatbox! You think I don’t know???? That is really annoying, ok! Bloody insincere, if you ask me!

Can you guess who I’m complaining about? I’m sorry that this sounds like a very PMS-like post, but I’ve been DYING to rant about it!!!!!! I wish I dared to name names……….
And rereading this, I sound a bit like Fireangel, who’s very fiery indeed! Of course I’m not complaining about her blog! Are you crazy???? I’d be terrified for the rest of my life.
p.s. karheng: i’ve never seen Combat sold anywhere also! where ah? tell me quick! i may die of cockroach fever soon!!!!

The end of the road?

[Edited by xes]
I have 6 tickets for Speedzone @ ZOUK. If anyone wants tickets, email www.xes.cx@gmail.com with your full name and identity card number. One name is entitled to two tickets. Please email me by 3PM Malaysian time!!
You’ll have to present your identity card for verification at the counter marked TICKET REDEMPTION. There will be a list of dailies, mags, blogsites. The counter is next to Fly FM counter. Ticket redemption is from 6pm to 9pm only.
A friend has been spending the past week nursing his broken heart. His girlfriend of 7 years has just broken up with him. She told him that she no longer feels happy with their relationship and she wants to move on. Enough is enough, she claims that he has anger management issues.
My friend has been walking around like a zombie, his heart ripped out and stomped on by his now ex-girlfriend. But he wants her back.
“I am just an empty shell without her,” he told me sadly. “I hope I can win her back.”
When he asked me what his chances are, I was blunt. “Rather slim, huh?” he asked. And I agreed.
When someone closes his/her heart and locks it up, it’s rather impossible to open it again. When he/she decides to move on without you, clearly he/she has thought about it.
I’m speaking from experience, of course! Told a boyfriend once, “I don’t love you anymore. Goodbye,” and I refused to entertain his pleas to get back together again because just simply, I no longer had feelings for him.
Anyway, I’m wishing my friend the best of luck in winning his girlfriend back. He was planning on proposing to her next month, so I do hope things work out for him.